Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday into Wednesday - August 27-28

Morning meeting

Y'know, it was a lot more interesting to watch when they were all quibbling with each other. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of It's A Long Time Until Thursday Night:
  • They all keep thinking a Pandora's Box is due. Hey, there just might not be one. They seem to forget that there was a time that the seasons had no Pandora's Box.
  • I'm just wondering when they'll get the dollar store arts and crafts or get to tie-dye t-shirts.
  • Now, there's the real excitement every season!
  • In the past week or so, the ants have rediscovered the house. I don't know why they waited so long this year.
  • Maybe they were afraid of the hamsters.
  • Judd and Elissa continue to get along well. A lot of their time talking is spent about Amanda (horrible woman) and McCrae (doesn't take a shower for two weeks), peppered with small talk about television and family.
  • On the other hand, Amanda and McCrae spend a lot of their time talking about Judd (can't be trusted) and Elissa (needs to go!).
  • Today (well, Tuesday), most of them spent the day either napping or lounging around.
  • B-o-r-i-n-g!
  • The HoH camera came out and a good time was had by all.
  • @@
  • Amanda said that it's fun to just laze around and not worry about bills.
  • Spencer said it's like living at home with parents.
  • Hey, McCrae should feel right at home then!
  • Amanda said she feels happier because she took her meds.
  • Hmm.
  • Andy, knowing he's safe, keeps asking people if he's safe and saying how, of course he's mad at Elissa for putting him on the block.
  • Amanda would still like to keep Aaryn for the comp wins and target value, but agrees with McCrae that they never know what she'll do. She's shown that she isn't loyal while Andy has had constant loyalty.
  • Spencer and Andy think Judd is only being nice to Elissa as she's HoH.
  • While I'm sure that has something to do with it, I've also noticed that he gets very quiet and doesn't take part in it when the others are trash-talking Elissa. 
  • I think Judd really doesn't trust anyone and probably thinks that Elissa is the least likely to target him.
  • Oh! I was mistaken! McCrae pays all of $100 a month to live with friends. His parents even canceled his phone and stuff.
  • Hmm.
  • Aaryn keeps trying pretty much anything to convince people that they should keep her.
  • Some truths, some lies.
  • It's just digging a deeper hole for her to crawl into on Thursday.
  • Some of what she's saying sounds like she's saying it to instigate problems between others.
  • They got a paltry amount of alcohol -- everyone can drink this week as there are no Have Nots.
  • They played beer pong.
  • A thrill a minute.
  • Amanda put herself in charge of the beer pong.
  • Spencer called her a control freak.
  • Well, yeah!
  • Aaryn told the others that Elissa said Judd is the best-looking man in the house and that Elissa wants Aaryn out because she's jealous of her relationship with Judd.
  • @@
  • While Judd IS the best-looking guy in the house at this time, it's not like there's much competition going on in that department.
  • And, no. Elissa hasn't any interest in that manner towards Judd.
  • Amanda ran and told Elissa about it.
  • Elissa laughed.
  • They all laughed because it kind of shows Aaryn is grasping at straws.
  • It could very well be a unanimous vote out of Aaryn on Thursday.
  • Nah, not "very well." It will be unanimous.

Woe is me

With grace and elegance

Setting up the beer pong

With glowing balls they play


Lissa said...

I realized last night, I missed the beanbag game from last year. This bunch doesn't do anything. Not even work out.

Anonymous said...

Watching BBAD if a real waste of time. They do nothing but talk and act like Jr Hi kids. This is the very worst season EVER EVER EVER. Cant wait until it ends.

Anonymous said...

I so hope Judd or GM wins HOH on Thursday and just maybe Elissa might get a chance stay another week, and then maybe the girls could get into an alliance against the guys,they would have a better chance of willing comps with the exception of Amanda and now we know that she will at least fight to win when she has too. I know I can wake up from this dreaam now.

Anonymous said...

winning comps not willing comps.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:14: I hope Judd or GM get HOH and keep Elissa. Everyone would cheer! AOHB

Tami said...

I really hope that Judd wins HOH this week and puts up Amanda and McCrae with Andy as a back-up. Now that would be a week worth watching. I think that Elissa did a decent job with noms, they just didn't turn out the way that she thought that they would. But that is the nature of the game.

RBennie said...

I will be very happy to see Aryan walking out the door on Thursday, but I really wish she could take Andy with her! He just gets more irritating by the day. He knows he's safe, so why does he have to have it confirmed every five minutes? Perhaps he's afraid they are all lying to him the same way he has lied to others. I'm so glad he got to have a taste of what being on the block feels like.

