Sunday, September 01, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday into the evening - Sept. 1

Oh my. It's like she's doing a GM with her hair

Here's what's happened today inside that Big Brother House of Is This Season EVER Gonna End?:
  • GinaMarie's foot is still in bad shape. I hope it's in better shape come Thursday for the second HoH comp. I'm thinking that one will be physical and go past air time.
  • Judd and Elissa went over some of the comps and dates thinking it might be a memory HoH comp.
  • Both also agreed that Andy can now be trusted more as he chose Amanda to do something in the PoV comp (which was blocked to the feeds).
  • Elissa told Judd that he's going to have to make McCrae feel safe so he won't try as hard to campaign.
  • Elissa can't because she figures McCrae, although he's never said much to her, hates her just because of Amanda.
  • Judd told Amanda that if McCrae saved her with the veto and GM put Elissa on the block, people would vote out Elissa rather than McCrae.
  • Um.
  • No.
  • Ain't gonna happen.
  • Amanda immediately told McCrae and Andy that Judd was trying to fish for information with that proposal.
  • Oh, dear Mandy ... right now Judd is way more in the loop than you are. He's just pulling your chains. That's kind of like pushing your buttons, but a lot quieter.
  • The Sunday photo booth came alive. Much of this week was Exterminator poses.
  • Amanda and McCrae decided to pretend that McCrae would use the veto to save her in order to make a deal with GinaMarie.
  • Andy told McCrae he's distancing himself from him just in case Elissa wins HoH -- so they won't go on the block together for being in Cahoots.
  • Have you ever been to Cahoots? I think it must be near Ho-Ho-Kus.
  • Now I'm just being silly.
  • As you were ...
  • Andy told McCrae that if it's a double eviction this week, he wants Elissa out.
  • Well, that's no big secret. About the only one not privy to that info is Elissa herself!
  • McCrae told GM that he thinks he might have enough votes to stay if he takes Amanda off.
  • Okay, that plan is in motion.
  • But GM isn't taking the bait.
  • Even when Amanda outright begged and promised the world, GM just kept saying that she hasn't decided yet.
  • Later she told Elissa that there's no way she'll put up either her or Andy and that Spencer will probably be the re-nom.
  • Remember, GM also previously promised Judd she wouldn't put him on the block and Spencer volunteered.
  • Despite lots of counterintelligence and dodging and feinting ... it looks like the Exterminators plan is still in effect -- one of them (McCranda) will be going home.
  • And it should be Amanda. I don't think McCrae would ever be stupid enough to save her with the veto while he remains on the block.
  • Well, I suppose that could happen if he was distracted by his fingernails.
  • Once Amanda is out, the second eviction target seems to be McCrae when the Exterminators talk amongst themselves or Elissa when they talk around McCrae. 
  • Either one of them is expendable to the Exterminators. Neither one is in their final four plan, so must go.
  • We'll see.

Still safe? I think so.

Sunday is photo booth day!

Exterminator chickens

Exterminator HoH with a rat nose



Sharon said...

Thanks for breaking it down for us Jackie.

I figured GM would stick with her word about not putting up Elissa because she is really set on breaking up that last pair.

There's so many back and forth whispers with various people, I was starting to get lost on who would really be the next target... McC or Elissa!! It will no doubt come down to who wins HOH and/or POV next.

David said...

What I have seen of McCrea lately I don't think he has any fingernails left. It looks to me like he is now chewing on his cuticles. It is beyond disgusting. I sure hope he only delivered the pizza's and was not involved in making them. That would be totally gross with his mouth always all over his fingers.

I would never eat anything that I even thought McCrea had touched in that house, let alone cooked. He spreads his spit from one end to the other via his fingers.

David said...

Meant to say he spreads his spit all over the house from one end to the other via his fingers.

Lynn said...

someone on Jokers is posting that Amanda won a diamond power of veto in one of those balloons......has anyone seen anything that would back that up? i'm hoping it s silly lie

Sharon said...

Lynn - I saw the same post over there but I don't believe it. Someone was guessing there was more to the Luxury comp balloon. Strikes me someone is trying to spread an unfounded rumor.

Besides which, I don't think Amanda could keep it a secret from McC, and they haven't been discussing it at all. If they had, Jackie would have heard and said something. Plus, they wouldn't be pushing the replacement nom so hard.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Oh, the hypocrisy. Amanda telling GM that she did everything to save Aaryn and GM is now siding with the one who got her out. Ummm, Amanda, just tell GM the truth. You wanted HER on the block to save Aaryn.

monty924 said...

