Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - August 11

Seeking Divine Intervention

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of How I Spent My Summer Vacation:
  • Okay, let's blindside Vanessa this week.
  • Plan set.
  • Set-up accomplished; we've got her on the block.
  • No! Wait! Maybe we should get Shelli out instead!
  • Gah.
  • I realize that in BB you can't trust anyone. I know that.
  • But this constant second-guessing is making me dizzy!
  • Meg now thinks that Shelli is the more dangerous player and has been working with Becky.
  • Oh, no! Shelli will target US! Shelli will target James!
  • If Meg thinks anyone wants to target her because she's a dangerous threat, she's got another think coming.
  • But her strategy might get her to a Victoria position at the end if they don't notice she's there and needs to go away.
  • That, of course, would be why Becky is pushing for a Vanessa eviction when last week most figured Clay would go one week, Shelli the next.
  • Yet, Becky has spoken valid reasons for evicting Vanessa.
  • We should probably make note that Vanessa might have had a hand in this sudden epiphany of Meg and James -- she told them about Becky playing both sides. At the time told, they didn't seem to care. Now it seems to be sinking in.
  • Now James's "gut" is telling him to not trust Shelli.
  • But can Vanessa be trusted more?
  • Oh, no! Becky has been working to get STEVE on her side, too!
  • (Of course, this is the same Becky who told Steve that he needs to talk game more with James and Jackie and get to know them better.)
  • A side note: If I were in charge of the BB wake-up music, every morning I'd blast (Paranoia the) Destroyer by the Kinks.
  • James and Meg now think they need to watch everything they say in front of Jackie. After all, she's tight with Becky who always planned to keep Shelli and they're getting Steve in the fold and ... and ...
  • You get it.
  • Austin and James talked about getting everyone on the same page ... going for another "house" vote.
  • Ick.
  • I prefer suspense. It's no skin off my nose who goes home. I want kerfuffles and brouhahas. I want entertainment!
  • Vanessa talked to James. She's a straight-shooter, y'know. It would behoove him to keep her in the house.
  • @@
  • Oh, then some tears.
  • Haven't we seen this before?
  • She tells him that Becky had previously named him as a target.
  • Meanwhile, Jackie and Meg are talking -- they think the twins need to go before Austin and Jackie thinks Shelli needs to be out first.
  • So, they're all thinking they should save Shelli.
  • Then they talk about how, if they don't get Shelli out this week, they might never get her on the block again.
  • My head hurts.
  • Vanessa blames Steve for her being on the block. She thinks he sold her out and gave information to Becky.
  • Gosh, if she could see how distraught Steve is. If she could see that he actually gave some thought (before wisely deciding against it) of not using the veto because he knew she'd go on the block. While he, at the end of the day (heh), did betray her with Becky, it was so hard for him -- probably the most conflicted I've ever seen anyone in the BB house.
  • Shelli tried to work on Steve, but he said he has to vote for Vanessa to stay.
  • We have nearly two more days of this before eviction.

Cut-throat player. Bwahahahaha!

Steve is having a ball

That look ages her

A conflicted Steve talks to Shelli


monty924 said...

I've watched a lot of flashbacks tonight because I've been feedless for a couple of days and I have to say that I have underestimated Meg. I'm actually crushing on a James/Meg duo-ish alliance. James was already turned off on Becky because he was obviously the one left out of the confessions that Becky made that concerned him and with Meg they've both figured out that Becky is a rat like we've all known for a while now.

What a great week of BB.

Anonymous said...

I love it. "another think coming". And the ginks reference. lol

Anonymous said...

And then there's their habit of pronouncing one syllable words as two syllables. Way worse than the annoying laughs and bad eating habits

Anonymous said...

I knew Becky was a rat and working with Shelli, she was the first one to run and tell Clelli that they were going up on the block and if you notice during the nomination, Shelli never looked worried about going up on the block. Becky has been working with her all long. Where in the heck is JMac is he still in the game. Another thing why isn't Jackie talking about getting rid of Shelli? Vanessa is not that much of a treat , she tells a lot. Of lies (and she' not even good at that) but she isn't good at comps. Their best bet is to get rid of Shelli first, and go after Ms Paranoid next.

ILoveAGoodTrainWreck said...

@ Anonymous 8/12/15 7:44 AM

The reason Shelli didn't look nervous at nomination was because Becky had told her the plan, hopefully, was to backdoor Vanessa. This WAS shown on Sunday night's show. Even though Becky had "warned" her *alliance* to tell no one what the actual plan was.
Becky another member of the do as I say, not as I do club.

Anonymous said...

I think they have the votes to flip and get Shelli out, because the twins really don't trust her, they had thoughts of getting rid of her instead of Clayl in that last eviction, and Austin also trust Vanessa more, they can get Vanessa out next and then they're sure to follow, the three of them have absolutely no game at all. Poor Steve is in an alliance all by himself.

jessica UNderwood said...

When does everyone think a double eviction will happen?

Cheryl in NC said...

Jessica...the double eviction is this Thursday..Julie announced it on the Sunday night show to us.

Glenn said...

