Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Friday - July 25

Waiting for Godot?

My apologies for my no show last night for the blog party. We had a power outage here, no storm mind you, and I was in the dark for hours! I have yet to see the show. But I obviously know that Frankie and Zach are the HoH duo right now. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Now What Do We Do:
  • Caleb thinks it's ridiculous that his Fitbit (oops, activity tracker) showed him to be one of the four least active in the house.
  • "How did Zach beat me in activity! I'm the most active guy in the house! Zach sleeps all the time!"
  • I can see how Zach beat him. Although Zach does sleep a lot, when he's awake, he's all hyper. He's even wiggly! Caleb, on the other hand, is much more slow paced even though he's awake more hours in the long run. 
  • Christine, Nicole and Derrick join him as Have Nots.
  • Again, you've got Donny who really doesn't move a lot in there. But, in his own way, Donny is a bit like Zach ... he's antsy. He's always tapping his foot and really can't stay totally still. He has a bit of nervous energy and I think that affects the rates on the activity tracker more than people who just plop down and only use their mouth muscles.
  • Before discussions even started, Caleb warned Frankie about putting him on the block.
  • @@
  • Neither Frankie nor Zach want to put Donny on the block although he seems to be the ultimate pawn of the season.
  • Of course, that doesn't mean he won't be put on the block.
  • Frankie wants Zach to be responsible for getting Caleb out.
  • Sure, no one minds the clown of the show getting all bloody!
  • They went around trying to get people to go up as pawns with either Caleb or Amber being the targets.
  • They start asking people to go on the block, then throw the comp so they can set the stage.
  • Christine refuses. Outright. While picking at her toes then biting her nails.
  • EWWW!
  • Nicole isn't cool with it.
  • Hayden says if he's stuck, he'll do it.
  • Frankie isn't happy with his HoH partner/duo. Of course, Zach is very unpredictable.
  • Frankie told Derrick that Zach outright refuses to put Donny up.
  • Well, duh. So does Frankie himself.
  • Derrick seems to be pleased that the America's Team player Donny is probably safe for at least a week.
  • Speaking of Team America ... Donny got the assignment. The mission chosen was to start the argument.
  • Yay! I love a brouhaha, y'know!
  • Victoria asks Zach not to put her on the block.
  • Zach is going around telling everyone, "Okay, I won't put you on the block." He's going to have to put SOMEONE on the block!
  • Zach pointed out to Frankie that Christine hasn't done anything for them whatsoever to this point, plus she's never won a comp.
  • That's what I've been saying! Christine is a tagalong for a vote!
  • Donny advised Zach that Amber is a more dangerous player than Caleb is at this point.
  • I'm getting ticked that all the women are getting targeted, but Donny has a point. Amber can be manipulative while Caleb can't win comps for $#^# and wears his heart on his sleeve.
  • My only worry is that if Amber goes, Caleb might find focus again like he did for the first HoH.
  • Cody doesn't like the way that Christine keeps pushing for a Donny nomination/eviction because she feels personally threatened gamewise by him.
  • I'm glad they're seeing that.
  • Victoria told Derrick that since he let Frankie win HoH, he needs to tell him not to put her on the block.
  • It looks like Frankie is going to go for the easier noms who will win the BotB and won't go home while Zach is stuck with one of his noms leaving.
  • While they're all fussing about Zach, he's the one in the hot seat more than Frankie.
  • Amber told Caleb that if Zach puts her on the block, she's outing the alliance.
  • So what, I say. That alliance is history although neither Caleb or Amber know it yet.
  • Oh geez. Frankie got Justin Bieber's CD in his HoH stuff.
  • Zach got a letter from his beloved little brother.
  • Zach wants Hayden in the Detonators instead of Christine. After all, she does nothing for them.
  • Well, duh. I don't know how she got in with the movers and shakers in the first place!
  • Zach has been pleading with Nicole to go up as a pawn.
  • The target is Amber this week with Caleb as a secondary.
  • But no one will put Caleb directly on the block in case he summons the beast once again.
  • Nominations will be later today. As of now, it's anyone's guess.
  • But, it looks like the first time in weeks, Donny might not be on the block.
  • Good. I enjoy the dude.
Christine says NO

Oh no! Now I have to decide!

