Saturday, July 12, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Saturday evening and PoV - July 12

Guess who was drawn to play PoV?

Quite the eventful day in the House of Hamtserality:
  • Jocasta, who still has to play for the PoV as she remains on the block with Caleb, is sicker than a dog.
  • Huh. Where did that expression come from? It's CATS who um ... regurgitate so much, not dogs.
  • Anyway ... she's very sick.
  • Derrick is worried that someone might win the PoV and not use it. That would blow the Backdoor Devin Plan.
  • Donny, whose buddy PaoPao went away this week and his other buddy Jocasta is on the block, was relieved when Hayden told him the plan is still Devin up, Devin go home.
  • Although blocked to the live feeds, we find out the picks for PoV players. 
  • We're special like that.
  • Christine, Donny and DEVIN were drawn from the bag.
  • Devin?
  • Oh, noes! Say it ain't SO!
  • Derrick and Caleb think that Devin would use the veto to save Jocasta if he wins it.
  • And, if he wins it, as the veto holder, he cannot be nominated.
  • Cody was picked to host the comp.
  • Then it all went down, blocked to the feeds once again.
  • But, remember, we're special snowflakes. We find out what happens!
  • Although Derrick would like him to take Caleb off, Donny wants to take Jocasta off the block.
  • No real difference -- Devin up, Devin go home.
  • Derrick and Nicole talked about how Devin is not only unpredictable, he can be a brute in comps. What comps he hasn't won, he's been close to winning.
  • Meanwhile, Caleb hasn't had a good showing since the very first HoH.
  • Hmm. Derrick really would prefer Donny take Caleb off the block. He told Donny that "America wouldn't like him if he went against his wishes."
  • Derrick, cut that out! You're better than that!
  • When Derrick told Donny that Jocasta was his ally, Donny said she was his FRIEND.
  • Caleb told Donny that if he didn't use the veto to save Jocasta, she would go home and he (Donny) would be targeted next.
  • Testosterone much, boys?
  • Sheesh. Pick on Donny, will ya.
  • But ... Derrick is noticing how smart Donny is. He (Derrick) figured out something in the PoV, but for some reason couldn't or didn't need to do it, told Donny once (backwards?) how to do it and Donny snagged it right away.
  • They said Devin was trying to cheat.
  • The Have Nots were chosen. Going by the old Bomb Squad volunteers -- it's Devin and Caleb, with Christine and Amber.
  • But wait ... Hayden volunteered to go in Christine's place because she would have health issues with the food.
  • But wait ... Devin claims he didn't volunteer. Derrick is going to check out whether he can keep him a Have Not or not.
  • The food chosen by America is some kind of tripe tortilla stuff. Innards, y'know. It does a body good!
  • Frankie thinks Devin is freaking out with paranoia yelling at everyone. Derrick and Nicole reassured him Devin will be the replacement nominee and the overall house wants him out.
  • Donny is worried that people are starting to think of him as a threat.
  • He is right to be worried. Too late to do anything about it, though.
  • Hayden wore high heels while doing the dishes.
  • Now, he's whack, too. But he's more of a fun whack than Devin is.

HoH and dethroned HoH frog talk

Donny flirts with Amber

I'm glad Christine keeps her clothes on

The Caleb Strut


JonMD1267 said...

I couldn't think of who Caleb looked like with that scarf around his head and then it hit me RHODA lol

Terry is a Texan! said...

Caleb screams for attention,poor guy.
Donny is smart and I hope he makes it to the end. He is a good ole boy. I don't care for the beard heis cuter with it trimmed way up

monty924 said...

Lol @ Jon.

Jackie said...

Donny's girlfriend is on a planned trip to Mexico. He was a hoot last night flirting with Amber and telling her his girlfriend's in Mexico and would never find out!

meb said...

Jackie... I know the BS agreed to work on a volunteer HaveNots group, but that's not a BB rule is it? And when do the HNots start their diet? After the eviction this week? If so, Devin won't have to worry about it, will he?? If they have to start immediately, then good. Devin will implode before he's voted out. That would be fun to watch. Hope he stays a HN..

Jackie said...

I think the rules (without a food comp) are that the HOH chooses Have Nots, no matter whether they volunteer or not. They start the "diet" immediately after the decision (or food comp) when the extra food (tripe this week) arrives. It started last night. I believe he is. Heck, he wanted the full experience, right?

Petals said...

This opens-up a good point regarding the Have Not: Christine can't eat slop, neither can Frankie (and jocasta, too?) Dietary issues?!? I call FOUL! Why were they allowed on the show at all, then? Slop has been part of the game since Season 7, there was always a risk of "being put on slop".
It is like a a Diabetic going on Survivor, and being fed a special diet instead of rice & coconut.
NOT FAIR, and makes me dislike Christine & the other "special dieters".

meb said...

Thanks Jackie... that was my hope... Devin needs to experience ALL the 'benefits' of the BB house before he leaves. :

meb said...

I agree Petals... I'm pretty sure there are enough applications from those who want to be on BB that they could fill the house with more than enough who don't have any restrictions. Crying FOUL with you... Probably they need to hire someone who is willing to do their job interviewing enough applicants until they find the ones who qualify per the BB regulations OK.. off soapbox now.

Sharon N said...

Watching how long most of these people stay up, I can't believe they are still functioning... on any level.

I mean really, if it was only 1 or 2 nights, they're young, so ok they could handle it. But this is night after night!! The last of the Hamsters finally hit the sack about 9:30 this morning.... just to get the wake-up call about half hour later!!

Granted, it's great for viewers who have paid the fee to watch them 24/7, but....

monty924 said...

Actually there was another chick on the winter season who was hypoglycemic and she got special food when she was on slop. So it has happened before.

Christine said that she could eat some of it while they were debating the volunteers for the week. Not her fault the others were all saying she "couldn't be put on slop".

Frankie supposedly has circulation issues so he "can't sleep" in the cold room???

Anyone of them would have put Jocasta on Have Nots after what she just went through would have been vilified by America. They all volunteered to be on it so I don't get why everyone out here is so horrified by it.

Petals said...

OK, Monty - fair enough, I didn't realize that Christine had said she could eat it.
I was curious about slop ingredients, and found this site:

Interesting. Not fantastic, but interesting.

I do like this season more than many of the past, still.

meb said...

Not horrified by it, just wondering out loud, if they can't participate equally why apply.. of course I know that some of them are recruited, which also causes me pause. :>)