Friday, August 02, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds way into Thursday Night - August 1-2

Megaphone Spencer

Well, well, well. GinaMarie won HoH. Spencer gets to carry around a megaphone until nominations. Candice won $5,000 and Helen won a barbecue with her choice of three guests.
  • I can only hope Amanda will "win" the MVP nomination for eviction!
  • GinaMarie told Amanda and McCrae they can sleep in the HoH room tonight as she prefers to sleep in the bed she shared with Nick.
  • @@
  • Amanda told Spencer she understands why he stayed with his vote to keep Howard.
  • After all, he was the sole vote to keep him.
  • GinaMarie and Aaryn talked about putting Spencer and Candice up with Jessie as the replacement if someone used PoV.
  • Jessie thinks that if they take out Candice this week, she'd be next in their sights.
  • Her behavior hasn't helped her case any -- after her hiding in bed not talking to anyone.
  • GinaMarie doesn't want a backdoor scenario.
  • That might be good news for Judd!
  • Although McCrae is worried that GinaMarie will put them up, Amanda isn't.
  • Just a reminder -- during the comp, GinaMarie promised safety to Jessie, McCrae and Amanda. We know she's loyal to Aaryn (when it does her good, not against Kaitlin).
  • So that narrows her nominee pool to Spencer, Judd, Candice, Jessie, or Andy.
  • OMG!!!! She got a photo of Nick in her HoH room!
  • Ahem.
  • Jessie is upset that Helen invited Aaryn to the bbq.
  • GinaMarie said she doesn't really "do" bbq, so they're going to have a contest to see who can impersonate her best for that invite. (Yes, Helen originally invited her. She knows when and how to suck up to the power.)
  • I believe the third invite went to Elissa.
  • Jessie thinks she's at the bottom of the pecking order and cried.
  • Nah, Candice may be lower, but when Jessie is always so needy, she's going to be low on the totem pole and just a vote for them when they want it. Expendable.
  • Now GinaMarie and Aaryn think they need to put Candice on the block with Jessie as a pawn.
  • Spencer would go up if Candice wins veto.
  • Then they'd vote out Jessie.
  • Expendable, remember that.
  • Amanda, kind of like a dog sensing fear, lit into Jessie about trying to flip the house this past week.
  • "Go ahead and have a hissy fit and cry!"
  • So, Jessie obliged.
  • Then Mad Dog Amanda turned on Candice pretty much with the same issue -- trying to flip the house against her.
  • Candice, not quite a needy Jessie, defended trying to defend Howard.
  • Amanda yelled about the comments she alleged that Howard made to her (that no one else ever heard).
  • Cat fight!
  • MEOW
  • Helen started crying and going on about Candice trying to frame Elissa and herself.
  • MEOW
  • Afterwards, Candice went to Andy with all her problems, telling him they're going to pick them off one by one.
  • Yes, they will.
  • And Andy will remain loyal to them until the day he gets the boot.
  • But he didn't tell her that.
  • No one can back up Amanda on what Howard allegedly said.
  • Candice is sure he wouldn't make sexual threats and wants to ask the Diary Room about it.
  • I saw the actual incident and I can't tell you what was said.
  • Amanda apologized to Candice and told her it wasn't right for her to light into her when she was actually mad at Jessie.
  • Wait for it. Wait for it.
  • MEOW!!!
  • The Jessie/Amanda cat fight starts all over again!!
  • GinaMarie, from the HoH room, heard all the screaming and isn't about to go down there and find out what it's all about.
  • Everyone is just trying to stay out of it.
  • We have feeds cutting to fish more often than not with Amanda's screaming at Jessie in between.
  • Oh my.


Shove that food in

Howard over her shoulder

Will she be safe this week?


Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie!
Just FYI for anyone interested, there is now a compilation of all of Amanda's nasty/racist/homophobic comments interspersed with her telling Aaryn that she (Aaryn) should be more sensitive about her racial comments. I saw it on HuffPost under a heading to the effect of Big Brother gets even more racist. The article also mentions Aaryn and GM as offenders.

Witt said...

I am REALLY turned off and am not enjoying this season at all. Why would Amanda pick on Jessie...she didn't do anything!!! This is sounding more like a regime where people get picked off for having a thought nonloyal to the emperor/king/whatever. Time to go dial up my ten votes for AMANDA! Can't wait to see what she does when it comes up again and she can see it was NOT Howard!

This blog, Jackie, and the people i this community has been my only enjoyment of this season. :(


Anonymous said...

I agtee this has been the worst season. I just hope aryn Amanda dont win the whole. On other blogs they are saying amanda is good friends with executive producer. It was someone who worked in production. They r losy players

Anonymous said...

