Saturday, August 01, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Saturday Daytime, PoV - August 1

Too bad, so sad

Greetings, hamster watchers! I just want to start this live feeds report by mentioning that I don't post the live feeds moment to moment live as they happen. I'm just me. I work a full-time real job and do this in my "spare time" -- ie: when I should be sleeping or taking care of real life things. During the BB seasons, this is more of a Reader's Digest condensed version of what's gone on since I last posted. There are more than a few sites out there with many people reporting every breath taken on the live feeds. Here, the commenters often pipe in with happenings when I can't post. I will say that I generally live cover every TV episode and endurance comps. But no one single person can be expected to cover every minute of the live feeds.

That said, here's what happened so far today inside that Big Brother House of Love on the Block:
  • BB woke them all up very early today. Well, early for them, that is. It was about 8:15am their time.
  • Liz, Austin and Julia tried to sleep in in their Have Not room even though it's not all that comfortable.
  • It still took them over two hours after wake-up call to hold the meeting to pick veto players.
  • In addition to Clay, Shelli and James, we have Austin, Becky and Vanessa. Julia will host the comp.
  • We never see the comp. We used to get FOTH (Front of the House), then music and trivia, the last few seasons Jeffish (Jeff Schroeder segments with highlights and interviews).
  • We know that Becky doesn't want to win it -- she and Johnny Mac talked about that. James really wants to win it himself so he can retain complete control of the nominees.
  • James wants Shelli out.
  • Vanessa really doesn't want to win it. It would make her make a decision.
  • We know how she hates to make decisions.
  • Shelli cried some more.
  • The latest cry was that people are treating her differently.
  • Go figure.
  • Austin told Vanessa (and I agree) that she has to think of what's best for herself in the game if she wins veto.
  • He doesn't want to win it, either. He's scared that Liz will go on the block if he wins and saves someone.
  • Best to not win it at all in that scenario.
  • Shelli continued on with her "nobody wants to talk to me anymore" saga.
  • Vanessa continued with her "woe is me, what should I do" saga.
  • Steve had been predicting this PoV would be the one with vacations, money give, a unitard/costume, etc.
  • He was apparently right.
  • The PoV went down and James won it! Now the noms should remain the same -- Shelli and Clay.
  • Becky won $5,000. Clay won a trip to Ireland. Shelli got a punishment -- doing 2400 knight routines in 24 hours. Jackie and Vanessa have to be chained together.
  • Clay started telling everyone to vote him out and let Shelli stay.
  • @@
  • Both Johnny Mac and Meg got all teary. Stress? I dunno.
  • Vanessa cried.
  • Out of them, the only surprise is Johnny Mac. I flashbacked on the feeds and can't see why he cried.
  • They both have imbibed some, though.
  • Shelli thinks that James will buy into her plan of assuring him jury votes from her and Clay if they can stay.
  • I'd have a better chance of selling him the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • So, that's that. It's practically guaranteed that either Shelli or Clay will be out the door this week.
  • What a darn shame, eh?

Worried about being targeted next week

Not worried about being targeted

Austin makes me want to stab my eyes!

Crying again, she's too naive methinks


JonMD1267 said...

"No jury for you" lol

Jackie said...

Heh, Jon

LovinMe2Day said...

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes....doing a Happy dance.

Sharon N said...

I'm concerned that Vanessa will talk a few people into evicting Clay instead of Shelli.
Clay is just the pretty-boy college jock. Shelli is the threat. With Clay gone, I think Shelli would team up with Vanessa,and that could end up being the REAL power duo wiping them all out one-by-one.

JMO, but James would be smart to pull Clay and put up Liz. At least 1 person of the 2 powers would be gone, and I think that it would guarantee Shelli getting the boot.

monty924 said...

Jackie, you don't need to explain how your site works to the regulars here. We know how hard you work and devote the time to even give us the updates/summaries that you do and we appreciate it. It's always an anon who takes a crack or swipe at things.

Meg was super sippy when they came back. She was crying even after James had won and got super touchy feely with Clay in the BR. She's just not cut out for BB me thinks.

monty924 said...

Sharon, she definitely will. Clay is not Vanessa's ally... Shelli is.

Paul K Lawton said...

I've been reading you for ten years now. Never commented, but wanna say that you rule and I love you.

chrob61 said...

Keep up the great work Jackie! I love reading your blog updates!

Cheryl in NC said...

Jackie...First things first I agree with Monty.Your regulars here know the time energy you put in to "readers digest" updates.And may I say your updates are the BEST! So spot on and very funny.You crack me up!...Now back to the show.Poor James..I know he wants Shelli out, lets face it she is a much stronger competitor than her boy toy, but I doubt he has the votes.Unless he can convince her
side,that they are losing somebody anyway..they better get her out before she wins the whole game..just sayin

Lili said...

Ditto what monty924 said...Jackie we BB regulars appreciate every post, every screen shot, and every fellow regular. Well most of them, there's that one guy I don't like. Kidding.