You're not going home, Victoria

Just me and my monkey

Is Zach turning on me?

In danger this week


David said...

Glad to see you back Jackie =)
Sorry about the mess around the pool. You know how us kids are when we hop the fence and have free run of the place. =)

Frankie, Derrick and the rest are really trying to push Donny to go up on Zach. He seems to have some balls and flat out telling them no. Good for him. I would love to see Christine on the block. Just seeing her and Caleb mad about being Have nots made me smile. =))

Jackie said...

I appreciate everyone jumping in, David!

Delee said...

Hoped to see you back when I awoke this morning! I am glad it was only a power oops.

uncartie said...

As of now nominations are FRANKIE: Victoria & Jocosta / ZACK: Christine & Nicole

QuixoticElf said...

Glad you are back Jackie! Thanks for the report. Glad it was just a power outage.

Witt said...

Even though I have never had the skills to enjoy the pool and watch the show at the same time, I always love reading it afterwards...I was worried when I saw no Thursday post from Jackie! Glad everything is Ok!

Will Caleb be backdoored? From where I'm standing, just can't see how Amber is more of a threat than Caleb is!

RBennie said...

I really wish they would give Amber a break. So this will be another week of all girls on the block. Wake up ladies! Although at this point it's probably too late for the women to rally together. I would love to see Christine on the block. I wish Derrick could be up there with her, but we know that won't happen.

Becky said...

Glad to hear it was nothing more than a power outage, Jackie. We missed you.

Sharon S said...

Hope we didn't leave too much of a mess Jackie -- I thought we cleaned up, but sounds like David got back in and made another mess.

Why aren't Frankie and Zack putting up Amber for one of the initial noms? Are they worried that if both Amber and Caleb play, they'd both be exempt?

Sharon S said...

I mean, they'd both be exempt if Caleb won and saved Amber (oh, wouldn't he just love that!)...?

Anonymous said...

I hope Zach gets to pick first and puts up Jacosta and Victoria and makes Frankie do the dirty work.

ORKMommy said...

Although Brittany wasn't my favorite player, I think she got shortchanged. Stupid boys... Anyway, with her eviction we lose Dierdre, ML, Shannon, Gaylos and Donna E. Sorry guys...

Amber - Caela, Sharon, Glenn, PDX Granny, Jennifer
Caleb - JimmyB, SueGee on the Left Coast, Sharon S, monty924, Janice from GA
Christine - ReeseB0329, EileenH, Willie J, Ronda, Rbennie
Cody - Delee, Nickelpeed, WolfpackRed, Nell the Southern Belle, Sally in Indiana
Derrick - Ed in Ohio, Jessica UNderwood, Marlo, Stormy, Erinkate
Donny - Buzzmaam, Tami, JonMD1267, Margo, Kelsey Gronda
Frankie - Aya, JOKATS, Ninboh, Tammy, Becky
Hayden - Donna in FL, Chacha, Sasha, Uncartie, Clover
Jocasta - Brenda, Kelly Davey, Cheryl in NC, Old mom, Maquinn78
Nicole - Jo, Witt, Celticskye, Tilda
Victoria - Dr_Celine, ORKMommy, Sharon N, Faye
Zach - Brian, NikkiB, Kathy, David

Brittany - Dierdre, ML, Shannon, Gaylos, Donna E
Devin - Donna in Alabama, Lili, Sparty, Merrilee, SarahT
PauPau - Jackie, Lisa Bishop, Chrob61, lynn1

Sharon N said...

Happy to see you back Jackie!
A power outage is always a big inconvenience, but I hope you didn't lose a lot of frig/freezer items as well. :(

Chacha said...

I am no fan of Christine at all.
Its amazing she was one of the ones saying we need to get caleb up and throw the BOB but she wont do it herself.
I want to see her up on the block.
She is like a JennCity of BB14...

At least we had fireworks on the feeds last night. My friday mornings I drag due to staying up so late watching.

EileenH said...

Isn't it about time for Production to weigh in and encourage them to evict a boy or two? I mean, let's follow this trajectory. What happens when they get rid of all the girls? How BORRR-ING will the house be then? (Very boring, IMHO.)