Anonymous said...

I think that it is ironic that CBS does all of these "CBS Cares' PSAs and yet when ratings and national news time is in play, they don't CARE at all.
We see on the news how children and teens are committing suicide as a result of being bullied and we try to teach our children that this is not acceptable behavior. But hey, if you are on a reality show to win half a million is okay, even encouraged, to bully and use racial slurs and threaten physical violence against your 'enemies' and their families. As a matter of fact, CBS will pay you $750 a week or more to do so. They may even give you 1/2 million dollars.
Sorry I just had to get that out. I do know that CBS doesn't care. And that their icon is symbolic---a black eye.

Andrea Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea Johnson said...

I feel so sorry for Jackie having to watch this each night. Need to make a donation to the site when I get paid. I understand the hamsters were especially raunchy in their discussions last night/early morning. And boy, do they love to slam Elissa. Except Judd. He remains quiet or walks away.

Aaryn has pretty much ensured she is heading to jury. The other HGs are fed up with her trying to turn them against each other. Funny that the tipping point was the "Elissa has a crush on Judd" comment. All said how ridiculous that was. Just stupid!

Wow, Thursday, can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:34

You are so correct, the other day I was thinking the same thing, why is CBS in a sense promoting this bullying behavior. I have teenagers and they really aren't into BB right now, they would rather be texting with their friends but I asked them to watch BB with me just a couple of episodes, because I knew Amanda would be true to herself by acting the way she does everyday and they were watching with their mouths open, my daughter wanted to cry. I know its a game, but it's also very real in our culture today. I wonder what her family thinks of her, and then again not really she probably acts that way outside of the BB house.

Joe in NY said...

Is it me, or are there more anons than usual this year? Or is it just one active anon?

Joe in NY said...

I really should ignore anons, but I think it is completely inaccurate to suggest CBS is promoting bullying. (Not that I want to be a CBS apologist.) CBS wants to create story lines. The story line is NOT that bullying makes you lovable and successful. Quite the opposite, they have turned Amanda/Aryan/GM into unlikable characters. And if Amanda is on the block and in danger, they will certainly try to spin it as her comeuppance for her behavior.

I personally think our culture has overblown the bullying issues in many areas. (Not that I'm advocating bullying.) But there is a big difference (to me) between ganging up on a kid and questioning his/her sexuality and Amanda yelling at other adults. If the other hgs are intimidated by Amanda, that's kind of on them.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to add my ID, but just wanted to ask if anyone has heard scuttlebutt news referring to Amanda being removed from the show on Thursday? Rumor on Facebook says that she and her lawyers were in the DR to discuss her removal! If thus is true...hip hip hooray!!! But does this also mean that maybe Aryn gets to stay? Just asking....

Joe in NY said...

As for the game, I think I would throw out Andy before Aryan if I were the hgs. First of all, and most importantly this late in the game, Aryan is not as popular with most of the jury as Andy might be.

From an Amanda/McCrae standpoint, Andy might seem more loyal but I'm not sure he's much of an asset. And Aryan has actually always caved to Amanda at the last minute up till now and would probably continue to stick with her if she were saved.

From an Elissa/Judd/Spencer/GM standpoint: Andy has been more consistently loyal to Amanda. If you have a chance to flip anyone, it's probably Aryan. Andy has also been completely dishonest with Elissa et al and they know it.

It's a tough call, but even though Aryan might win more comps, I still think I would prefer to keep her around rather than Andy no matter which side of the house I'm on, but definitely if I'm Elissa/GM/Spencer

Anonymous said...

Aarryn is Mcranda Puppet, she won the HoH compitions but they were control by Mcranda, oh and Helen so the HoH power was never hers.

Joe in NY said...

Usually a self-eviction did not prevent a normal eviction. There is also no reason to wait until Thursday. So, if that is the Facebook rumor, it is most likely a complete and total hoax.

Hummingbird said...

Anon folks - When you comment, you are clicking on "Anonymous" above the "Publish your comment" button. If you look just above the "Anonymous" button, you'll see a "Name/URL" button. If you click that, you'll see a space where you can fill in a name. URL is optional, so you can ignore that.

Pick a name (any unique name) you'll use for all your comments, and type it there, and it will show up above your comment.

If you don't like that option, you can always sign your comment at the bottom, like signing a letter.

