Monday, August 31, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Monday, PoV Meeting - August 31

Does John know James picks his teeth?

Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House No Surprises Today:
  • James had his morning talk with Vanessa offering the deal to keep Meg safe. Vanessa nixed it.
  • She asked his advice about what to say at the veto meeting so she wouldn't hurt Meg's feelings (any more than she already has hurt them).
  • She also told him that he should try to enjoy his last few days with Meg.
  • Awww ...
  • Meg cried some more.
  • The veto meeting went down. No surprises there for us. James saved himself and Julia was put up in his place.
  • James told Meg that if he didn't have a family, he would have saved her with the veto.
  • Meg told James she thinks Vanessa wants to work with him. He nixed that one -- said he's going to be a solo act and get Vanessa out.
  • Julia claimed that she knows for a fact that Audrey was America's Player.
  • She doesn't even know what America's Player is. She was recruited because she's a twin.
  • Julia, ticked that she's on the block, a Have Not with both Meg and James and just plain grumpy started fussing about James.
  • She said he has no chance with Meg.
  • No, I don't think he has any romantic chance with her, but I imagine they'll be dear friends for years to come.
  • John and Vanessa discussed how they were going to get out Austwins.
  • Vanessa thinks it will be better to take out Liz than Julia next week (they don't realize this week is a double eviction -- the last time they were pretty set for it).
  • Well, duh. Liz is a stronger competitor that (probably) Austin and (definitely) Julia.
  • Liz and Austin spent a lot of time frolicking under covers. I didn't watch. It's bad for my digestion.
  • James told Meg that, if he got HoH, he would definitely nominate Vanessa and Steve.
  • That's about it for actual game stuff. They exercised, played chess and had many non-game talks.
  • It's going to be a long few days.

Please don't obstruct your microphone

Cap and glasses for James talk

Knit hat, no glasses for John talk

Showers with his ponytail beard untouched


David said...

<<----- BREAKING NEWS ----->>

Austin managed a late comeback to win the most disgusting HG award over Liz today and keep his coveted last place spot streak going.

Sharon N said...

LMAO David!!! Thanks for the update.
That news will brighten Petals' outlook, and make many others (including myself) much happier.

Saw Vanessa moved up though.... how'd you let that happen?
'splanations are required! sheesh

Thanksfully, the Twins are maintaining their coveted spots of 15 and 16. :)

Sharon N said...

Re: Austin showering with pony-tail beard and hair untouched.
A few weeks ago, one of the twins (Liz?) mentioned his hair stinks.
No wonder after all that exercising an sweating.

David said...

I have long hair and could not stand to go without washing it every time I shower. I think my hair gets dirtier than the rest of me for some reason. Yes, so I am an old hippie. lol
My hair is fine so it will only grow so long. No, I don't have a disgusting chin ponytail in case you were wondering. =)

monty924 said...

I have hair just like Austin's and I have to wash it every day unless it's up in a sloppy bun on my days off when I don't leave the house. I will admit that him not taking the pony out while he showers is odd/disturbing. He's in for a rude awakening when he gets out of the house, LOL

Sharon N said...

hmmmmm David with long hair. It's kind of fun visualizing all our chatty friends here.
I'm sure most of us wouldn't fit our imaginations! For some reason, I didn't expect long hair on you...though I've lived in both NM and CO and know many men in both states tend to wear their hair longer.

Until jerk-face landed on BB, I'd never seen a ponytail beard though.
Hoping to never see another....

Sharon N said...

Monty, can you imagine what's rotting in that beard?
Best not thinking about it... LOL

monty924 said...

I can't think about it... nightmare inducing

Nickelpeed said...

I just wish James, John and Steve would get together and turn the game around. Dang it. Why can't they see they have a better chance together than what they have now? UGH!

Stormy said...

HELLO HELLO HELLO There are twins and a couple/threesome in the house. Command sense to James, John, Steve, Vanessa.

Anonymous said...

per jackie-ponytail beard goes untouched...........I'm gonna go yack over the balcony railing and then burn my eyeballs out.

Stormy said...

I am pulling for Austin, Liz and Julia to be the top three with anyone of them for the win. I want to see JohnnyMac take that silly laugh, Steve looking for his Balls, Vanessa with her clean hands (no blood of them)go to the jury. They can all three sit by the pool and talk about what stupid players they were. Can not believe it. GO AUSTWINS.