Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds into Wednesday evening - July 23

Frankie grieves over his grandfather's death

The biggest news in the BB house today concerns something which happened outside the house. Frankie's grandfather, who had been quite ill, passed away. His sister tweeted that the grandfather had said he didn't want them to tell Frankie if he died while Frankie was in the house. Despite that, BB gave Frankie a letter and, I assume, the choice to leave the game if he wished. According to the letter, his grandfather wanted him to stay. So, stay he will. The funeral is Saturday and Frankie would like some sort of little memorial period in the house.

Other than that, it's been backstabbing as usual in that Big Brother House of Nervous Nellies:
  • After cornering nearly everyone in the house to promise them the Universe, Brittany has been flirting all over Cody.
  • Keep in mind, she's the one who said he put her on the block because she doesn't and will never flirt with him.
  • @@
  • Meanwhile, Derrick is working his mojo on Victoria.
  • And it has nothing to do with flirting.
  • The boy is all gameplay, all the time.
  • Victoria thinks her mother is going to freak because she kissed a gay guy on last night's big "date night" when Frankie went Frank.
  • Hmm ... Frankie started talking about the TV show Victorious -- I looked it up as I'm not familiar with it. Yep, it's a show in which his sister was a cast member.
  • If the rest of the hamsters are as oblivious to Ariana Grande as I am, no one would know who his sister is even if he tells them.
  • Christine told Nicole that it's not in her best interest to get rid of either Caleb or Jocasta right now. She wants to target Donny.
  • Not in tomorrow's vote, mind you. She knows "the house" is going to evict Brittany.
  • Brittany is still all sour grapes about Victoria, saying she thinks it a fashion show and shouldn't be there.
  • Heck, Brittany is a recruit who never watched the show.
  • Should she be there?
  • Then Frankie got the news about his grandfather. Everyone consoled him.
  • Even jokester Zach shed a tear or two.
  • BB is going to let Frankie write to his family.
  • His family said he needs to stay -- they can hold things together without him and will have a special memorial ceremony after Frankie is out of the house.
  • Caleb is still obsessed with Amber.
  • Life goes on in the hamster wheel.
Real cowboys wear cowboy hats

Jus' hanging out in the yard

Donny's staying

"I can't believe the people in here."

Just me and my sock monkey

Brittany corners Jocasta

The Odd Couple (and monkey)

Starting rumors


~~Silk said...

Christine's strange obsession with getting rid of Donny somehow reminds me of Amanda and her campaign against Howard.

monty924 said...

This has been a sad night in the BB house. RIP and Godspeed Frankie's grandpa.

I've went through half a box of tissues just watching his conversations with people and then his talk with his family in the HOH room.

Thoughts and prayers for your family, Frankie!

Anonymous said...

Just watched Frankie's eulogy to his grandfather on BBAD. Was very touching and nice that CBS allowed that. However, man that Frankie can talk!

PDX Granny said...

It was very touching watching Frankie. I'm glad his family let him know so he could make the choice himself whether he'd stay or go. It would have been so hard for him to find out later. The letter from his mom was nice, supporting and encouraging him to stay.

Stormy said...

So sorry about Frankie's loss. As for CBS of course they will work with Frankie for him to stay. It IS the FEANKIE SHOW you know.