Monday, August 10, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday, PoV Re-nom - August 10

Has good reason to smile
 Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of No Waffles This Week:
  • Shortly before the veto meeting, Becky filled in Austin on the plan to blindside Vanessa.
  • And, during the veto meeting, as expected -- Steve removed himself from the block and Becky put Vanessa (the real target) in his place.
  • Now, it's not really a total blindside because Vanessa is no dumb bunny. She knew Johnny Mac and Becky were close and doubted he'd be the renom as people were saying.
  • She knew eventually her paranoia would come to fruition!
  • She confronted Becky telling her she can understand a game move explanation, but the things she said were out of line. She told Becky that now she had a pissed-off juror and there was no need for it.
  • Becky brought up the time, in the HoH room with the decision to oust Jason, Vanessa just pointed at her saying she was in the deal without her being able to commit or not commit on her own.
  • Then Becky walked away.
  • "Why are you being so venomous towards me?," Vanessa called out.
  • Becky didn't answer.
  • Now, Vanessa thinks Steve lied to her.
  • No, he didn't lie. He didn't know of the plan until AFTER he had his talk with her.
  • Plus, what was he to do even if he knew days ago? Pull a Marcellas? 
  • She warned Austin and the twins that they're next.
  • The other side -- James, Meg, Jackie and Becky -- smiled a lot.
  • Johnny Mac was his usual Johnny Mac self.
  • Steve was subdued.
  • Shelli, who knew yesterday about the plan, showed sympathy to Vanessa, but didn't 'fess up to knowing the blindside was coming.
  • I don't blame her.
  • Vanessa hasn't really exploded, but I swear I saw her simmering.
  • It may yet come.
  • We still have a few days before Thursday!

Why are you being so VENOMOUS?

Quietly eating his SLOPpy Joe

One tough cookie, no waffling here!

Keeping with getting bad screen caps.


Cheryl in NC said...

Score one for Becky! She will be responsible for getting a huge threat to win it all out of the game.. It doesnt really matter which one gets the boot. They both have strenghths when it comes to comps..both the mental and the physical. I just hope they dont come back in a revive a hampster

David said...

If they keep the same format as previous seasons, the first 4 to jury fight to come back. So with double eviction this week the competition to come back will be two weeks from this Thursday. The fourth evicted goes right into the competition from the interview with Julie. That is not really that long to be in the jury house.

It looks like Vanessa has emerged from her bed and has changed from her multicolored sunglasses to her black ones. She has also put back on her green thinking cap. Could be trouble brewing under that cap. She really did want to blow up on Becky. It was smart of Becky to just walk away and let her simmer some more.

monty924 said...

Green Thinking Cap... I like that, David! :))

I haven't been near my computer all day so I had to watch in flashbacks. I agree that Becky was smart to walk away because Vanessa was doing the same thing she always does when she tries to deflect and Audrey did it too. She nit picks details that aren't important & parses words and Becky called her on it a couple of times by just saying 'whatever' 'that isn't my point' sort of comments.

The convo that Vanessa headed to later in the HN room didn't go much better for her even though she was straight up telling James and Jackie the TRUTH. Becky has been a step or two ahead of Vanessa for over a week. She already told that group just about everything, but left out the fact that she was seriously working both sides and did want a deal/alliance with Shelli and Vanessa (The Generals). Problem for Vanessa is, at this point, Meg and Jackie don't care and James might be the only one to hold something against Becky for all of it. We will see...

uncartie said...

Mon 9:14 PM BBT Meg wonders if she should paint her toenails today or go to sleep. Jackie and the others recommend waiting till tomorrow.

If I were stuck in a house with these people I'd kill myself.

David said...

LMAO Uncartie. It is all fun and games until someone loses some toenail polish. Oh the humanity.

monty924 said...

And yet Meg thinks the twins think they are at summer camp. @@

Karen said...

Watching BBAD, Vanessa has gone from one of my top 3 favorite players this season to my least favorite of aii 17 of them. She is talking in circles, repeating herself, and lying. GO AWAY, VANESSA!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Vanessa is a narcissist. She dumped her husband when he was dying of cancer, and yet told everyone how though it was on HER...amazing. This quality has shown itself in the last 24 hrs in sort of terrifying fashion! Listen to her "wow is me!!!" After playing puppet master for two months is pathetic. Bye bye Vanessa!

David said...

James, Jackie, Meg talking about keeping Vanessa and voting out Shelli instead. They don't know the real dynamics of the whole house and think this might keep them safer. They should know it is going to be some kind of Yes/No, before/after comp for the first HoH during the live Double eviction. I don't think they have much of a chance against either one. But I think Shelli might be more persuadable than Vanessa. I think they lose one, probably James or Becky, no matter what they do. long way to Thursday though so we will see what becomes of this.

Petals said...

right David. PLUS, none of them want to be in the Jury House with Vanimal. Sucks that her bullying could wind-up allowing her to stay. I wish she'd DOR her a** back to Vegas.