Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds Wednesday into the evening - July 30

Like peas in a pod

Okay, I'm here. I just barely made it what with that nasty Sharknado hitting nearby NYC! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Landsharks:
  • Donny and Jocasta talked about immature Caleb is at 26 and not getting that Amber has no interest in him.
  • Hey, everybody sees it except Caleb!
  • Caleb has been running around to everyone telling them it's his fault Amber's on the block and not to vote her out.
  • They lounged around without much going on until ...
  • ... the Memory Wall changed to videos of each of them in comps!
  • Most likely something will come up about this during this week's HoH comp or, if not, a future comp.
  • So, they studied them intently.
  • Frankie seemed the least interested. As outgoing HoH, he won't be playing in the HoH comp Thursday.
  • Zach was the first other person to give up.
  • Right now he thinks he's sitting pretty in the house despite his outbursts.
  • He probably is.
  • Hayden told Donny that Frankie should be nominated before Caleb because he's more dangerous in the game -- anyone can make Caleb do anything. He's just that dense.
  • Of course, Hayden doesn't know that Donny has a reason for wanting to keep Frankie around.
  • And Donny can't/won't tell him.
  • If not for Team America, I'm sure Donny would agree with Hayden.
  • Cody told Derrick that Hayden talked of backdooring Frankie if there's a double eviction.
  • Again, Derrick can't/won't mention Team America to Cody.
  • Derrick thinks that Hayden and Nicole are growing too close and he knows Nicole lied to him about the whole after PoV/Amber fiasco.
  • Frankie had admitted to Derrick that he embellished that and Nicole had actually confirmed it to Derrick. So, one of them is lying to Derrick!
  • I hope he doesn't set his sights on them.
  • I'd rather see Christine go next.
  • She brings no entertainment value to me on these long summer nights.
  • She can go away.
  • Victoria is still stalking Derrick, albeit not in a Caleb-ish way.
  • Caleb wants to throw tomorrow's HoH comp.
  • I say, "Let him!"
  • Unfortunately, Derrick says otherwise and told him he should try to win it.
  • Gah.
  • Just what we need ... Lonesome Creepy Cowboy reigning over the house!
  • The plan is still to vote out Amber and, for the moment, Caleb is going with the vote.
  • We'll see. It wouldn't take a Sharknado to change his mind once again.

Donny checks his FitBit

Hey! Whazzat on the Memory Wall?

Why, it's video clips!

Studying, some more than others


monty924 said...

He still can't "let it go"

Sharon N said...

Nope. Asked Derrick if she really said those things. geez
Hint hint... get a clue ya dolt!
She's not talking to you, and walks past like you doesn't even exist.

Sharon N said...

lmao... my robot verification showed up in the last post!

Anonymous said...

Look up potential abuser and you will see Cable. He still continued to say she only is in the house because of him. He STILL does not get it. Thinks she OWES him . Wow. So sorry to see her lose out of the game because of him but glad he will be out of her life. I am sure he will say HER LOSS. What a dork he is. WOW

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of watching "the boys" play pool.

Becky said...

She better run -- not walk -- and get a restraining order against him!

He will hunt her down when he gets out.