Thursday, September 25, 2014

Big Brother 16: Hamsters do Interviews Galore

First thing ... we all must bow to blog pool winners Ed in Ohio, Jessica UNderwood, Marlo, Stormy, Erinkate. They had Derrick in the blog pool and we know how that turned out! I myself had PaoPao. Lucky me.

Okay, I was up way too late last night watching the one website which was streaming the backyard interviews live (linked at the top of last night's finale post). I know the guy was in the media day at the house, but he drove me crazy last night -- although I'm thankful that SOMEONE live streamed some of the interviews.

How did he drive me crazy? You don't realize how many times you say the word "when," especially WHEN doing interviews. Instead of the word "when," each time he would say "whenever." Ack! Maybe it's a regional thing out of Topeka, I don't know. The only hamster to call him on it was Jocasta. Praise the lord! Hallelujah! It wasn't just me!

The things I picked up in last night's interviews more so than these select CBS ones I'm posting are:
  • I was right. I know I saw on the live feeds whenever Donny promised Cody he'd vote for him if he made the final two.
  • Donny promised him once. When he promised him, not whenever ... that implies multiple promises! But that is why Donny voted for Cody.
  • That said, every time it was mentioned that Derrick is a cop, Donny really reacted a bit off to me. He seems to have a dislike of police officers going on there.
  • Donny also admitted to be the one to cross Victoria's name off the bathroom stall wall. Everyone (including me) figured that was Zach's work.
  • Nicole and Hayden are officially dating. They're even talking about both relocating to perhaps the Chicago area. I like them as a couple and think something might just happen with them down the road.
  • Not like the split-up of McCranda. I saw that one a mile away.
  • What I missed on the live feeds is that Jocasta also promised Cody she would vote for him if he made the final two.
  • So, there ya go. The two votes for Cody to win weren't bitter jury member doing at all. BOTH were promises made and kept.
  • Although, though I really like the guy, Donny seems to be a bit bitter about Derrick in almost all the interviews I've watched. Whether it's the cop thing or just the fact that he tried to get people to realize Derrick was the mastermind and no one listened ... I don't know. The man does have an edge to him that I saw very little of in the house. Maybe the time in jury had him stewing.
  • He's absolutely thrilled with America's Favorite.
  • On the other hand, Cody has been absolutely fantastic even knowing that he pretty much gave away nearly a half-million.
I'm posting mainly the interviews I'm interested in watching from the CBS website. You can find other interviews at --


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Anonymous said...

Those are some hilarious interviews! Jeff is so great and I hope to see more of my man, Zach!!!

Nickelpeed said...

Thanks Jackie. I bow down to you for finding all this information. Wow.

I wanted to be at the TAR blog tomorrow night, but I have to work.


Sharon N said...

Thanks again for all the great reporting!
I saw the same thing as Jackie during Donny's interviews. I guess the evicted are allowed to be bitter for a while though. However, I did read somewhere that Donny has an "edge" (aka, nasty side) that rarely showed up on the show. I still like Donny and don't regret voting for him, but I would have also been fine if Zack had won AFP with a little more of the $$$ spread out among our favs. :)

Nickelpeed said...

I came back to give information on Donny's appearance on The Bold and the Beautiful. It will be on October 30-31st. And, he's not the only person invited to be on the show.

It's a Halloween show and they'll also include Zach, Amber, Cody, Caleb, Devin, Nicole and Hayden. NO FRANKIE!!!!!

Of course, the episodes will also include others who have already shown up on The Bold and the Beautiful like Rachel and Brendon, Elissa, Jeff and Jordan.

Ought to be an interesting show. I can't believe Caleb and Amber will be in the same place!!!

October 30 and 31 - mark your calendars!!!


Sharon N said...

O.M.G. I almost didn't listen to Victoria's interview on "Rob Has a Podcast," but decided to see what she had to say. Good grief, I could hear Rob snickering and trying to keep from outright laughing at how delusional she is!

I can't believe that I once thought she might actually be 'acting' dumb. That girl is even more of a dipstick (dimwit) than we came to recognize. She really does think SHE played a good game, and if she were to be invited back (won't happen), and actually believes her 'good game play' would win. @@

David said...

I saw that interview Sharon. =). lol

She says the same thing in a bunch of other ones also. I couldn't make it through the second interview with her I watched with her saying the same stuff and cut it off. I was hoping that by the later interviews she had wised up, but nope.