I'm using "Hummingbird" in the "Name" space for this comment as an example, and additionally signing it as me.

Pick one, and use it.


~~Silk said...

(I mean pick one of the ways to identify your comments, NOT one of my names! ~~Silk and Hummingbird are mine.)

~~Silk said...

To others - people have told folks that they can delete their comment by clicking on the trash can at the end of their comment. Unfortunately, if you use the "Name" or "Anonymous" options, you don't get a trash can! Who knew....

Andrea Johnson said...

Joe, I was an anon last season but decided to show my identity this year. Had been following before then, just never commented.

Also Joe, if I remember correctly, you don't get the feeds, right? I agree we tend to call some behavior bullying when it may not be but unless you are in the shoes of the one being bullied, its hard to say. Back o the feeds, that period on Monday (I think - the days are a bit jumbled) when Amanda was in the face of Elissa constantly, blowing the noise horn in her face, telling others she was going to shank, stab, kill Elissa - to me - that would account to bullying. Elissa held up, laughed at Amanda even but you could tell she was affected by Amanda's behavior.

Bullying is a tricky thing. My daughter was bullied in 6th grade. Two boys would kick her, call her names, general being jerks. When I spoke with the school, the teacher said, I can't believe they would do that, they come from good homes. But I digress, its easy from the outside to judge.

CBS has a show and try to minimally stay out of the interactions as long as it doesn't involve production, discussing those who have not signed a release and what happens in DR. Hoping there are repercussions in the outside world once the season ends is ood nough for me.

~~Silk said...

Reminder - Jackie has asked that we not repeat rumors here. NO RUMORS!

If Julie drops any hints tonight (like if she mentions an impending double eviction, to boost Thursday's ratings) then I guess we could speculate on what that means and how it might go.

Otherwise, "scuttlebut" remains rumor.

~~Silk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Krystal said...

Joe in NY,

I would hardly think this is just one Anonymus person. I think there are more people watching this show this year because of all the controvesy, I have a couple of friends that wouldn't have given BB a second thought, but for some reason have tuned in the last few weeks. I have been reading Jackie's blog for serveral years now and only one other time other than this time have I made a post, and when I did I wanted advice from you about my sick puppy. I just think things got a little out of hand with these houseguest and people felt a need to vent.

Anonymous said...

They are all digusting excluding Elissa and maybe Judd (not sure about Judd yet),this big brother 15 is full of trash. Lets see if Judd sees them for what they are and use his second chance to start playing them at their own scheming, Andy or Aarryn doesn't matter who goes.

Anonymous said...

NO Silk! The rumor is the alien are coming to fix her saggy vagina because Gm says Amanda talks about sleeping with so many men EVERY week she do not see what MCcrae finds in it, Amanda herself says she has to be begging for sex in the house and when she is outside she can get it so easy so often. WHAT RUMOR!!

~~Silk said...

I deleted my 11:34 comment because I had copied it from another site, without obtaining permission first. I can do that on my own blog with impunity, because, heh, no one reads my blog, but I decided I shouldn't do it on Jackie's. She's connected!

Mainly, I quoted a rumor from "a guy who heard from a guy who heard from the guy next door to me, a girl he met who likes to pet" assured him that Amanda was an alien, etc.

The rumor warned not to look her in the eyes.

I think that's one of the secrets to her control over people - she has dead eyes. That can be very intimidating, when someone looks at you with dead eyes.

Anon 12:27 - PG, please. And PLEASE see my post above about using a name of some sort so we can respond more easily.

Anonymous said...

Hi , I am new here so i am not the other person but after reading back on past blogs and posts, i wanted to ask julie and joey, i wanted to know, julie is joey for real??


~~Silk said...

I guess no one has told Amanda that ANY woman can get anything she wants from many many men, if her standards and self-respect are low enough.

A lot of experience does not indicate desirability.

uncartie said...

Judd owes his presence in the house to Elissa. Had she put him up he would have immediately been voted out.

Barring McRanda winning HOH or veto I could easily see Amanda going home next week. She is starting to annoy everyone in the house with her antics. It would be another "what the house wants" eviction.

Last but not least,I'm loving Aaryn's scorched earth tactic. I hope she keeps it up until the live broadcast.

Joe in NY said...


I wasn't suggesting it was just one anon. But if you have one anon who posts 10 things a day it starts to seem like there are more anons than there usually are.

Sometimes, you can tell who the anon is by their writing style. But some are so generic they could be the same person or 10 different people.

