Friday, September 06, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday, Nominations - Sept. 6, 2013

Spencer and Marilyn in HoH photo

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pest Control:
  • Comparing notes, the Exterminators had earlier realized that McCrae has offered each and every one of them a final two deal.
  • Yet, with McCrae and GinaMarie tied together, they've got a crimp in their communication.
  • But, the key thing through all of this is that there is NO Boys Alliance. 
  • The Exterminators have made it clear amongst themselves that McCrae must be the one to go.
  • I have to say I'm pleased that they are considering GM ... after all, she put their whole plan in motion. But, with the rampant betrayals this season, I was at first thinking they were going to throw her to the curb without so much as a thank you.
  • I'm not saying she'll last much beyond the four if she makes it there. She will need to win comps.
  • Spencer told everyone (including the future nominees which is against the rules last I knew) that he planned on putting McCrae and GinaMarie on the block.
  • The plan is to make McCrae sure there is a Boys Alliance so he'll let his guard down and not try real hard to win veto.
  • McCrae when his game life is on the line can be a veto winning machine.
  • So, they want him sure they're all gunning for GM.
  • GM knows otherwise.
  • All during the day, the whistle would sound and the drill instructor would yell for Judd to do various calisthenics. Typical drill sergeant, the commands would be followed by insults.
  • Poor Judd. 
  • But he's probably the only one who could make it through that punishment.
  • It seems Spencer chose who would get what during the HoH comp. 
  • Andy hadn't won any money this season, so he got the chance at the 5,000.
  • By the way, Andy ended up with $94. Not quite the big jackpot!
  • When nominations time came, there were no surprises.
  • The feeds were blocked, they came back and it's GinaMarie and McCrae on the block.
  • The plan is that McCrae will go.
  • If McCrae wins veto and saves himself, Judd will go up.
  • Both Andy and Spencer have said they'd keep GM over Judd.
  • And on it goes.

Andy, the Exterminator

Chained together, nominated together

Give me twenty squats, dirtbag!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind if Judd got the boot,he was very animated when he went in to vote Elissa out although I'd rather see Andy go.

monty924 said...

I wish we could have another 'DAY DRINKING' like last season when Ian had stockpiled all of his beers and went off on Frank.

A girl can hope :)))

Everyone out here should just take a page out of the past HGs playbook and chill out. As always, JMO ;-)

Sharon said...

Watching BBAD. McC talking with HGs in HOH. He might be saying things he thinks they want to hear, but the way it sounds... like he didn't have anywhere close to the kind interest in Amanda that she thinks.

David said...

All I noticed on BBAD tonight is that it was a non-stop Elissa hate-fest from beginning to end. There is something really disturbing about Andy's obsession with Elissa. His irrational hatred is disgusting. She seems to be all he thinks about. All I can come up with at this point is a guilty conscience. The only thing she has personally done to him is figure out what he is doing and put him on the block.

Anonymous said...

I think the El hatred has to do with the people they are with. I don't think that Andy really hates her as much as he claims. I think Spencer does because she is so much more successful than he will ever be and because she wouldn't be attracted to him unless she somehow became addicted to meth. Judd does because she and Helen were behind his first eviction. GM dislikes El because she's the kind of woman Gm will never be married with a husband who adores her. McStupid because he believes ahw betrayed his "one true love".

It's all so ludicrous the reasons they hate her. Yes she's wealthy. yes, she is something of a snob who doesn't want to sit around on national tv and talk about all the men she has ever had sex with. No, she would never even consider flashing them her boobs or being racist. Yes, she does think she is better than the rest of them and that is simply because she is and the hate her for it.

I can't wait to see their faces when she wins Americsas favorite.

Witt said...

Anon 7:47....let's add these to the list:
--No, she wouldn't walk around the house in front of virtual strangers in her underwear.
--No, she wouldn't have sex in every room in a house for the internet to see.
--No, she wouldn't bang on someone's door and yell at them through it (over, and over and over)
--Yes, she will win America's Favorite (and that WILL freak the rest of the HG's out).

Witt :)

Anonymous said...

Andy is just jealous of Elissa, he can never be like her in so many ways so he's envious, and the other fools are just what they are fools, these idiots, almost everytime someone got voted out the house it was usually ananimous. Andy had the nerve to get mad because he was on the block, hell Elissa was up there at least 3 times, I'll just be glad when this is over because it looks like it will be an Andy and Spencer F2, and that makes me sick to my stomach. But because Andy has been such an" a______" about Elissa I would rather Spencer win. Now that's really sickening. McStinky was all up in Amanda's stuff so he's just telling those lies, he enjoyed every minute he was with her, she might have been his first, he acted like a little lap dog, and she indeed did all of his thinking and he wants to say he is a BB Super Fan give me a break if he and Amanda had been in any of the other BB seasons they would have been gone so long ago. No one else would have put up with Amanda's antics, I wish she would have tried to bully Monica remember her she was a no nonsense person.

Tami said...

Yes, the HGs are jealous of Elissa and that is what fuels their bashing. I am voting her AF. It is a shame that these people are so insecure that they must stoop to bashing to make themselves feel better.

Ed in Ohio said...

If/When Elissa gets to be America's Favorite these jokers will just 'hate' on her even more. The Jealousy, Entitlement, Bullying, & Hatred just ran rampant in the house this year.

Initially I was going to vote for Jessie because I thought she got a raw deal & I kinda' liked her. But now that Elissa has been evicted I will definitely be voting for her.

Anonymous said...


Amanda's "antics" were nothing compared to the verbal vomit that spewed from Evil Dick's filthy pie hole. You must have missed the season where the house guests not only put up with his abhorrent behavior but they rewarded him with $500,000. CBS set the bar low by letting that piece of trash stay on the show and now we've had to "endure" an Evil Dick character every season henceforth. Amanda was mild in comparison. I've been entertained by this set of characters and when the season is done, I'll bid the show adieu until next summer. And I wouldn't waste one minute of my time feeling sorry for Elissa. She's no little angel herself...she will be just fine.

Becky said...

Just went to the Jokers site. This was posted: "(ed-Andy has repeatedly said over the course of the season that if Elissa wins America's Favorite player-he will kill himself)" Hey, Andy, I have a dull knife! Would be glad to give it to you.