Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Morning until Trivia - Sept. 10

J-U-Double D will go-go

Okay, this isn't going to be my typical live feeds update. We'll get a bit newsy with it!

All we really saw today other than the trivia blocking the feeds was the fake night filming for BBAD tonight. They were given dollar store arts and crafts and had to pretend it's night because the eviction is set for 5pm their time today, but won't air until tomorrow night. This happened about 9am to 11am this morning their time.

They messed around a lot mocking the fake night. One of the things they did were to make FAKE phone calls about FAKE happenings. Of course, the internet crowds (or many of them) think they're real happenings. Oy.

Spencer's HOH blog is up on the CBS website. I'm kind of surprised -- I think his writing skills might just be the best I've ever seen from a hamster blog. Oh my. I would advise that if you read, don't even bother with the gazillion hate-filled comments. I'm still not getting how people could hate strangers on a TV show that much. I realize that many of the things said and done reflect poorly on them, make a sad statement on society, etc., etc. I don't understand why people are reacting with such hate, though. It seems counterproductive or something. I dunno. I'm tired of all the hate.

Unfortunately, I've known some people like many of the hamsters this season. I avoid them. After this season ends, I can avoid these hamsters as well. I won't have to have them in my life and I can feel better about myself that I'm not like them, nor are any of the people I truly care about.

'Nuff said 'bout that.

I don't expect the live feeds to return until after tomorrow night's eviction show airs on the West Coast ... putting it at midnight here. When I know something, I'll post. But I probably won't know anything until tomorrow night's blog party post. The last I saw indicated that Judd will go home, but (of course) the HoH and veto are up in the air.

GinaMarie packing

Ohh! Dollar store crafts "night" for BBAD

Andy ... Lies R Us, er ... Exterminator

McCrae - could be tortured if we COMBED his hair!

Paint a pretty pink pig and name it Petunia


monty924 said...

I enjoyed reading Spencer's blog, too. I loved how he explained how he had to play the game after the Moving Company went bust, and appreciated that he didn't blame that one entirely on McCrae. He was smart to realize that keeping quiet and letting the drama unfold around him, and also realizing that the Candice keeping it real fight was a good thing for his game as was Howard leaving the game.

Good HOH blog, Spencer. I think the two best from this season, and maybe of all-time have been Andy's HOH blog and this one. Kudos to both.

JimmyB said...

Jackie's absolutely right about the comment section for the HoH Blog. But it's typical of many comment areas on the internet. Those folks have little room to talk about the houseguests, IMO.

The link for the HoH Blog: http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/hoh_blog/1001222/

Petals said...

Like I said a few times over these past few months (and *ducked* immediately afterward), I like Spencer. Yes, he has a dirty mind and an offbeat sense of humor, BUT he is also very knowledgeable about many subjects, a few of which I share an interest.

Here's a fun way to kill some time tonight, a kind of game, if you will.
If you had to invite 5 of the hamsters from this season to your own home for dinner, which would you invite and why??
I'll start:

1.Spencer, for reasons I named above
2.Elissa, mostly to pick her brain about living in Canada.
3.Candace, to chitchat about adoption & her feelings/experiences
4.Judd, because he seems very down-to-Earth & would get along with everyone at the table
5.Jessie, b/c I think she is a cutie, and I didn't get to learn much about her

monty924 said...

Every year JimmyB, every year. ;-)

JimmyB said...

Petal's Hamster Invites:

-Helen...Smart, great personality, interesting; would probably want to hear about her work.

-Spencer...Kinda smart, fun conversation.

If it's gonna be my house; that's about it for me.

Petals said...

LOL Jimmie, thanks :)

AndyTHEfloaterSUX said...






Only 5 I could stand to look at and/or talk to.

Witt said...

I'd invite:
--Elissa (we both love yoga -- maybe we could fit in a practice before dinner!)
--Candice (to tip my hat to her for keeping her cool all those days with Aaryn and Co.)
--Howard (I'd love to hear one of his explanations in person)
--Jessie (because she got a raw deal)
--Judd (he seems like a nice guy, but I've only seen the edited version)

Witt :)

QuixoticElf said...

1. Judd - I think he would just be interesting.
2. McCrae - Dunno why
3. Candace - I think she could be a lot of fun
4. Helen - Would be interesting to hear about her work
5.Howard - lol Eye candy?

