Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 New Hamsters: Part Two

You can find my first post on five new houseguests at this link here. Here goes the second group of five --

Meg Maley

My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Another "people person." Oy. Another "big fan" of the show. "Goofy girl" -- okay, the second one of them! Similar to Steve, she wants to play innocent until she backstabs. This one just might be the voice which makes me cringe on the live feeds.

Meg is 25, seems to be single, originally hails from the rather mellow South Jersey town of Collingswood (known for its farm markets and such), currently resides in NYC where she works as a server. How typical is that casting? At least she's not a mixologist. I don't know. Perky tends to turn me off a bit. I'll have to see with her. Uh-oh. In her bio, she says Frankie Grande was her favorite. Can she be first out, please?


James Huling

My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Oh, my. I didn't expect such a strong Southern accent from him! Another "people person." He has a daughter and an adopted son. Aw. Downright country boy? He thinks he's in for a great experience. He wants to play the game with integrity. We all know how well that works. But he really would like to win the money for his family. He mentioned that he's the first "hillbilly Asian" ever in the house.

James is one of the "old" guys on the show -- he's 31! He's a retail associate originally from Sumter, South Carolina and currently living in Wichita Falls, Texas. He lived in a boys home after his mother died and his father couldn't care for him. He was adopted by a Caucasian family whom he thinks the world of. He served six years in the military. He seems like a really good guy. That integrity bit might just trip him up, though.


Liz Nolan

My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Is there a reason she came all exposed to the interview? That dress is cut almost down to the navel with no bra. I think I'll have to refer to her as "Sex Kitten" for the summer. That's apparently the image she wants to have. She talked of her heels, bikinis and rocking her body. Ew. She's single and wants a flirtmance. I'm sorry. Call me a prude. But I can't get behind someone who introduces herself to the world with her boobs hanging out. She claims to have been into the live feeds. That doesn't make me like her. Although sitting, she seems to dwarf Jeff.

Liz is 23, a marketing coordinator from Miami. One of her worries about being in the house is that she has to remember not to walk around naked. @@ Yes, I'm rolling my eyes. I don't want or need to see that. I think she forgot to wear clothes for the interview! She likes Jeff and Jordan ... and Frankie. She's a mainstay on the Miami nightclub circuit. Why am I not surprised? NEXT.


Jason Roy
My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Superfan, live feeds fan. He talks about missing his girls but my gaydar is going off. I could be wrong. It doesn't really matter. He says he will probably losing his job stocking groceries. Ah, okay ... now he's talking about being the "gay glue" and working with a girls alliance on the show. I wasn't wrong. He's also a fan of all the English speaking international BB shows. I can see where this guy might be fun to hang out with, but could be annoying living with him day in and day out.

Jason is 25, lives at home with his parents in Fall River, Massachusetts. He seems to have a lot of girls for a supermarket overnight stocker. His fandom level seems just a bit shy of writing blogs and monitoring AOL message boards since season one. (Now, who's THAT crazy?)


Clay Honeycutt

My first impressions from the Jeff Schroeder interview: Well, hello, good-looking young man! Here's my eye candy for the season! One point against him -- in the first minute of the interview, he used the phrase "at the end of the day." I'm so tired of that bunch o' words! He just discovered the show four months ago. Hmm. Sigh. He's a repeat user of "at the end of the day." Like we needed another one of those! He says he's a Momma's boy and also loves his Dad and siblings. If he wins, his first use of the money will be paying for grad school. He seems like a nice guy, but being nice and not really knowing how nasty things can get, he just might be out of his element. Third "at the end of the day." He needs to stop that.

Clay is 23, from Dickinson, Texas. He currently resides in College Station, Texas and is a graduate student at Texas A&M. He's single. What I find the coolest (besides the eye candy factor) is that his mother keeps exotic animals and is a wildlife rehabilitator.

That's all for now! I'll be posting Part Three tomorrow morning. Right now one Jeff interview isn't up on the site. Hopefully it will be remedied by morning.


Anonymous said...

That made me laugh at the James Huling comment. Got to hear his accent now. I never thought I'd ever hear a down ole' country Asian boy! That will be interesting.

Yep, I have to root for Clay Honeycutt. Love that his mom is a wildlife rehabilitator.


David said...

I am not very impressed by the announced cast so far, but I will give them a chance to change my mind or confirm my first impressions of them. =)

I am also disappointed in the lack of age diversity. How about we have a season with no one under 30 allowed to make up for this. Maybe the 2 missing people will be a fresh change, though I am betting on returning HG's with a stupid twist thrown in like the mentor one.

On a sad note, had to say goodbye to my dog. He was 17, which is actually very old for Rottweiler's, as his back gave out and his rear end was paralyzed. He refused to eat or drink anything so something else was also going on inside. Vet said probably cancer but I think he just gave up or knew it was time. He didn't seem to complain but I could tell he was in a lot of pain.

meb said...

Clay is some eye-candy for sure... he looks a little like a younger Jeff. David, so sorry for your loss. Our fur babies are part of our family and we miss them. I had a Vet tell me recently that when we adopt these precious babies, we know this day will come. It doesn't make it any easier tho. Again...so sorry.

Jackie said...

David -- I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I don't think I've ever known of a Rottweiler living that long. He certainly did right by choosing you and your family as his own! Hang in there.

Chacha said...

I am waiting to see other video interviews. Not one person stands out to me yet.

Anonymous said...

"He talks about missing his girls but my gaydar is going off. I could be wrong"

LOL, I couldn't tell if you were joking or not, my boy Jason is as gay as they come. He even talked about being the "gay glue."

Jackie said...

Anon at 3:15 - I was typing as I watched the videos. Had you bothered reading the whole paragraph before commenting, you would have had no comment.

Petals said...

I can't like Clay, for several reasons (none that matter to anyone but me). I do like the Hillbilly Asian, because he's had a rough life.
David - I'm very sorry for your loss. The loss of a pet is as heartbreaking. *hugs* to you.