Monday, September 02, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds, PoV Meeting, Monday into the Evening - Sept. 2

Did GM get a raise? Oh. Her hair did.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Poor Examples:
  • The PoV Meeting was fairly early.
  • As expected, McCrae saved himself and GinaMarie put Spencer on the block as the replacement.
  • Remember, Spencer volunteered to be up there, so no betrayal on the part of GM.
  • Amanda freaked and fussed because all McCrae said in his speech was that he's sorry.
  • @@
  • Amanda and McCrae curled up in bed for a good part of the rest of the day.
  • In between cuddling and canoodling, she fussed about his speech.
  • He's been even more quiet than usual.
  • She said (over and over again) that she loved him.
  • He said, "Mmm."
  • She's still trying to work the angles. She thinks she needs Judd's vote only to stay in.
  • She has no clue that the Exterminators exist.
  • She thinks Judd is working with Elissa, GM is working with Elissa (but not with Judd and Elissa) and that she and McCrae have Andy and Spencer.
  • What part of the day they didn't spend napping, the Exterminators sat around discussing grand plans and how whacked and clueless Amanda is.
  • Elissa sunned.
  • Elissa made chicken and dumplings for dinner as Judd said it's his favorite dish. Andy never had chicken and dumplings before.
  • Although she so likes to trashtalk Elissa, Amanda surely helped herself to the dinner!
  • It actually did look pretty good.
  • Mmmm ...
  • Spencer volunteered to wash the dishes.
  • Wow.
  • A thrill a minute.

Typical of today's excitement

J-U-Double D


Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for "Survivor. Thanx Jackie for what you put up with this season.

SueGee said...

Looks to me like GM got her hair dye and has blonde roots again ROFL


David said...

I think McDirty is finally coming out of the fog his little brain has kept him in all summer. He has done nothing but hide under Amanda's skirt. Has no real alliances, no plans for moving forward in the game and there is a real possibility he will go next.

The best thing he could do for his game at this time is to vote with the "house" (always hated the way they used that) and vote Amanda out also. That would be hilarious. And then he could make up a story about wanting to get away from her but until now there was never the opportunity.

T-Town said...

David..........LOVE IT!

Sharon said...

What the heck David... you are suggesting McDirty vote "with the house"... ?
Are you trying to break up the Romance of the Century? LMAO

Eileen said...

I can't help wondering what will happen when Amanda returns to her real life. She has shown herself to be so vulgar and mean and self-absorbed, and furthermore shown that she doesn't care who knows it.

In normal life, there would be social feedback -- quiet disapproval or open criticism -- to let her know her words and actions were out of line. But that feedback is not happening in the closed world of the BB house, and I think she has no idea how far she has strayed from what will be socially acceptable outside the house.

What will she do when she returns to the real world? Who will hire her? Who will want to associate with her? I just wonder, with her mental instability, how she'll react to the real world's reactions to her.

carla said...

I actually liked Amanda at first. She even tried to show Aaryn the errors of her way. ( it was probably a show for the cameras) regarding her bias ways. however now she is just a biatch that I can't stand to watch anymore.Wasn't she one of hamsters thats been fired from their real life job?

Sharon said...

Carta, I can't think Amanda talking to Aryan about 'the error of her ways' was only because CBS put her up to the talks... trying to shut down the issue for the public.

There's no verbal or written confirmation from Amanda's employer (that I know of) saying she's been fired. However, internet gurus scrambled and say the Real Estate office she worked out of no longer shows any indication that she's still employed with them. So, maybe yes, maybe no.

So many people out for Hamster blood this year.

Sharon said...

oops... y'all probably know waht I meant, but clearing it up anyway....
I DO think Amanda's talks with Aryan were instigated by CBS.

T-Town said...

Andy and Spencer were talking today, and said if they survive double eviction that they would be the only “power-duo” left in the house. I may be wrong here, but don’t you actually have to WIN comps in order to be considered a “power-duo?” Every time I think that I've heard it all from this cast, they throw another curve ball at me.

Sharon said...

Amanda is so delusional. Now she's crying and complaining that "nobody is fighting to save her." McC is talking and trying to make new deals like she's not even there anymore... in the next breath says she knows she's leaving. Then goes back to how SHE worked so hard to save everyone else.
Really Amanda? Yup, we all know this game is ALL about YOU. @@

monty924 said...

The Amanda pity party is comical. :))

Sharon said...

yup, the poor poor me is in full swing. @@

monty924 said...

It's true that she can dish it out but can't take it. Telling everyone who's been evicted so far, that it's just a game and a game move. But not when it's a game move against her. @@

Sharon said...

The crazy part of Amanda saying she fought for everyone and nobody is fighting for her???
Just last night, she was BRAGGING about HERSELF being responsible for all the people evicted.

monty924 said...

Amanda campaigning to Elissa:

Amanda: I saved you for two weeks
Elissa: But I never would have gone and if I had, they (BB) would have brought me back.

That is a pure Elissaism! Entitlement table for two (Amanda and Elissa)!!!

David said...

Want to give a shout-out to all those who have had CBS blocked and a BIG welcome back. As of 4:00pm EST A re-transmission agreement was reached and now everyone can enjoy (or suffer) with the rest of us in this season of BB.

monty924 said...

Elissa just pulled Amanda into the cockpit and told her she wants to save her and work with McCranda and Judd. Said she doesn't trust GM, Spencer and Andy.

HOLY FLIPPIN' CRAP. This is either a way to torment Amanda as she's going out the door, or the craziest, riskiest move I can remember in a long time.

I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor, and have to get to bed. OH BIG BROTHER!

Sharon said...

SO, the questions now become.....
Elissa comes out of DR and suddenly she has changed her mind?
What did the "handlers" have to say that brought on such a huge change of heart?
Sorry, but something stinks like sewage on the West coast!!!

( didn't feel like signing in on my Nook)

Sharon said...

Monty, are you sure Elissa said Judd.... and not Andy?

monty924 said...

It's a well known fact that the DR asks them questions about different scenarios. How else did Howie in BB6 honestly think it was a good idea to go with the nerd herd plan and nominate James?

If Elissa is that impressionable and this doesn't work out for her, she's either a) that gullible, or b) or not the production darling she's been playing all season.

I think it's more that she sees something going on with GM, Spencer and Judd (and maybe not Andy) and sees herself as alone with McCrae after Amanda walks out the door. It's still a game of numbers at the end of the day, and maybe she feels like if she does save Amanda, that Amanda and McCrae will have her back and be a three with her and a four with Andy.

Who knows? None of us are in that nut house and have no idea what goes on in their heads. WOW

monty924 said...

Yeah, Sharon. I thought she said her, McCranda and Judd, but she might have said she didn't trust Judd. I have the volume down really low and she was whispering. She definitely pulled Andy into the cockpit with them and told him the plan. So far, he isn't letting on to Spencer, Judd and McCrae any of this in the BY. Andy may just go along with it. Good think I don't have to work tomorrow, lol.


monty924 said...


monty924 said...

Nope, Andy isn't going for it. He's sticking with Spencer and Judd (for now).

Stormy said...

Just when you think you like the way things are going ... BOOM they change. Makes me sick but I will say it may be the best move for Elisa because she is at the bottom of the alliance with GM, Judd , Spencer and Andy