Friday, August 01, 2014

Big Brother 16: Live Feeds/Nominations Friday - August 1

Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria

Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta

But are any of them the real target? Here's what has happened so far today in that Big Brother House of a New Regime:
  • Between fish and Jeff highlights feed blocks due to nominations and, right as I type this up, possibly the Battle of the Block, there hasn't been a heck of a lot of feeds time today.
  • The nominations were as discussed last night.
  • If they keep up with the second part of the plan, it's likely that dear Frankie just might find that back door this week.
  • Zach had volunteered to Nicole to go up, saying it would spare her grief in deciding and he actually deserved it from her.
  • Donny is covering the Caleb nom by saying Caleb put him on the block.
  • The women?
  • I guess they're the Forever Pawns.
  • They're reassuring both of them that they're going nowhere.
  • If, come Thursday, Victoria and Caleb remain on the block, Caleb would go.
  • They really want to go for Frankie, though.
  • Donny moved all of his stuff out of the little HoH room (ex-Pandora's Box) in case he's dethroned. Apparently they lock that room up once it's down to one HoH.
  • Victoria and Caleb have agreed to work together to win the Battle of the Block. Donny even gave Victoria a pep talk.
  • Cody thinks he's Donny's target if Donny remains HoH and someone uses the veto.
  • Donny himself, other than talking Frankie a bit with Nicole (which it would be more her move to make), has been a bit tight-lipped about it.
  • But you know he has a plan in place.
  • The BotB seemed to start early this week.
  • I'll let you know when I find out.
  • If I don't fall asleep, that is!

Will they both survive the week?

Amber is gone; Caleb stalks Zach


Laurie said...

Love that last picture and comment!

Chacha said...

laurie- you are right, that is a creepy picture.
We all know that Donny has a plan, I know that He would put Christine up if needed.

Ed in Ohio said...

Beast Mode Cowboy 'protects' his women! Ha!

Caleb & Victoria won BOTB!!

C'mon now Nicole & BD Frankie!!

David said...

I would love to see how Frankie really acts if he is backdoored and put on the block. As I once saw in a TV show, now we will see the real you. The show was firefly.