LOL This was actually really hard and ended up being a big discussion in the house tonight. :)

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Spencer and Andy because they know every movie ever made, seems like.

McCrae just because I like him and we could discuss BB until the cows come home.

Judd just because he's hilarious, down to earth and would love to drink a beer and laugh with him.

Can't think of a fifth one. I already know what Helen would talk about, and while I enjoy talking politics at times, I doubt I'd get a word in with Helen. ;-)

~~Silk said...
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monty924 said...

-Oh, and Andy tells the best 'drunk Andy' stories.

~~Silk said...

I'd invite Howard,
and then lock him in.

Sharon said...

I'd have to go with Monty's list.

Spencer - Spencer's interests are diverse. I've been around obnoxious and misogynistic people all my life and I'd like to find out if he's really as we've seen him on BB ... or if it was all for show.

Andy - not very likable on BB, but I've never met a gay man who wasn't interesting, fun, and totally outrageous in person.

McCrae - Clean him up and he'd be acceptable in mixed company, and he seems a decent person (sans Amanda). His downfall is personal hygiene and ambition. Maybe he'll read some of the things about himself and decide it's time to grow up?

Judd - hometown type and very funny... almost without meaning to be occasionally.


Agree about Helen - Not only is it never a good idea to discuss politics, but it would be almost impossible to get a word in edgewise.

Elissa- Nice enough, but don't think I'd find her all that interesting. Also think I'd be wanting to finish her sentences.. just to move the conversation along!

Howard and Candice are nice enough, but other than finding out about their future aspirations, doubt there would much else of interest (for me).

Rest of the HGs - a total wash.

Petals said...

Silk - good one

Sasha said...

Nice idea, Petals:

Helen - smart, social, talkative, interesting.

Candice - I liked her and think she did pretty well in among such offensive HG's

Howard - I think he also did well and helped Candice through...and I'm with Silk, I might like to keep Howard. Yum!

Andy - I suspect he's not the same on the outside as in the house and I think he'd be fun.

Elissa - I find her interesting and I don't think she's much like Rachel at all (which is a plus in my book).

Of course I'd have to assume everyone would behave like adults because when I look at that mix...it also could be a powder keg LOL.

~~Silk said...

BTW, Mc's posture has all the earmarks of someone who has spent every waking hour of the past fifteen years on a sofa with a game controller in his hands. That might be why he's always biting his fingers - without buttons to push, they're "itchy".

Nickelpeed said...

Petals, I love your game.

I'm not a huge fan of Spencer, but, I am a huge fan of railroads. I LOVE TRAINS. It would be very cool to talk to him about being a conductor. How cool is that? It's a kid's dream come true!!!

I did not know Elissa lived in Canada. It never dawned on me that her husband was probably Canadian. LOL

I would love to talk to Helen. Chicago politics are legendary.

I think Elissa would be interesting to talk to. I'd like to know what it was like growing up with Rachel. I can not imagine that.

The rest would be hard to pick.

Nickelpeed said...


I'd also like to see if Spencer is like her is in the house, or is it all a put on. From the time he came in to the house, he's had nothing good to say about women. I dislike that so much.

I have met a hand full of gay men who are not very fun. I have a nephew who is gay. He is one of the meanest people I have ever met. Such a bully. On the other spectrum, I work with a gay man who is very sweet and funny. I think it depends on the person. People are people.

I do not like Andy. Spencer is okay. What makes me mad about this group is the hatred they spewed about some of the other contestants.

Everyone can give a bye to Andy and Spencer, yet they tear down Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Kaitlyn, and Jeremy. I think some of the stuff and things Andy and Spencer have said are absolutely horrible. That's just me, though.

So many are willing to give Spencer and Andy a second chance because they want to see if they really are what they are in the house, yet not think the others could be all show, too.

There are so very few of them I would want to talk to at all. For every BB, I could only name one person from each group I could possibly ever want to sit down to talk to.

I think CBS makes it a point to gather together some of the most outrageous people they can find. It's what makes great tv for many.

uncartie said...

My guests would be Elissa,Helen,Candace,and Ginamarie.
The first 3 for intellectual conversation and GM to amuse us with her incredibly ignorant "isims",such as when Helen described her family immigrating to America from Korea and not knowing the language. GM's response was "Wow,that's like being in a foreign country"

AlbGlinka said...