It would be better is Amanda leaves maybe. No matter who gets HOH they take over the room/bed/noms. Wow. 10 votes goes to Amanda.

Tami said...

I'm with you Jackie, I hope that Amanda wins the MVP nom. I cast my votes for her.
I wish that BB had waited longer to make America the MVP or alternated weeks. It does not seem worth it to have this power as a 'game changer' if the actual HG aren't choosing. Or maybe they should have told the HG at the beginning that America would be choosing a nominee every week.
As much as I dislike most of the HG at this point, I am really hoping that Amanda is out soon. I can't stand her bullying and racial slurs anymore.

Anonymous said...

Good morning...Thanks Jackie for getting that one last Howard pic in there..gonna miss Howard-a-day's:-( ..I agree with Wit that this blog and the folks here are the only thing that makes the season bearable.And if they don't wake up and smell the coffee soon Amanda or Helen are going to end up in the final and I think have decided to keep Aaryn around to take with them because its a sure fire win. And man I hate the thought of either one of those winning and I sure don't want Aaryn be rewarding with 2nd place.

Let go JU double D!!


Anonymous said...

If the other houseguest outside of Amanda and McCrae are smart, when they find out that a double eviction is on Thursday and anyone outside of Amanda/McCrae when HOH, that person should put those two up at that time. That is good gameplay.

Anonymous said...

The reason Jessie was upset is because Helen said "I have other people to pay back". HMMM Wasn't it Jessie who flipped and voted Nick out. They needed her vote before Howard and Spencer flipped. It would have been a tie otherwise. Helen has a faulty mind with all the lies she tells and has to remember. After Jessie voted Nick out what did that crew do, nothing. The one person who had her back is being a jerk to her now. It's been building for awhile and started boiling over 2 days ago. Tonight it did explode. Too bad CBS is protecting Amanda since she did work for them.


Petals said...

Anon - Amanda & Allison Grodner are old pals. Their families were friends in NY, and b/c Amanda's real estate biz is FL and California, she & AG remained close. Amanda also is friends with Boogie, whom she met thru AG.

Jessie was correct in sensing that she was being used & lied to, and that no one really cares about her. That is true, no one does. She has only tried to follow the leader, doing anything to make them NOT treat her like a dog. But it didnt help her. She is the whipping boy, period. And, IMO, the girls are jealous of Jessie b/c she is naturally adorable, no makeup, no spray tanner, no extensions.

PS - Congratulations to Amanda, the winningest player in BB history! She has held 4 consecutive HOHs. Don't even try to correct me, rewatch the feeds)

Like Witt, I am barely able to watch this season. But (also like Witt), I love you guys.

Happy Friday!

Delee said...

All my votes were for Amanda.

At the start of the season I was happy to see the "ladies" were into getting the males out as they seem to make it to the end each season. Now I am not so sure I want it to be the "ladies"!!!

With GM-HOH it will be more of the same. Andy is not a fav of mine, he is a rat---running back and forth telling everyone what was said. Do they not see he is doing that?

lynn1 said...

We know that Thursday there will be a double eviction. America gets to be MVP for the first eviction. Any theories out there on who gets to nominate the 3rd hamster for the 2nd eviction?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the first eviction marks the end of the MVP..?

RBennie said...

I agree with you about Andy, Delee. How are people not on to him already? He runs directly to McManda and spills all that people "confide" to him. Does he not see that he is on the bottom of that triangle? Whenever I see anyone talking to him, I just cringe. I have no words for GM being HOH. I didn't see that one coming, LOL. I pretty much hate everyone in that house, so it's hard to even figure out who I would have liked to see as HOH. I think an Elissa, Candice or Spencer HOH would have been interesting. GM will just do what Aryan tells her to do, and Aryan will tell her to do whatever Helen and Amanda tell her to tell her. Confused yet, LOL. I'm guessing nominations for Candice and Spencer.

Anonymous said...

McCrae told Amanda that GM and Aaryn want Candice out so he wants Candice out. He feels he owes Aaryn and GM for some reason. The target appears to be Candice as GM and Aaryn hate her and they blame Candice for causing that fight and blame Candice that they are being portrayed as racists. I seriously all the houseguest but Jessie and Candice at this point.


Anonymous said...

If Jesse would get out of bad and from under her covers and quit crying every day I might feel sorry for her but.....where does she think she is. They came to play a game. She does not play a game. I have no idea what goes through her mind but I like the houseguests that are engaged in playing a game. Making friends and being loyal is not part of BB.
Is this a game or not?

Sharon S said...

Maybe Aaryn blames Candice for her being "portrayed" as a racist because if Candice (and Howard, Helen, and Andy) wasn't in there, she'd not be "forced" to make discriminatory comments?

