Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Wednesday morning - July 2

Caleb really needs to smile more

I'm really ready for the eviction and the new HoH comp to kick in a bit more excitement even though I've claimed this cast to be a breath of fresh air over the hamsters last season. One great thing I'm not seeing is narrow-minded talk or actions due to gender or race. That is a good thing, of course. True, they scheme against each other; the boys scheme against the girls and vice versa. But I'm not seeing the hateful slurs as we did last season. They all basically get along for being in a game to get rid of each other.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Cards:
  • The cold cuts they were given have gone bad. They want new cold cuts and ones they actually like.
  • Well, so do I. And no BB is going to run out and get me some!
  • Zach is scared that Amber will backdoor him if she wins HoH.
  • Christine and Zach talked about their mutual dislike of Devin. Christine claims Devin reminds her of her school days during which she was bullied.
  • Christine is the one who told Zach that Amber wanted to target him.
  • There are a gazillion alliances in the house. This is the Christine, Cody and Zach alliance.
  • Need I mention that Frankie is in an alliance with just about everybody?
  • But he's not doing things the sneaky way that Andy did last season. He's not reporting on each alliance to the other. He's just a part of them.
  • Heh. Christine and Zach think that Devin and Caleb have grown so close because each is built and each keeps talking about themselves.
  • That just might be true!
  • Cody, for all his classic good looks and fine body, has the heartbreak of psoriasis. (For those who remember the old commercials.) It affects his arms and hands.
  • Even though many were pushing for a showmance of Hayden and Nicole (including the Diary Room?), it just ain't happening. He's interested, she's not.
  • But he's not interested in a Caleb obsessed with Amber kind of way!
  • Joey pretended she was someone named Alex and interviewed the other hamsters.
  • Alex is a guy.
  • Okay, that's weird.
  • Caleb is getting bitter over Amber. He thinks she doesn't like him because she's having her period. He also thinks hamster-watchers are on Twitter saying she's stupid.
  • Delusional much, Caleb?
  • We're actually out here talking about how creepy your obsession with her is.
  • Zach and Frankie have the new nickname Zankie. While they playfully flirt, I doubt they'll ever be more than friends. And, I think it's as strategical on both parts as anything else.
  • Frank and Zach think the house is almost perfectly divided between those who have followed the show and those who haven't.
  • They're probably right give or take a hamster or two.
  • Devin is still a target of many. He's just so flaky in his game. He goes from being nice guy to crying to doing stupid stuff (ie - inviting others into the Bomb Squad without discussing it first).
  • Zach thinks that Caleb just can't stop talking about himself.
  • He's not the only one who thinks that.
  • Just ask Amber.
  • Derrick made slop taffy which was a big hit.
  • Probably anything different about the slop would be a big hit!
  • Caleb got to do his HoH tweet.
  • Then talked about it forever.
  • They talked about what they should wear for the live show, mentioning Judd wore his bear shirt every live show last season.
  • They decided to do acts which just happened to coincide with the After Dark airing last night.
  • Diary Room suggestions much, anyone?
  • Frankie and Zach spit grapes into each other's mouth.
  • Hayden fake-read fake poetry.
  • And so on. Hayden was the biggest hit and continued to fake-read fake poetry on and off the rest of the night.
  • Caleb told Cody that Amber told Devin she wants to be in the end with him (Caleb).
  • Caleb claims he's going to give her the cold shoulder just because she's treating him so badly.
  • That will teach her!
  • Heh. She'll love it.
  • So, we end the night with Caleb still obsessed with Amber, Joey still going home and Devin's moods affecting how others think of him in the game.
  • At least Donny is off the radar.
  • For the moment.
Hayden fake-reads fake poetry
It's not a pick (re: Seinfeld)

Derrick and Victoria chat

Okay, he can look Travolta-ish at times

Jacosta bundled and Bibled up

A threesome? Oh my!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Maybe you missed what Zach told Cody about his feelings for Frankie.

Jackie said...

I deleted the first comment as the link didn't come through. Yes, I did miss this. But I still think it's not going to really happen -- more strategy than any real showmance.

People will have to check it out before CBS shuts the YouTube account down. We can't do videos of the feeds like we did in years gone by. CBS has them yanks, the YouTube account closed and threatens fines.

Jackie said...

Yanked, not yanks. ;-)

lynn1 said...

I wonder how cold it is in the house. Hayden is wearing some kind of Nordic look long sleeves. Jacosta is bundled up like it is dead of winter.

David said...

Something I noticed in that video is they mention that they had photo shoot on day 2. We have heard before that something happened on day 2 that they are not allowed to talk about. I wonder if it was just the photo shoot or something else also happened.

Jackie said...

The Have Not room is extremely cold (I guess). That's why they even have all the knit winter hats and scarves. They were fussing about it being so hot out in the yard the other day. This whole group is more of a "dressing in clothes" bunch than we've seen of late.

Petals said...

Hi Jax & everyone!

What has struck me most about your updates is Jocasta's missing luggage. That made me love her. She has been without her own stuff for THIS many days, and is being so cool She has my respect, I'd have thrown a fit, but she has barely mentioned it. Liking Jacosta!
Poor Caleb. He is his own fan club. Yes, I was rooting for Caleb, but c'mon, man! *laughs*
Tonight I'll be dropping a fact or 2 about Caleb that may surprise many, it'll be fun! :)
Re Zankie: I love them, individually & together. I don't care if they are bromancing, showmancing or fauxmancing. LOL
Jackie, I agree - this is a NICE group. They do say mean things, but not to anyone's face. Boring, maybe. Refreshing? Absolutely!
See you guys later :)

Gia said...

Watching Joey do her "routine" last night was painful. It did not seem like anyone was that interested either. She is the right one to go...........well, I wish it was Devin, but hopfully he will be next.

monty924 said...

I had higher hopes for Caleb than what he's shown me. I wouldn't call him creepy, but he is annoying and I doubt I could listen to him go on, and on, and on about Amber non-stop in there. Me thinks he's already forgotten that he's playing a game and thinks the BB house is REAL LIFE.

I'm ready to get this first eviction out of the way so these hamsters will start acting the way we have all come to expect them to act in there.

Looking forward to tonight's partay!

Leslie Lim said...

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