I'm a gay man and I'm completely dull and not very good company. JOKE! :-)

Listening to snippets of the feeds through YouTube, there is no way I'd ever want to socialize with Spencer. An incredibly foul mouth. I had a job where I worked with a bunch of slackers (art house movie theater) so I think I'd enjoy talking to McCrae, I even relate to his falling in with a bad girl... Candice would be my second choice. I wanted to like Andy but his personality really grates on my nerves...

Sharon said...

I certainly can't argue against any of your points... except I don't feel any of us are giving a pass to any of the HGs. All we are doing is guessing which HG we 'might' find interesting outside the house.

Not knowing any of them on a personal level, there's no way to know if everything we see is part of an act.

When they are not playing a game and attempting to win a large amount of money, who knows, they might be ok people (outside the house). On the other hand, I also realize that the majority of HGs we've found offensive have had such a mean streak that they may very well be the complete jerks we think... as portrayed.

As it stands, I'll never meet any of them. Heck, I won't remember the most of their names a week after BB15 ends!

Anonymous said...

I would invite Howard, Candice, Andy &Aaryn... so we could kill her with kindness and watch her squirm....I bet that is her worst nightmare. Lol

monty924 said...
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Shannon said...

I think it is wrong of them to block stuff, I mean if you pay to see the live feeds you should be able to see it all... There are people out there that don't watch anything but the shows so they would not being ruining anything by us seeing it blah blah blah DEMAND YOUR MONEY BACK ;-) hehehe had to say it Jackie! Gives you a break in the mean time. :-P

Shannon said...

I really miss Howard-a-day shots :-D

Shannon said...

OY my grammar! ROFL

David said...

If Andy won the HOH last night (there is a rumor he did but how much can you believe them) then he goes to the final 3 automatically and gets to play for the final HOH. This would be a worst case senario as far as I am concerned as I like Andy the least of the remaining HG's.

I think if the rumor is true it would be GM and McCrea on the block because I think Andy thinks he can beat him in final 2 over GM and McCrea. That makes the POV the most important thing. If McCrea or GM can win the POV then they can decide who is going to jury and Spencer will automatically be on the block. I think GM would probably send McCrea to jury if she stays true to her alliance even though she has a final 2 with McCrea and McCrea would probably send GM to jury also thinking he has a better chance of beating Spencer in the final 2.

If Andy or Spencer won POV I am not sure who Spencer would vote out. I think he would probably send McCrea packing as he will think he has a better chance of beating GM in the upcoming competitions.

But of course this is all conjecture based on a rumor. Since the feeds are down and it is fun to think about these different senario's for me take this for what is worth. Nothing. ;-)

David said...

Should have been Andy thinks he can beat Spencer in final 2 instead of him.

Wintermute said...

Been awhile since I've comments, but thought I'd weigh in on the 5 houseguests thing:

1) Judd. Seems like a nice enough guy, and would get along well with others.

2) McCrae. Seems like a nice guy (I dare say, even with Amanda there. He was constantly trying to protect her from herself.)

3) Spencer. Seems interesting.

4) Andy. He seems to be all gameplay. I'd like to see how he is outside the game.

5) GM. She's a hoot!

Petals said...

YAY, this was fun.
Silk, IMO, spot-on re McFly.

Judd seems to be the most popular dinner guest.

Jackie said...

I wouldn't want any of them over for dinner. I've seen too much of all of them.

If anything, I'd offer to take Aaryn for a long walk through my predominantly black and Hispanic 'hood. All the black folks calling out friendly greetings to us and being pleasant might just shock her into realizing that so many people are inherently good and her words said this summer were hurtful and misguided.

monty924 said...

David, the POV holder is the only vote at final 4 so yes, it is the most important thing this week. That and HOH.

David said...

Someone should mess with production just because they can in the final 4. Say Andy is HOH, GM and McCrea on the block and Spencer wins veto. Spencer should take one of them off the block leaving only 1 person and no replacement. It does not matter either way as with both on the block the veto holder is the only vote. Or leave only 1 on the block and both still have to vote for the 1 person he would vote for anyway.

RBennie said...