If James takes Clay down I believe he needs to put Vanessa up. First of all it would be must see TV to watch them trash each other in an attempt to stay in the house. And it would prevent Clay from leaving and Van and Shel forming the new power duo. The twins are certainly a hard core to the end alliance but between them they have only won one comp I believe? Van and Shel are really good at comps.

Nina said...

Jackie, I very rarely write but am a daily reader on the West Coast. You don't have to explain anything. This blog, your comments and hard work doing this are so appreciated by me and many others. I look forward to reading your writings and others every day. Don't let anonymous, a person that can't even identify him/herself trouble you, making you explain. Geez.

Sharon N said...

Yep, all us regulars look forward to Jackie's blog updates every day!
If we want up-to-the-minute happenings, we are able to check out other sites as well.
I do check out those other sites, but personally, I prefer Jackie's daily "take" on things.

Jackie said...

Thank you for the kind words! I know the folks who have read for years know the format and I really appreciate you guys (and gals!). But I know there was an influx from the endurance comp the other day and new people might not realize it. So, while there was one rather rude anonymous commenter, others who might join in on things here probably could use the information as to exactly how things go on here.

sanra said...

I don't comment but sure do look forward to what you post each day. I am on the West Coast so it takes longer for the program to get out here. :) Also, thanks everyone for all your comments each time.

GreyKitty said...

Aww, I've never commented but I always read. Thanks for keep up with BB and working hard at it! I'd rather read your updates then filter through jokers. Like others have said I LOVE your spin and view of it.

Once again thanks so much. YOU ROCK

Carol Calvin said...

I'm guessing some comments may have been made from new folks either on the Facebook page or someplace else here, but count me in as a long-time reader who definitely appreciates all you do Jackie.
I did see the results posted on another blog, and after checking yours to see nothing new I read the information posted elsewhere - but then I came HERE because I like the way you post and think!

JOKATS said...

Always & Forever Jackie & Vincent!!!!! I never go anywhere else, cause you is my Jersey Girl!!!!!

Karen said...

Jackie, I agree with the others who said you don't have to explain yourself. Your updates are always so well written...AND FUNNY!!!! You totally rock!!!!

DKNYNC said...

Jackie, I know we don't say it enough but you rock! Your updates are informative and witty and we really appreciate all you do to keep us informed. Thanks for everything. You're the best!

DKNYNC said...

Jackie, I know we don't say it enough but you rock! Your updates are informative and witty and we really appreciate all you do to keep us informed. Thanks for everything. You're the best!

Nickelpeed said...

Jackie, I do not mind the Reader' Digest version. I just appreciate ANYTHING you give us and EVERYTHING you do for us. I know you lose sleep and am surprised you are not always sick during BB. Thank you, thank you for updating us!!!

Anonymous said...

LIke I said before it would a big mistake to put anyone up other than Liz, if he wants Shelli out, she and Clay needs to broken up. Vanessa can go next, she's fickle, can't make a diction on her own, Shelli is truly the one running the house but she just needs her boy toy to amen everything she does. Clay is not a treat at all

Anonymous said...

LIke I said before it would a big mistake to put anyone up other than Liz, if he wants Shelli out, she and Clay needs to broken up. Vanessa can go next, she's fickle, can't make a diction on her own, Shelli is truly the one running the house but she just needs her boy toy to amen everything she does. Clay is not a treat at all

Jackie said...

Anon - In the beginning, I was attracted by Clay's looks. Now he's more annoying than anything else. If he kept wiggling his head and cracking his neck near me, I'd be tempted to cuff him across the top of his head!

Anonymous said...

I like that you only give the "Reader's Digest" version of the feeds. I hate that the other sites report every single last movement and breath. I am just interested in the main events.

I think the way you do it, Jackie, provides a really nice narrative.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

I like your Readers Digest version. It's enough to stay 'clued' in. I don't have the time either to see what happens every minute like some do, and do appreciate your blog, and the service it provides. Thank you for doing this Jackie!

Anonymous said...

Jmac and Meg were crying because they were drunk.

Apparently they got to have wine while they watched the competition. Meg was clearly drunk and Jmac said he was while he was crying.

Aside from alcohol, Johnny Mac was crying over Chelli and the fact he lost the HOH comp which if he won they would have been safe. People are so caught up with how gosh darn adorable he is, they don't see that he's playing for the dark side and favors the Shelli, Clay, Vanessa side of the house.

Based on my personal opinions, JMac has tried to play a low-key game in which he stays out of trouble and secretly helps Shelli and Clay do their dirty work (throw comps, be a pawn, relay secrets, etc.). Up until the "The Blindside" he and everyone working with the Sixth Sense had the impression that they were running the house and everyone else were floaters who would be picked off one by one. But the Blindside awakened the floaters and a huge line was drawn. I think JMac, who stayed out of the drama immediately proceeding the blindside, was caught off guard by "the other side" suddenly coming to life, and even more caught off guard by James winning HOH. So he's kinda forced to choose a side. His tears after the POV was his way of letting everyone know whose side he was choosing.