Petals said...

Amanda has already chosen the noms: Candice and Jessie. With Spencer as replacement nom if either win POV.

Of course, Amanda doesn't realize that she will be the 3rd nom.

Petals said...

Sasha - your avatar pic is precious!

RBennie said...

This conversation comes up every season. Is BB just a game? My feeling is that we on the outside looking in can look at it as solely a game. For those stuck in that house it cannot help but become more than a game. How can you help but take things personally when people are talking about you behind your back, pretending to be your BFF and then stabbing you in the back, and constantly lying to you. The players who are able to see it as just a game tend to fare much better in the house. I wouldn't last very long at all.

monty924 said...

RBennie, I wouldn't last a day in there.

Sharon said...

It would be difficult to last 12 hours, much less 24 in such a back-stabbing atmosphere! I'd probably end up needing serious therapy for the rest of my life... and I don't do therapy!!

Sasha said...

Thanks, Petals! They're my special girls :)

Anonymous said...

Online Big Brother is reporting horrible things that Amanda is saying to Jesse. This entire season is just heartbreaking, not fun at all! It's such a reflection of portions of society. It's far too much bullying, racism & character assassinations. It makes me sad. The "fun" things they do for the "game" and TV broadcast aren't fun to watch because of all the ugliness in their hearts.
I miss Kaysar, Janelle, Jeff & Jordyn so much!
Thank you Jackie for your reports. How awful for you to watch so much of this. We will let you off the hook if you cut back this season.
I wish these people would wake up & see the opportunities America has given them to really play this game as individuals.
The casting of this show needs a total revamp! We need so much more than hard bodies. They cast physical features with far too much emphasis. Bring on a chicken George or two.
Thanks for letting me spew.

Cali girl

Anonymous said...

for the love of god, Amanda must be out this week! preferably, Candice wins the next HOH and put her up for the 2nd eviction leaving all the bullies stunned. That's all i hope for next week.

Anonymous said...

Cali Girl,


The casting was horrid and being cast for looks is no longer acceptable. Mix things up and cast people who love the game of Big Brother.

Janelle/Will great game players that were attractive but smart.

ORKMommy said...

Oh no! Howard is gone so that means I've been booted from the pool! Oh least I'm in good company with Jennasmom, Glenn and Aya. Here's a recap of where the pool stands today.

Aaryn - QuixoticElf, Isabelle, April Weaver, Donna in FL
Amanda - Petals, JimmyB, Barb S., PDX Granny
Andy - Nickelpeed, jessica Underwood, Patti, Brent McKee
Candice - Terry is a Texan!, Shannon (purrbal), cloverandthetwins, Michelle C
Elissa - theresa jordan, Caela, jo, Ninboh
GinaMarie - Merrlee, Jackie, Cheryl, EileenM
Helen - Dr_Celine, Sasha, Buzzmaam, RBennie
Jessie - Margo, Janice from GA, Pearlgarden, Dave B.
Judd - Lili, GueGee, Karen in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio, Marlol
McCrae - Tammy, gaylos, Chacha, Joey
Spencer - Becky, monty924, Chris (chrob61), Carrie

Howard - Glenn, Jennasmom, ORKMommy, Aya
Kaitlin - DKNYNC, Jillian's mom, BloggyMom, Billy
Jeremy - Tami, JonMD1267, lynn1, Delee, JOKATS
Nick - Witt, MikesGirl, Brian, poodlepam, Brenda
David - Sally, DebbieD, Sharon S, SSW

ORKMommy said...

Now that the pool business is out of the way... Can someone help me understand how Amanda has supposedly been hand picked to win this season. I can't find any actual evidence of her friendship with Allison Grodner but that's kind of besides the point. Regardless of previous relationships, each house guest votes live on Thursday night and nobody can predict who they will vote for. If Amanda was hand picked to win, why did the producers let her be the MVP nomination last week? Wouldn't that be taking too big of a risk? I'm sorry, but I just don't buy into the smoking gun theories about Amanda being the pre-chosen winner.

Sharon said...

Amanda was torn about MVP - first she was positive it was Howard, then she flipped to Judd. If she's MVP again this week, she'll be positive it's Judd... for sure... and work to get him out instead of Candice, Jessie or Spence.

If Judd goes out, I hope there's at least one more America's Vote to put Amanda up.

Unless these hamsters develop some gumption and brains SOON, and vote Amanda out, she'll be there at the end. And I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Aryan sitting in the #2 spot. Or Helen. IF it comes down to Helen in Final 2 with either Amanda or Aryan, I would prefer Helen winning.

