Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Tuesday evening - July 1

Jocasta and Victoria

If I'm bored, these hamsters must be going out of their teensy little minds! They've been in the house for nearly two weeks without an eviction. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Men Who Cry:
  • Donny thinks BB needs to put a birdfeeder in the yard.
  • That's not a bad idea, I don't think.
  • One thing which bothers me about Donny is that he's fidgety. He can't sit still. Either his feet are tapping or his fingers are twitching.
  • Cody thinks Caleb is going to win all the comps.
  • Devin is trying a different path with Caleb -- now he's telling Caleb that Amber is just using him.
  • @@
  • Brittany said that now that she's gone through indoor lockdowns, she's never going to tell her kids they can't go out again.
  • Donny rescued a bug that was scaring the girls and set it free away from them.
  • What a guy, huh?
  • BB gave them all sunglasses. I wonder from what dollar store they purchased them?
  • Jocasta's bible study classes and Frankie's leading meditation sessions rank right up there with watching hamsters play chess for me. Boring!
  • Caleb told Nicole he needs to focus on the game and not worry about Amber anymore.
  • Minutes later ...
  • Caleb heard that Amber said he was all about himself. And now that's bugging him. He wants to ask her why she said it.
  • Sheesh.
  • Derrick and Zach really don't like Devin and want him out sooner rather than later.
  • They heard Devin say he wants Brittany gone next week. They say they won't let that happen.
  • The Have Nots are weathering the cold, but really want real food.
  • Joey's still marked for eviction.
  • That's that.
Me? No, I wasn't checking out his butt!

Definitely not as fidgety as Ian, but ...!

The golden glow

Ew, she's picking at her feet

Not in danger

The cool kids?

Zach attack


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! Still waiting for you to acknowledge the constant flirting between Zach and Frankie (Zankie). It brings a smile to my face every time. First real showmance of the season?

Jackie said...

I think that's all in fun. I doubt we'll see any real sho-bromance there.

Delee said...

I think Donny is used to being active through his work. Mowing-raking-fixing, etc with his grounds keeper job. It is hard for him to be mostly inactive. Not used to sitting around.