Once again, a comment at Joker's taken out of context. The chips said all kinds of things. Andy even said he got two diamond vetos. The only chips worth anything in the comp were the ones with a 1, a 0, and a K. The comp was for 10K.

Just clearing that up.

Sharon said...

Amanda really grilling GM and yelling at her in the HOH room... because GM told her she's not putting up Elissa.

McC is sitting there, head down, saying nothing. Probably because Spence pretty much indicated to McC (earlier) that he didn't think GM would be putting up Elissa. But McC apparently didn't tell Amanda what he was hearing.

Amanda really working it with GM but she's not getting anywhere. I don't know why she doesn't give it up. Amanda can lie with such a straight face... it has to be that she actually believes herself.

Dramahold said...

I get the feeling that Amanda has started believing her own lies. GM is tough. She's taking Amanda's best shots and is calmly deflecting all of them. I don't like the things GM has said earlier in the game, but she's a much better player than I first thought.

monty924 said...

Couldn't agree more, Drama!

monty924 said...

Lynn, sorry. Didn't mean to sound snippy. It's not necessarily a lie, it's just a comment on what happened taken totally out of context. :))

Sharon said...

Glad the Amanda's convo+rant to GM finally ended because I could see it was getting to GM. Not in a way that would change her mind. GM stayed strong and kept repeating her reasons and not backing down.

Amanda couldn't get it thru her head that Aryan actually told GM the truth and kept trying to push what GM knew wasn't true.

I'm not used to that kind of behavior, so doubt I could have stood up under that same kind of grilling and yelling. At one point, I thought maybe GM would get a gut-full and tell Amanda to leave the HOH room.

monty924 said...

Amanda is resolved now that she is going home. She's accepting her role in the things she's done and maybe trying to make the best of it with everyone including Elissa. This convo they are having right now in the BY is refreshing after all of the nastiness of this season. Judd owned up to his lie after he came out of solitary, and they are all talking more open now.

This reminds me of when James Rhine realized his jig was up and he just started having fun in the house and stopped the gaming. See, there is hope for these lugs, lol.

Stormy said...

It would be a big mistake for the house guest to think that Amanda has just given up. She will be plotting and planning on her way out the door. If she can get word back to McDirty from jury house she will. This girl has some serious problems or has always gotten her way in life and does not know how to cope with not getting her way.

Tami said...

I'm glad that GM is holding her ground with Amanda. I do agree that Amanda has not given up on trying to get her way. She is just taking a step back until her next attack. No one in Amanda's real life has done her any favors by catering to her every wish, and that is what had to have occurred for her to act the way she does. I think that she has convinced herself that she is right about everything and an everyone at this point. I believe that her leaving the house this week is going to be best for every one (including her), she is just too messed up at this point.

~~Silk said...

I posted this yesterday, but so late in the post that I think folks missed it.

Candid photos of the house guests in their most natural poses, from user "PointBeing", BB Real World:

Witt said...

Amanda couldn't even be happy for Spencer during the balloon mess luxury comp..."Spencer should have to clean all this up." Ha ha, like she's ever cleaned up anything in that house all summer!

Can't WAIT until she's gone!!! With any luck, McCrae will be next out the door, followed by Andy.


~~Silk said...

Here's my theory on Amanda. She wants to be "discovered". She went west, got an agent, and if her agent was any good she met a bunch of casting directors and minor producers, including Allison Grodner. Amanda is very pushy, so I assume she got to be "best friends" with Ms. Grodner, although I suspect Ms. Grodner is used to being co-opted as "bestie" by many aspiring superstars, and might see the relationship differently.

After 1,486 phone calls and 8,295 notes from Amanda (pushy, remember?), Ms. Grodner agrees to expedite Amanda's BB application, and assures her a thousand times that she "will do very well" as a contestant. Amanda interprets this to mean that the fix is in, since she and Ms. Grodner are such good friends, and adds the "wink, wink". Amanda tends to interpret everything in a positive way /sarcasm/.

That would explain why, when she and Mccrae were both nominated her reaction is,
"That makes no sense!"

~~Silk said...

To clarify my previous comment, "the fix is in" is entirely in Amanda's head.

Terry is a Texan! said...

ah good to wake up and see GM is holding firm. She can win it all as far as I am concerned....she has by far, made the biggest move.
I feel Amanda going to the jury house is going to be the sight to see...Candice...get ready!
And please ladies, no fake hugs and smiles.....let the girl feel the distain

Anonymous said...

What I don't get is why ANYONE is taking Andy anyplace! He has not earned ANYTHING! Elyssa has played a better game by far! Where is her "game" now when she needs it the most?