I was just curious. Doesn't really much matter either way. Although it does seem that the more anons there are, the more objectionable posts there are.

JOEY said...

Anonymous :12:45:
JULIE HERE: You ask, is JOEY real??

YES!!!! and he's incredible spectacular!!!! ( giggle) mmm...


Joe in NY said...

I think it is funny that Amanda was kind of insulted when McCrae said he would believe it if he found out she was a porn star. I mean, she's always talking about sex and how much she's had. Why would he be surprised?

Amanda, if you are going to own your sexuality, just OWN it.

Sharon said...

I don't get the feeds, but last night, Amanda was wearing see-through pants of some kind (underwear?) and apparently climbing all over McC in front of everyone. Judd asked her if she realized her pants were see-thru and she said yes.

Amanda wants to not only be the center of attention at all times, she also wants to be in control of everything and everyone... and she is an exhibitionist. To quote this crew... 100%.

myopiniononly said...

I am anon 9:34 and want to apologize if my hiding behind anon caused issues. I needed to vent after Amanda's latest behavior of threatening physical harm on Elissa and her family. I realized that my viewpoint might not be shared and since I had been belittled earlier this season for an opinion, I wanted my identity to be hidden.
I am a regular poster and have followed Jackie's Blog for years. I really enjoy Jackie's take on things and I appreciate the sharing of different viewpoints. I don't expect people to agree with me as I don't always agree with them. I just want to exchange ideas. I have noticed that some posters have gotten more agressive this season with their responses. Maybe some of the 'hate' in the house this year is spreading? I just want to enjoy the conversations.

Sharon said...

I would say that's a correct assessment... the hate is spreading, and it's worse than anything said in the house. It's crazy.

People watchers (like us) want the hamsters to wake up and start playing the game (without the overabundance of aggressive responses).

Then there are the other kind of people watchers who can't separate themselves from people on a tv show. They are the ones who really need supervision because they are now threatening the BB hamster families (outside the house). These people can't come to grips with the fact that they are exhibiting even less control or emotional stability than the hamsters they love to hate!

Ariel Williams said...

I Have been posting here as Ariel (my google ID, then an Anon named Ariel posted asking questions about people's interest in big brother. I'm starting to feel like you guys don't want new posters the way you keep bringing it up though. I don't think I'll post anymore, I can go back to reading silently like I have for the last 7 seasons.


Eileen said...

Hi everyone. I'm a lurker. But I have a question I hope one of you can answer.

I read the Joker updates now and then, and it seems like every morning Spender is changing batteries. On what? Anyone know?

Not a burning issue, just a puzzling detail. Thanks.

Eileen said...

Argh. Spencer. You knew who I meant.

Sharon said...

Ariel, I don't think it's that regular posters here don't want new people. Not at all. It's just that there's an abundance of anons [this season] who don't identify themselves, which makes it more difficult to respond than it would be to a specific person.

There have also been several anons continuing to post "rumors" ... which is against Jackie's rules.

It's obvious that even regular posters don't agree with each other all the time, but many here are more comfortable responding to a person rather than to an anon (time stamp).

Some of the regular posters prefer not to respond to any unidentified anons because it's like talking to a blank wall.

Sharon said...

Eileen, the batteries are for the microphone packs that are clipped to their clothing... usually the back of their pants. This has to be done by everyone at least once per day.

Dan said...

I noticed tomorrow night, here on the West Coast Big Brother is not on until 10 PM PDT due to Pre-Season Football. What time is BB scheduled on the East Coast, if anyone knows???

~~Silk said...

Dan - it depends on your local broadcaster. See this list and map:

Sharon said...

Once again, football over-rides BB here in MST areas as well. I checked and Thursday's BB will be on at 1:00am. :(

~~Silk said...

If you click on the blue balloon marker nearest your house, it gives you a nice big easy-to-read banner.

~~Silk said...

Phooey, Sharon 4:12. You popped my bubble. I thought Spencer was a robot.

Are you sure this "microphone pack" story isn't just a rumor? Misdirection to keep us from finding out they're all robots? (Actually, that would explain a lot, if they were all programmed by a crazy geek, maybe Howard from Big Bang Theory....)

~~Silk said...

(If you have seen the BBT episode where Howard programmed the robot arm, you get the aptness of the above comment.) ((I hope.))

PQ said...

Hello! This is just a test. I am trying to add a name, even though I always included a signed name, PQ

PQ said...

