Sunday, July 26, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - July 26

Hiding from reality?

I'm reluctant to even post this update because Vanessa has gone from the Gal With a Plan to the Waitress of Waffles. My only salvation is that the Power of Veto meeting will be tomorrow and all of this foolishness will be moot. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind:
  • I'm just so confused. Unless someone talks directly to us via the cameras, I'm often lost as to what page they're actually on.
  • Steve thinks that Shelli got him in with the in crowd.
  • Yet Shelli talks to others about how Steve randomly pops up everywhere.
  • It appears Austin is being forgiven by all and his lying has been accepted as trying to "help" the alliance in some sort of misguided weird way.
  • So, is Becky the target?
  • That might not work.
  • Although I think she's expendable, she has several hamsters in her camp and assurances (lies?) that she's safe this week.
  • I think Steve is safe this week. 
  • Vanessa gave him her word.
  • Oh, wait. She gave a lot of those words out this week, the first being that she would backdoor Austin.
  • She told Becky she's safe this week.
  • Oy.
  • Wait, let's get rid of Jackie this week!
  • Oh.
  • Vanessa also gave her her word that she wouldn't backdoor her.
  • She told Steve that she's considering putting up either Jackie or Jason.
  • Hmm.
  • Then she leaned even more towards putting Jason up.
  • Who the hell knows?
  • Bring on the PoV ceremony! I can't take much more of this!
  • The feeds were blocked for the Outback dinner lead-up.
  • When they came back, the three who won it (Vanessa, James and Liz) were missing along with Clay, Becky and Austin. Maybe they could each bring a guest.
  • I don't know.
  • I don't care.
  • I just want them to decide who will go on the block with Becky!

She might need a stronger drink

Steve seems safe this week ... for now

Probably not getting backdoored ... this week

Yep, he's a nut.


David said...

If only Clay had done his job and won the BoB, we wouldn't be suffering through Vanessa and it would probably have been a calm week for most of them in the house. As far as I can tell at this moment, Austin is indeed safe and Jason is the target.

Who told Austin that he was going to be back-doored anyway? I missed that somewhere. Without him knowing he would not have been able to work his way back in to their good graces.

David said...

And why was Clay allowed to go eat at Outback Steak House with the others. He is a have not. I don't think I have ever heard about a have not complaining about eating too much steak before and being so full.

monty924 said...

David, Vanessa told him that EVERYONE wanted him back-doored. You can credit Chelli with thinking that they really needed to save Austin for the numbers. They really got the ball rolling with Vanessa and it turned into this. I can't remember who told them, it might have been Steve, that the other side of the house wasn't happy that Clay won veto and that got Shelli's paranoia and heart going that her and Clay were targets and thus needed to keep Austin for the Sixth Sense alliance to keep the numbers on their side. It's one big cluster you know what! ;-)

monty924 said...

Don't know about the Outback dinner. Maybe he got to go because he won POV??? I didn't catch that on the feeds or BBAD.

~~Silk said...
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monty924 said...

Okay, looks like Austin, Becky and Clay all had dinner with the other three in the BY. Don't know how or why. It wasn't just Clay.

~~Silk said...

If the winners of the dinner were allowed to each choose a guest, it is reasonable that Vanessa would have chosen Clay, James would have chosen Becky, and Liz (if it is Liz, not Julia) would have chosen Austin.

David said...

I just think Clay should have been excluded from even being considered to eat being a have not.

I am disliking Austin more and more. I just can not get into this cast. There really is no likable people in there.

David said...

Thanks Monty. I suspected it was Vanessa just because she can't keep her mouth shut about anything, over and over again, but I missed where it was actually her.

monty924 said...

YW, David. Steve also solidified it when he filled Vanessa in on the week that Zach was going to BD'd when Frankie was HOH last season. He explained how Caleb mentioned that it wasn't a good move to get rid of a number because while Zach was a snake, he was their snake and Derrick figured it out and flipped the decision and the house. I think Vanessa was in true game mode then and has been working on a way to change the back-door plan. I really think she wants to keep Austin going forward. The do have a good bond and she's willing to let this one go. Maybe dumb, maybe the smart. We will see :)))

monty924 said...

Vanessa selected Becky. She probably got to select the other two, but don't know at this point.

Becky said...

How nice. Vanessa wants to feed Becky before she stabs her in the back.

Petals said...

As of this morning, it is Jason going up & out. Steve had a hand in this decision, too. I guess the house isn't big enough for TWO Big Brother savants. Too bad - Steve & Jason could have worked together and probably gone far.
Most irritating is that Liztin & Clelli believe that they are popular. LOL Isn't that always the case? The most disliked people in the house are deluded to the fact that they are the east popular to the fans.
I will miss Jason. If ever there was a last-minute takeover to save a nominee, please let it be this week, and let it save Jason.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is Jason or Austin.. Jason's voice annoys me..

Anonymous said...

Vanessa is suppose to be a professional poker, which I've always heard that they were suppose to be able to read people, well she has to be pretty stupid not to see that Clay/Shelli and Liz/Austin are all in this together, who in the H--- does she have, NO BODY when the deal really goes down, the most undesirable bunch of people to play the game, BB is getting to be rediculous so predictable 8-10 people in an alliance and all of the people in the house vote as they are told.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Vanessa to get the BOOT just because she really doesn't know how to play the game, it's all bout her ego, she can't make a decision on her own, Austin has lied to her over and over and she still feels a need to keep him around. DUMB