Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday into the Evening, Renom - July 27


Well, she finally made up her mind. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of  You Can't Tell Everybody They're Safe and Expect it to Work:
  • Vanessa decided she needed to "make a judgment call."
  • That call was to put Jason on the block in Clay's place.
  •  While I can indeed see that Austin will probably be Mr. Loyal in her corner from here on out, the move breaks many promises she made and has possibly caused more problems for her personally.
  • James is mad. He was asked to throw the BotB and, while he didn't lose, it was obvious he was trying to throw it.
  • Jackie is mad.
  • Becky is mad.
  • Meg is crying.
  • Jason, naturally, is well beyond mad. He even cried a few tears and he's not one to cry.
  • Everyone from "the other side" went into this group of nominees for BotB thinking a certain deal was in place.
  • They all feel betrayed.
  • Everyone in the house was told Austin was the target.
  • (Except Austin, of course.)
  • Even Austin was trying to shift the target to Steve, not Jason.
  • And, people knew about that.
  • I'd personally prefer Becky to go home over Jason (even though she's my blog pool pick) because she brings little entertainment factor on the live feeds.
  • At least Jason sometimes talks to us!
  • I would have rather the Austin plan stick. He's creeping me out more and more. I've gotten to the point that he annoys me every time I see him on the live feeds.
  • That's not a good thing.
  • Alas, unless something drastically changes, they will keep Becky over Jason.

But Austin is in love. Too bad Liz isn't!

Body language says creep-out

We could have had a heads-up!

That wasn't the plan! I look bad now!

That wasn't the plan!


JonMD1267 said...

I feel bad for Jason. I think Vanessa may have screwed the pooch on this one. I understand why she did it but she promised to many people with the Austin thing. Maybe this will be the wake up call and the others can pull it together and fire a shot at the other side.

Sharon N said...

I'm hoping the same thing, Jon.
Someone needs to win HOH who will NOT let Chelli rule the HOH.
Maybe a few are finally learning? I won't hold my breath...

monty924 said...

Everything that I've seen on the feeds during the aftermath indicate that Slay/Chelli will catch the fall out from this. I think Vanessa convinced Jason and Company (maybe not Jackie) that she made a game move and it was in her best interest to nominate Jason over Austin. Jason is a BB fan and I think he gets it. He's hurt that Clay and Shelli were in on it and Meg is too. Becky has made a move to get in with Vanessa (and whoever... she doesn't know exactly who Vanessa is working with in total) and she said IF she wins, her target will be James?? Don't know why but she could have been blowing smoke. I really think that the other side of the house REALLY did not know about the Sixth Sense and that a credit to that alliance. They hid it well up to this point. Clay and Shelli aren't fairing to well with the fall out.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Jon, she covered it pretty well with the 'do I work with people I've been aligned with for two days, or stay loyal to someone who's been my friend the entire game'. Seriously, I think Jason gets it and the house, or at least the other people outside of the Sixth Sense get's it. I think Vanessa is going to hook Jason up with some opportunities outside of the house in Vegas or elsewhere because she has the ability to do so. We all know that out here, but he doesn't. I believe she will.

I give her a pass because I really like Vanessa and the twins. And just a side note... I think the twins are good for a long while. Shelli gave Clay marching orders in the aftermath that the twins were off the table for a double eviction possibility. They twins have Shelli all the way and Vanessa too. My pool pick is sitting pretty unless something freaky happens in the next few weeks. I'm on opposite sides of most comments here and that's okay. :))

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more about Austin. He is giving me the creeps.

Sharon N said...

Clay and Shelli's problem is that they keep lying and they ALL know it now.
But they can't seem to stop trying to cover their own butts... all at Vanessa's expense.

Kind of funny that James calls Shelli "Satan," but then acts like he believes Chelli's story. He acts pretty upset over receiving the blame... suspicion that he didn't throw the BOTB.
He acts so dang naive, but he 'could' be covering what he'd really like to do if he wins HOH.

I still can't believe none of them are serious about taking out the couple or the pseudo triplets. I'll be surprised to see Austin or Clay at the end, but we might end up with a bunch of back-stabbing, scratching 'cats' in the final.

monty924 said...

Sharon, I think the first couple that would be targeted is Clay/Shelli and then Austin/twins in any combination. That's obvious to the other side now, but what I love is how Vanessa is getting out of this week seemingly without any ill will. She's good!

Sharon N said...

Monty, I know. It's absolutely crazy how Vanessa is managing to look rather ok right now!!
Must be all her fast-talking.... LOL
At the moment, all the eyes seem to be on Clay/Shelli.
I'd love it if one of those 2 went next (preferably Shelli).

If Austin/twins, I think Austin would go before them.
No clue why, but they've all been so thrilled over the twin-idea. @@

monty924 said...

It's easy to understand all of this if you just go back to the first week, actually the first two weeks. Vanessa, Austin and Liz (later to become the twins) were on the outside and Vanessa figured it out. She formed the alliance with them and Shelli and Clay or it happened anyways. They were the outsiders of the original BIG 8 alliance. Audrey was a part of that one. I have no sympathy in the game for the moves that have been made because the ones in power have made them. I think it was Mouse or maybe Unc who said it the other night. The "other" side of the house hasn't been in power to make a move. I doubt the moves would have been big because they've all bought into the twin twist so what would have Jason done? What would have Meg done? They were all laying low, even Jackie told Jeff she wasn't going to do anything until Jury so they are in the position that they are because they haven't been playing to win. I know Jason and Meg thought that Slay/Chelli was on their side, but did they honestly have to rely on them to win comps to save them? Shelli or Clay, and/or Austin and Liz should have been automatic targets but it didn't happen.

I'm still loving this season like I did S8 and S10. So many possibilities and people I haven't grown to hate on the feeds. I dislike a bunch of them, but not like so many other seasons, LOL!

ermaldude said...

UGh These idiots deserve to lose th egame to the twins now. How do you knowingly let someone get to bring in a for sure vote and partner!? Its just insane. Also, how does Vanessa beat anyone in poker ? she is so wishy washy and reading people is not her strong suit. This cast had potential at the start but they are proving to be either stupid or confuse with being on a dating show. So annoying!

David said...

I am waiting for Thursday to see Austin kicked out of bed and to the curb when Julia officially comes into the game. They can easily use the excuse of we are sleeping together to catch up, go find another bed. He already follows Liz around like a little puppy. I want to see him told to give them some alone time and the look on his face.

As often as Vanessa changes her mind about everything, Jason should be campaigning to stay to her and Chelli. I think he could pull it out if he tried. All he has to do is point out to Vanessa her word is already crap now so why not kick out Becky and make a deal with her.

jessica UNderwood said...

HORRIBLE GAME MOVE! Vanessa should have stuck with the back door plan! VANESSA! NOOOOOOO!!!!!! #savejason

jessica UNderwood said...
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jessica UNderwood said...

And can they really be THAT dumb not to realize that Shelly and Clay are running EVERYTHING?! Don't get me wrong I like Shelly and would like her better if she was flying solo without Clay. But Clay is not even a BB fan! He never watched the show. That's why I don't like him. I think a fan should stay over someone who's not any day. Therefore I want him gone and then to be broken up.

Petals said...

For the first time in ... forever, chicks are running this game. The men this season are weak, simpering, little girls in big men clothes.
I love Steve for his super-awesome talent, but am mad at him for this recent move against Jason. And, make no mistake, he played a big part in Jason's downfall.
Looks like J*Mac is still my #1, and Jackie rose way up on my radar with her bulldogging Vanimal yesterday.

Feeds are frustrating. More FISH than feeds, for sure.