Monday, August 03, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - August 2

Shelli workin' that sword!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Kinda Sorta Medieval Times But Not Quite:
  • I've made it clear that I'm not a Shelli fan. Oh, I don't hate her or anything like that. She's just not someone who'd be a friend of mine in real life, I don't think.
  • But I have to give her credit where credit is due. She rocked that punishment! (Which, by the way, was given to her by James who then took the veto away from her.)
  • To give her even more credit, whomever runs her official Twitter is following my Twitter -- first hamster account to do so. Hey, maybe we could be friends in another life!
  • 2400 times in 24 hours, she had to walk a triangle in the yard. First she had to hit a hanging punching bag with her sword, then put the sword through a target, then knock a bar down with it.
  • She did it, finishing about two hours shy of the 24 hours she had.
  • Meanwhile, Clay has been little but a bad example of a recruited player.
  • He's going around saying that people should vote him out and let Shelli stay in the game.
  • True, she has a better chance of winning it all than he does.
  • That's why James and Company want her out instead of Clay.
  • Clay isn't much more than an interfering oaf who thinks he's all that and a bag of chips.
  • Steve even apologized to the camera, saying that he's sorry that Clay took a space instead of those who would really play the game and want to be there.
  • You don't throw away a chance to win a half-million dollars for someone you met a month ago!
  • Julia had an interesting talk with Meg and James. She totally gets that Shelli is the more dangerous player and why James made the nomination choices he did.
  • I only wish she didn't come with the baggage of Austin and Liz. If they offed Austin, Liz would probably be better off. But I do see why Julia is the "nice twin." She's also the smarter one, I think.]
  • Clay seems to think being on the show is his ticket to Big Time Hollywood. Silly boy.
  • Vanessa is still worried that she'll be backdoored.
  • @@
  • I think Vanessa is paranoid a bit too much. She too would drive me crazy in real life.
  • Hmm ... when I think about it, I believe all of them would get on my nerves. Don't let me in that house with a sword!
  • A skywriting plane flew over the house merely writing "I <3 --="" a="" didn="" it="" li="" love="" name.="" specify="" t="" you="">
  • They all freaked out. 
  • Huh. This morning's wake-up music (blocked on the feeds) was 'Psycho Killer' by the Talking Heads. Appropriate.
  • They had photo booth today. Whoopie.
  • The time came for Vanessa to stop shining Jackie's knight armor, but Jackie is still stuck in the armor for the week if I'm not mistaken.
  • Hey, at least she won't be on the block in it!
  • There ya go!

Jackie in shining armor

Leave 'em both on the block!

Willing to give up his game

Steve apologies to us for Clay taking space


Laura said...

Does anyone know if Austin's girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend by now) has posted anything about his budding "relationship"?

Sharon N said...

Watching Clay and Shelli talking to James on BBAD. They are so full of themselves, but manage to sound so honest. We know they aren't, but I almost have to ask if they've actually started to believe all the crappola they are feeding James?

David said...

We know that Chelli are lying through their teeth, I just hope James is not buying any of it. After an hour of this they finally got around to saying he should put up Steve. I lost track of how many lies they have thrown at James and Meg. It would be easier to count any truth coming out of them, zero.

monty924 said...

This is so funny. James baited Clelli into saying Steve's name. He'd already been told that they would try a Steve BD. I honestly don't think that James will cave in on this. I think the noms remain the same. Clelli isn't giving up any 'juicy' info.

David said...

LOL So true Monty. James keeps asking them to show loyalty to him and Meg and give up something on anyone else but they keep going back to please save us and then we will be loyal. I think James can see through it because they will not give up any dirt on anyone else.

Sharon N said...

James is incredible in this talk. He's not even starting to wobble. He KNOWS they are lying, but he's putting it all on the line that he's not changing his mind. He also knows that they would have NO qualms about putting him up next time. LOL

Clay throwing out Steve's name. Ha!
Shelli throwin out Vanessa's name. HaHa!!
Bet Vanessa wouldn't be too happy to hear THAT little tidbid after working so hard to save Clelli.

uncartie said...

Clelli up hoh telling James they want to be BFF with him. Claim they would never put him up.
Yeah, right. Gimme a break. James would be at the top of their list and thier first words
Would be "You lied to us and put us up".

Clueless Meg says we want to work with everyone.@@

monty924 said...

I just want to say that I love James!! I love his body language and everything else. Clelli are doing their best and he just stands there. I love him!!

PDX Granny said...

Where's my "LIKE" button when I really need it???

Sharon N said...

Uncartie, I think Meg is pulling a Clelli, which is "tell them what they want to hear.'

Monty, I've liked James for quite a while now.
I just had a feeling that he would have more guts/gumption that any of the rest.

Sharon N said...

The only thing... James knows something isn't right.
What I'd like to see him is set 'idea/people' traps and see what bounces back.
Then he'd know who's really with who... and who's blabbing.

Sharon N said...

After talking with AusTwins, wouldn't it be funny if James gets that same funny "something isn't right" feeling, uses Veto on Clay, and puts up Liz!!!

uncartie said...

Austin & Liz telling Little Caesar & Meg what they want to hear. All of a sudden Meg thinks
She's a player. Other than having a vote she's dead weight. Enjoy it while you can because
Next week you'll be back to being the hunted.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've been lurking, my usual M.O.
The best idea I've read is taking Clay off and putting up Liz. Not only would that add a definite vote against Shelli (Austin & Julia for Shelli, but Clay for Liz), but Austin & Julia would campaign hard to keep Liz.
I'm glad James is still there - he's shown some real gumption. This whole "I don't want to get blood on my hands" whining drives me nuts! Please... why are you in there???
And this whole "going back on your word" thing does, too. I'd love to see an interview with Dr. Will right now.
-Josie in Jackie's hometown

Terry is a Texan! said...

Shelli and her hollywood white smile need to go....Clay will fold on his own
I love James he is really playing the game