Such a nasty bunch of people this season. I hope BB wises up and realizes it wasn't fun for hamster-watchers.

At this point, the only one I want to win is Judd. He really is a decent person and doesn't put on airs that he's more than he is. Maybe Amanda and her crew aren't used to dealing with decent people... and that's what makes her (and them) so suspicious.

RBennie said...

According to some other (less reliable) sites, last night Amanda admitted to McCrae that she lied about the Howard comment. Yeah, she's playing the game all right - there's no level too low to stoop to for this girl.

monty924 said...

I don't buy anything I read unless I read it here or Dingo's site. I trust both Jackie and her, and even more importantly my own eyes and ears. As Jackie said, we couldn't make out what was said. Nobody can and CBS isn't going to air it because that could open up a whole can of worms for them, Howard and Amanda.

Having said that, it is curious that Howard said that very thing in an early morning convo with Candice. Talking about finding a chick and bleep bleep bleep. Same exact words that Amanda has been telling everyone.

Again, if he said it he could have been using intimidation just like ED did with Dustin. Obviously BB didn't take it as a cause for removal, just as they didn't with ED.

That's all I'm 'gonna say about that'.

Peace ~Monty

Anonymous said...

Read Howards first interview on Jokers. He admitted he said some things to Amanda..not exactly what Amanda said but I found it weird that he admitted to some sexual remarks. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm We will never know the truth.

Over It! said...

I'm sorry this show "Jumped the Shark" when the first case of Racism and homophobia reared its Ugly Head. I sincerely hope that this will be the last season of this horrible show.

Anonymous said...

Gina Marie makes me ill. She and Aaryn are still making racist comments. Now GM is ordering everyone to vote out Candice as Candice starts fights, stirs up trouble, and Candice is the root of all the problems in the house.
Gina Marie and Aaryn blame Candice for their own racism. They think Candice started that fight. What horrible , hateful bigots they are.

I cannot watch this week as it is going to be really bad..non stop Candice bashing...and racist remarks. I just cannot take much more. It is too much.


Anonymous said...

I have watched every season but this season is the toughest to watch. The hate and racism is palpable and very personal. The casting is horrible, very nasty, mean , bigoted group of people overall...very , very immature. I think the most mature one walked out of the house last night. Granted Howard was not good at the BB game but I also think he had the most maturity and best outlook of the entire bunch.


Jackie said...

Although the hate speech bits are true and can be witnessed on the live feeds, many rumors abound. You can't believe everything you read online. For example, the Boogie/Amanda connection rumor is a bust. It's tied in with the NAME of his restaurant group, but she worked in an entirely different industry which happened to use the same name. He was restaurant, she real estate -- no connection. The "friends" with Grodner has no credible source either.

Petals said...

Yup, my sources were all online. Can't believe everything I read on the internet. Because who really knows?

Petals said...

Oh, but the Boogie thing came from Amanda herself. In the first week when they were all getting to know one another, they were talking about who they knew, who they'd met, etc from BB past. GM knew a few people, Amanda mentioned Boogie, someone else(maybe Judd or Spenc) had gone to a BB party.
But the Grodner thing? It is just something I keep seeing on the net. Something about their parents.
Doesnt matter to me who she knows, Amanda is still a bully & a ball buster.
{should ball buster be hyphenated?)

Petals said...

Cali Girl and Anon Shiela & Caroline, and other Anon -
I totally agree about Janey, King Kaysar & Will. Heck, even ED was mean as hell, but it was his persona!
This cast is mean on a different level. Sinister. It is not "for the game", NIMO. It is VERY hard to watch. I feel just sick for Jessie & Candice.
Ork - Oh no. You reminded me that I have Amanda in the pool. Does that mean I can drown her? Or should I just hope that she "chokes on her own spit & drowns?"
{you guys know I am playing *?*}
Also Ork - where did you hear that the winner was pre-determined? I thought that one was debunked, too. There is a site (a BB gossip site) that has named Amanda the winner, AND named McRae the winner, AND named Helen the winner. LOL
Again, none of the rumors matter when the actual show is proof enough that some of these HGs will leave with, sadly, a lot of bad memories.

Anonymous said...

I can' t wait for Helen to find out how dumb she really is. When she sees this on TV she will really be ashamed of herself for being so stupid. You have the power to flip the housethis week and you dDon' t use it.Amanda's been attacking everyone so it would be so easy tuo say he went after you and Elissa. She needs to go she wants Judd,Spencer, Jessie,Candace,(say you and GM also) you could talk that moron into it if you said you had 6 out of the 9 people on your side adndf Arryn & GM needed too pick sides. BYE BYE MCRANDA. To bad so sad Helen you will be a target for them and you will be done.(dumb to da dumb)