Thursday, September 17, 2015

Big Brother 17: Live Dead Feeds Thursday, Survivor Cambodia Second Chance

Well, this is new and different

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Inanimate Objects:
  • I really got nuthin' for you.
  • They were awakened early (9am their time) after the exhaustion of last night's first part of the HoH comp.
  • Apparently, I'm guessing here, it was for filming the BB walk down memory lane bit as we had Jeffish for a few hours.
  • They've been conked out ever since.
  • The camera people keep focusing on odd things along with a two-cam view of sleeping hamsters.
  • More exciting is the Jeff Probst Survivor: Cambodia - Second Chance cast assessment video posted below the BB still life shots!
How exciting!

Worldly, even!

The new Survivor season leads into the BB17 season finale next Wednesday night. I'll be watching. How about you?


Anonymous said...

I voted my 20 for fav houseguest, threw a few votes to JM and the rest to James! I have reached my daily limit.....

Petals said...

I'll be watching, for sure!

DKNYNC said...

Survivor: I'll definitely be watching.
Thanks again for everything Jackie. Great job as always.

monty924 said...

Best live chat of the season right here... Love Johnny Mac

His take on the twins comes in late and it's hysterical :))

Sharon N said...

Thanks for the JMac link Monty!

Nana in the NW said...

The long feeds break this morning was for them to have a catered breakfast...probably the walk down memory lane at the same time. I am ready for this to be over and Survivor to start...along with some of my other TV viewing...Scorpion, NCIS(all of them), DWTS, Blue Bloods, Project Runway, Criminal Minds...just to name a few. Thanks for your daily updates Jackie :)

Sharon N said...

OMG, JMac is hysterical.
Can't help notice that the evicted have basically gotten 'junk gifts' from Jeff... until JMac!
ahem, Austin gets BB sunglasses (like they didn't have those in the house) lol
JMac gets.... the HOH Robe!!!

monty924 said...

Yes, I love that Sharon!! :))

monty924 said...

Here's Julie's chat with Jeff. Not too many surprises:

Julie got an HOH robe too ;-)

Sharon N said...

Time to kill tonight (BBAD boring/prerecorded), so I couldn't resist going to the CBS Store to check out the cost of the most frequently handed out items.
HOH robe: $79.95 (Was it Donny who got the robe last year?)
Mugs: $14.95 - $16.95
Logo Pint Glass: $9.95
Beach Balls: $8.95
Collapsible Can Cooler: $4.95
Cheap plastic sunglasses: not even listed, so my bet... the Dollar Store (tops $2).