Shannon said...

I saw your Facebook post about your cable then after I posted realized it was from day before OOPS well I'm glad you are okay and everything was safe. HUGS glad you are back hopefully everything stays that way. :-)

lynn1 said...

It is interesting to me how the target seems to change sometimes in midstream.
Last week the target was Victoria until she won POV. Then it was Brittany with a lot of chatter about Donny after he was put up. Then there was talk that this week it would be Caleb. Then Victoria. Then Jacosta. Now it is Amber. These guys are a fickle as teenage girls.

RBennie said...

I'm just sick of it being these guys making the decisions! We need a twist that will actually twist things up. I'm still waiting for the unexpected.

uncartie said...

Lynn1,They're like a herd of sheep wandering aimlessly. No real game plans,just try and vote out the weakest player and make sure it's a girl.

uncartie said...

Nomination ceremony underway

RBennie said...

I just read that Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria and Zach nominated Christine and Nicole! Zach gave a really mean speech about why he nominated those two and Frankie used his grandpa's death as his excuse for taking the easy way out and putting up Jocasta and Victoria.

RBennie said...

Apparently Frankie and Derrick were egging Zach on in hopes of completing their task of starting an argument. It doesn't sound like it worked though.

Anonymous said...

I would not mind seeing Christine or Victoria this coming week but perhaps Victoria moreso than Christine. Victoria just irks me.

Zoe in California

Sharon N said...

Victoria and Christine both irk me.
Oddly enough, it's Christine who gets under my skin a LOT more.
Chris seems to think she has an absolute 'right' to be there without having to do anything at all.

Sharon N said...

The guys were talking about Back-dooring Caleb, but now it looks like they've almost gone alone with Frankie to get out Amber. It makes NO sense... get rid of Caleb while they can!! But that's always the way it swings in the BB house.

uncartie said...

Backdooring Amber first means they will have to live with an angry Caleb. Last week they were talking the opposite,Caleb 1st Amber next.
Caleb is the one they should be worrying about since Amber can control him. The girls have only won 2 HOH's out of 10.

Zach went off on Christine & NIcole during the nomination speech.
Both now despise Zach.

If someone uses the veto and Donny goes up again my head will explode.

Sharon N said...

Uncartie, that was the TA challenge... for the guys to get 2 people to fight during POV and they egged Zack into saying things during the POV Noms.

Guess it didn't come to a big bru-ha-ha, but would have if Zack was privvy to the challenge. You KNOW he would have worked even harder to get them going... cause that's the way he rolls. LMAO

I don't think it will be Donny going up if someone uses the Veto. If at all possible, it will be Caleb or Amber. Zack wants Caleb out, but Frankie wants Amber out.

I hope something happens so it's Caleb BD'd. Amber will be a LOT easier to deal with if Caleb is gone, whereas, Caleb will be outraged and want vengeance if the "love of his life" is evicted. They missed a great opportunity to get rid of his last week, but Cody had NO guts. I just don't understand why all the guys seemed to think Brit was such a "big threat."

Anonymous said...

What is this the Frankie show?
Frankly I would be really happy if he leaves.
Go Zach

Zach and Cody sometimes seem to realize what Frankie is doing. I know Zach has the guts to do something big.I want him to think for himself.

Sharon N said...

Well, it's kind of out of Zack's hands now that Frankie is HOH. :(

Wonder how Frankie will handle having to make a real decision without getting to blame someone else. He hasn't wanted to get "blood on HIS hands," but he will this time! If he gets Amber out, I think Caleb will want Frankie's head on a platter.

uncartie said...

Nicole/Christine won BOTB. Jacosta/Victoria are on the block.

Frankly I don't care which one of them go home. I believe Amber is the backdoor target.

uncartie said...

Caleb in full Loony Tune mode:

He talks about a missed opportunity

His friend back home has a boyfriend who is Johnny Depp's stunt double. "He was gonna get me in the next Pirate's of the Carribean, like a major line, like in a role, like rockin' with Jonny Depp and his crew, and it was gonna be over a million that I was gonna get paid. But [his friend/connection] had an accidental pregnancy and messed everything up."