The Double Eviction is this week.

Chacha said...

Double eviction is Thursday

Cheryl in NC said...

Unfortunately they dont know its a double eviction,if they did it would behoove Meg and James to stick to the plan of Vanessa out first then take out Shelli. But since they dont know......we will see what happens

Chacha said...
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jessica UNderwood said...

I didn't hear her say that. Oh man!!!! I'm ready for Thursday!

Chacha said...

The hamsters are 80% sure this is double eviction. They figured it was last week or this week.
They have been planning on DE for two weeks now.
Austin has pretty much decided that he is going to have Vanessas back as James has Beckys back as much as they can but in the end the six of them(james, meg, jackie, austin, julia and liz) should stick together.

John will attack Vanessa, Becky will attack Vanessa, Vanessa will attack Becky, Vanessa will attack John, Steve will keep throwing HOH and the Austwins and James & co can sit back.
It really does make perfect sense when Austin was saying this

Anonymous said...

I say keep both the girls in and just evict the hat!


Witt said...

Sounds good, Glo!!

Sharon N said...

I can't help liking Meg. Zero chance of winning anything, but she is pleasant, cute and funny, and even has an occasional grasp on things... very occasional. LOL Although she did do really well in the last POV. Even with bad knees, she came in 2nd (the closest to Steve). She remains loyal to Jackie & James, but she's mostly at a loss and totally dependent on a guy taking care of her.

Vanessa, Shelli and Becky have been playing the best... until recently.
The worm always turns!

Steve has to quit throwing comps!!!
Ditto for JohnnyMac.

I don't think Austin throws anything.. could be wrong. He depends on having his alliance of 3 to protect himself (and Liz). That's about to come to a screaming halt.

uncartie said...

Sharon,I like Meg too for the same reasons and think that because of her likeability and comp weakness she's almost a cinch to make it to the final 3. Not once in the entire game do I remember her being perceived as a threat by anyone.

Favorite comment from last night?
Tue 9:27 PM BBT James: "Hopefully Vanessa can make some sense out of what's going on."

Chacha said...

Meg may slide into final three. What would be amazing is if she pulled a Jordan from BB11 and wins either part 1 or 2 of final HOH and then win part 3.
She would be able to possibly pull it out depending on who she is with. Can play the card that she held off all game and made people think she was a sleeper.
She isn't that dumb. I think we over look her with her cuteness. I believe she will be able to win a mental comp.
Watch her win tomorrow in DE and put up Steve and Vanessa.
I know this is from my lips to the BB gods ears...

Sharon N said...

Favorite comment from last night?
Tue 9:27 PM BBT James: "Hopefully Vanessa can make some sense out of what's going on."

That cracks me up. Vanessa manages to keep herself busy beating that dead horse >>>
She rambles... incessantly, and produces incredible nonsense.
Clay & JMac related or gay lovers has to top the paranoid nonsense. LOL

Chacha said...

This morning Becky reporting to JMAC that Shelli hasn't approached the Gremlins/Goblins and this has become a problem and they are likely to vote out Shelli.
JMAC is very worried now. He stated he may have to win HOH

Austin being funny this morning.
****Austin: You wouldn't believe what we figured out: Johnny Mac/Shelli/Clay are triplets & Johnny Mac's a cop undercover as a dentist ******

Becky and Jackie have been talking this morning and Jackie pretty much let Becky know that Shelli is leaving.

Jackie is convinced that they will get Vanessa out in DE. (we know how that goes)

Austin was talking with his twins that no one trusts Vanessa and they should maybe separate from her. Austin knows that she will bring them down.
*****Austin says Meg, Jackie, James are loyal people -- the floaters haven't been loyal to anyone. Julia says Vanessa's been loyal but -
Austin and Liz says Vanessa's done things on her own.****

monty924 said...

Johnny Mac spills the beans to Shelli and she runs right to the folks who already think she'll work with Becky, JMac and Steve. The fact that JMac is in the HN room campaigning along side Shelli should be telling to Jackie and Meg. I think they'll stick with James and the plan to vote Shelli out.

Petals said...

Sharon - your avatar is cracking me UP!

Sharon N said...

I think they will too Monty... even though Jackie can't stand Vanessa and wants her gone.
However, Jackie is also smart to mostly keep many of her thoughts (and plans) to herself.

The 'axe' for Shelli is that the Goblins are rationalizing that she is coming after James, and he knows it would be dumb for him to think she will honor any promise (to James).

Statistics show Shelli is better at physical comps than Vanessa.
Shelli and Vanessa are probably at the same mental capability... as long has Vanessa takes her meds. @@

Like Blog Jackie. Until BB, I never realized so many young people depend on mediation...just to be functional on a daily basis. Or is it just the people they pick for this show?

Sharon N said...

Petals, of all the people here, I knew it would be right up your alley!! LOL

Anonymous said...

So what is the consciences. Who leaving Shelli or Vanessa? Does the Gremlins and Goblins have enough votes to take out the person they want out?

Sharon N said...

As of today - Shelli out.
As of Thursday - who knows! LOL

monty924 said...

I think it is signed and stamped at this point.