Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bug Brother 16: Live Feeds Sunday into the evening - July 27

The lights must remain on

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Caleb the Fool on the Hill:
  • Just a side note to start with -- with all the manscaping going on in the house, Zach looks foolish with a bare chest and bushes growing under his arms. I'm jus' sayin' ...
  • Caleb, obviously still pining for his unrequited love, wants to confront Zach to make sure Zach was telling him the truth about Amber using him.
  • Frankie, obviously still thinking America's Team argument at the PoV ceremony mission, thinks it's a better idea to wait until tomorrow.
  • Frankie told Zach that Caleb wants to talk to Cody to see if Zach is telling him the truth.
  • For someone who's "over her," he's certainly all over her!
  • Donny advised Jocasta to just lay low for the day and that there was no sense talking game with anyone except perhaps Hayden.
  • Donny is a bit worried that Frankie might name him as the re-nomination. Derrick assured him that Team America is too important.
  • They figure Amber is the only one likely to argue with Zach as well as their target anyway.
  • Derrick, whom we know has a distrust of Donny, told Donny that he trusts him more than he trusts Frankie in the long term. Hmmm.
  • Of course, we do know that he trusts Cody more than he trusts either Donny or Frankie.
  • Will Derrick's mojo work on someone like Donny? It works on all the others!
  • When talking to Derrick, Donny told him that he (Donny) isn't working with Jocasta when Derrick asked about possibly working with her. Donny said that right now he's focusing only on the Team America alliance.
  • When talking about who's more of a threat -- Amber or Caleb -- they both think Amber. Donny said, "Amber is actually the brains of two in the house. Caleb can't think for himself."
  • Heehee.
  • I hope the boy gets some therapy once he gets out of the house!
  • It was Photo Booth Funday Sunday.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Caleb has taken the ball (seeds planted by Zach) and run with it, going off on an Amber obsessed bitterfest for most of the day.
  • He went around confirming the rumors with everyone.
  • He told Jocasta the only ones who didn't say Amber was using him were her and Donny.
  • Jocasta said she doesn't get involved in that stuff.
  • Nicole and Donny talked about the backdoor Amber plan. Donny said it's a shame Frankie would get the blood on his hands and can't even vote this week.
  • I say it's about time someone got bloody hands in there!
  • Frankie wanted to nominate the weak players so he could be HoH. Now he's stuck with it.
  • Zach practiced his nomination speech. Derrick and Frankie egged him on as it should start the argument that would fulfill their mission.
  • Christine reported back to Zach that she advised Amber not to talk to Caleb (as they had asked her to do).
  • Amber thinks Christine is being a good friend.
  • Now, all of a sudden, it's CALEB'S idea to get Amber nominated as the re-nom.
  • Oh my gosh.
  • Who would have thought Caleb could have come up with such a plan?
  • Caleb told Cody not only that he arranged the whole thing, but it's all strategical and not personal.
  • I have no words.
  • I can just roll my eyes.
  • @@
  • Frankie told Donny that he won't be putting him on the block tomorrow and that he too wants to take Team America as far as possible.
  • Frankie told Donny also to say as far as he knows, Hayden won't be using the veto if Amber asks.
  • Hayden told Frankie he's been telling everyone he hasn't decided whether to use it or not yet.
  • This should all come to a crescendo tomorrow in the PoV meeting. Everyone in the house is in on the plan except Jocasta, Amber and Caleb. Victoria knows that Hayden plans to save her with the veto and told Frankie she'd like to see Amber backdoored. So, while she's not really aware of the entire plan, she'll be in on it once it goes down.
  • Woot.

Thinking ...

Talking Amber and Caleb

Playing the best game so far

Not deserving of the Rutgers sweatshirt!

Zach. What can you say?


Sharon N said...

You KNOW Rutgers alumni are appalled.

Zack is a wild hair, even with most of it gone! Gotta love the hoopla and worries he causes, especially to Frankie!

JOKATS said...

Thanks Jackie for the bedtime story... Nightie Night >^,,^<

monty924 said...

That was a very nice memorial service for Frank and Norman. Well done Jocasta and houseguests!

monty924 said...

I'm seriously laughing so hard at the boys in the HOH rehearsing Zach's (TA assignment that he is totally unaware of) right now. Caleb's adding to it. lmbo

monty924 said...

If I have to hear Caleb say "At the end of the day" one more time, my head will explode. Cliché much???