Silk, that is so funny about Big Bang's Howard and his programmed robotic arm! So fitting for Spencer needing LOTS and LOTS of batteries each day. Stilll laughing, PQ

Sharon said...

Thank goodness for DVR!! I will be gone until laster tonight, so I'll miss the pool party and will watch the show later tonight. A double whammy with BB delayed because of football. :(

justathough said...

Most message boards have regulars who over time get to know each other (as well as you can know anyone online). I think they just get use to having conversations with each other.

It's been my experience that over time most are welcoming. To those who said they will go back to lurking, please reconsider. I am new to this particular forum and would welcome reading your opinions.

Oh, and thank you Jackie for your warm welcome and responding to my question!

Caela said...

I have been follwing Jackie's blog for years, will get in on the pool every year but find it difficult to post during the live shows. I must say, the posters here are very nice, even when they have opposing opinions. I read the comments on other sites, and man, those people are vicious. I love to come here for Jackie's unique take on things and for the comments!

Jackie said...

Okay, folks ... just a bit of input from me:
1. We do welcome new commenters -- that's the way folks become regular commenters and helps the community grow. Everyone here except ME was a new poster at one time!
2. The problem with anonymous commenters is that we have no way of telling them apart. An anonymous commenter could post every day with great discussion, but could be confused with another anonymous commenter. So, even a regular sign-off name could help. And, yes, there's always a problem on the Internet with some (not all) folks hiding behind anonymity.
3. I don't like to remove posts, but I sometimes do. Flame wars between commenters go away, adult only content goes away, links to dubious sites go away, outrageous rumors go away. I do work a full-time job in addition to maintaining the blog. The last thing I want to do each evening upon coming home is to have to weed through comments and remove some.

I'd rather everyone make an effort to get along even if they disagree about the houseguests. And, people need not take the show and its hamsters all that seriously. If they upset you to the point that you're steaming ... then maybe it's time to give it up. This is entertainment. These are not our family members or friends on the show. If they're jerks and idiots, so be it. It might remind some of us how lucky we are that we're not them!

JimmyB said...

Were I Elissa, my strategy would be simple.

Make a deal w/Aryan (I think Aryan would not only go for anything, but keep the deal); and get the 100% unreliable Andy out.

Aryan = a vote Elissa will need.

Andy = a vote she won't get when she needs it.

Elissa has done well in competitions & lacking in strategy.

uncartie said...

Like Jackie said Anons all look alike. When I first started posting here I used an anon but I would rarely if ever get a reply.
I have nothing against the Anons but I gloss over their posts,never take them seriously or give them the attention that I do to a poster with a name.

Seriously Anons,How hard is it to make up a handle and use it?

uncartie said...

Jimmy B,I doubt Aaryn would stick to a deal since Elissa is the one who put her up in the first place. Aaryn has always been a threat to Elissa and she could be the one to beat Elissa in a must-win comp.

Tami said...

It would be nice if Elissa could trust Aaryn to keep her word about being loyal to Elissa. But I am not sure that she could. Aaryn herself said (on Sunday's show) that she was promising Elissa whatever she wanted in an effort to save herself. I think that she would remain loyal to A/M (to her detriment). I really don't care who goes tomorrow night as I want them both gone sooner rather than later. But most of all, I want Amanda out, I just don't think that anyone has the guts to make it happen.

RJM in SC said...

Note to the Anton's. just use your initials and the state you are from. That seems for many os and gives an idea how many different states are partying with us

Andrea Johnson said...

JimmyB, aaryn will say whatever she needs to say to save her rear end but as soon as Amanda plows into her, aaryn will vote whatever way Amanda say.

As Judge Milian from the people's court is apt to say, "I wouldn't trust her if her tongue came notarized!"

JOEY said...

I laugh so hard at what you wrote, that was really a good one.
I told JOEY, he reply,: wow!!! must be one hell of a tongue... sorry,does that make me bad??

To all who read our's posts, YES, we are real and yes, JOEY is really funny and crazy.
but if we offended anyone, it was not our intent to do so but just to let you all have a good laugh and break from things and to share in our lifes, we are a really fun and fun loving couple that after 38 years together we still play, tease and make people have fun and forget the hard day they had,
so to all of you , hope you enjoy your day and hope to enjoy the show tonight, we are looking forward to how the P.O.V was play out and what the ZINGBOT was saying, so hope you all come and enjoy the fun.
Thank you .
Now excuse me while I go get a slege hammer, I have a certain hardheaded knothead that need to be knock off his shoulders.