I like this game Petals!
I would invite Helen, Candice, Elissa, Howard and Nick (so he could have a place to hide from GM for a while). I would never want Spencer, Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Aryan or GM to cross my threshold.

~~Silk said...

I may have another ingredient for Andy's obsession with Elissa. Andy idolizes Ragan. With Elissa being Rachael's sister, perhaps he was hoping for the famous and memorable dramatic tension that Ragan and Rachael had.

Perhaps he was disappointed that Elissa is no Rachael, and he's no Ragan. That has to hurt.

Rachael and Ragan: http://youtu.be/NtnqSddbq6A

(Jackie, it's angry and yelling, but it's clean with no low blows, and I was amazed that neither interrupted or yelled over the other. By BB15 standards, this is a Victorian tea party. It was actually GOOD!)

ORKMommy said...

Thanks for finding that Silk! It was one of the best moments in BB history IMO! I miss Ragan! Too bad they didn't bring him back this season. I think Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin, Amanda and Jeremy would have had a very different experience.

~~Silk said...

BB twelve years ago today:

They never did find her cousin.

Unknown said...

From the rumors I have seen Judd was evicted and Andy is the new HOH.

Jackie said...

There is nothing out there but rumors now. While the Judd eviction is just about a given seeing the others talk prior to the feeds block, anything about HoH is unsubstantiated.

Sharon said...

Andy or Spence winning last night would be worst case scenario for McFly. Unless GM wins POV, she will go during final 3.
If Tues night was a physical comp, McFly probably would have won.
If it was Before/After, it's probable that Andy would have won... his study habits would prevail.

ORKMommy said...

Nickelpeed - I love your profile pic! I have a doxie too and she's such a sweetie! Mine is black & tan, long hair/short hair mix. I guess you could say she's a doxie mutt :-)

ORKMommy said...

The rumor about Andy winning HOH supposedly came from an audience member who was in the studio for the eviction. The audience was supposedly comprised of CBS plants. That's a lot of supposedly's :-)

What I want to know is how anyone in the audience could know who won HOH. The competitions take place INSIDE the house, not in the audience studio. Thoughts?

David said...

If it was a before or after type HOH competition Julie would have been doing the questioning just like it would have been if it was a live eviction show. So a studio audience would have been there to see it.

Jackie said...

I have seen nothing credible out there, so I refuse to post rumors. Of course, Andy COULD have won HoH -- it's a strong possibility. However, these rumors are all emanating from the Jokers rumor mill. Y'all know how credible they were with the Amanda rumors.

RBennie said...

Well if we go by the premise that, with very few exceptions, the person I least want to win HOH does, then it's safe to say Andy is HOH - LOL.

David said...

Sorry Jackie, I was just answering ORKMommy's question about how a studio audience would know, not about the validity of the rumor.

Witt said...

Silk, what's interesting about Ragan and Rachel is, they didn't get along inside the house and had arguments, but outside the house are BFFs. I've read some of Ragan's writings; the man is incredibly accomplished!

Witt :)

BJ said...

I find it funny that the most popular dinner guest is Judd who can't hold a conversation any one of us can understand. Great dinner conversation.

Petals said...

BJ - Re Judd as a dinner guest: maybe it is because he (usually) is personable, laid-back & funny; he has an actual career; he was not AS vile as some of the others; he is funny.

I mean, c'mon. Consider the options, he is the least objectionable, to most people.

monty924 said...

Lol @ BJ. It did get a little easier as time went by to understand the mumblemumble a bit. ;-)

monty924 said...

Actually, if the POV holder wins veto and uses it on someone (at final 4), then they go on the block themselves. Dani won the final 4 veto and took ED off. She went on the block, but she knew that Dick would vote Jameka (sp?) out.

Just to clarify David @ 9:47 AM

monty924 said...

No make that Jameka went up, but if Dani had not been on the block, she would have gone up.

Sasha said...

Seriously, I don't know how you guys remember all of this stuff from other seasons. I barely remember the current one. I watched the Ragan/Rachel clip and of course I remembered both of them (both very memorable) and Britney but there were other HGs in the background that I didn't even recognize or remember. I really do leave everything behind at season's end. LOL

monty924 said...

Sasha, I have a lot of room in my brain for useless knowledge, but I can walk into the kitchen for something and forget what I was going after by the time I get there. ;-)