Thursday, June 30, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds -- HoH Comp -- June 30

As soon as the live feeds go back on, I'll update this with screen caps and the latest news!

10:06 PM ET, we have Jeff and taped bits. Oh, geez, it's make-over bits with Bronte screaming.

10:11 PM ET, still no live feeds, just taped segments with Jeff commentary.

10:16 PM ET and we have Jeff interviewing Glenn:

10:23PM ET - Still clips.

10:30 PM ET - Still clips.

10:40 PM ET - Still clips.

10:47 PM ET - FEEDS RETURN. The comp is over, have to figure out who won.  Oops, back to clips.

Still trying to figure out who won. Paulie said something about any of "them" could go up as long as one goes home. Hmm.

Whoa ... looks like Paulie is HoH! I'll correct that if I'm wrong.

YES! That's the HoH key he's wearing in addition to his mic cord.


BB18: Live Eviction/HoH Show Blog Party - June 30

Are we ready for this? It's the first live eviction of the season. Glenn's eviction was neither live, nor a standard voted-on eviction. Producer Allison Grodner promises a special surprise. Although rumors are running rampant, there is no credible source for real information. So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

As the show airs here on the East Coast, I'll be constantly updating this entry. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area!

Here are the blog pool picks going into tonight's show:

Tiffany Rousso - meb, SueGee, David, Jessica UNderwood
Natalie Negrotti - Sharon N, Jackie P, QuixoticElf, Orkmommy
Jozea Flores - Sasha, Merrilee, Tammy, Petals, JonMD1267
Bridgette Dunning - Brian, Indiana Jane, Caela, Chauncey, Paula Bell
Paulie Calafiore - Joel, Chacha, Sally, Ed In Ohio, Buzzmaam
Bronte D'Acquisto - Jean in Tampa, elee86, Russ, Cheryl, Donna in FL
Zakiyah Everette - Tilde, Jo C, Jenng326, Ayana, jennifer
Corey Brooks - Fred aka TwoBlackAces, Barbara B. W., Dierdre, Cheryl in NC
Paul Abrahamian - Jackie, Arf Barf, WolfpackRed, chrob61
Victor Arroyo - Helenann2K, RBennie, Janice, Monty924
Michelle Meyer - Rich, Chase, Glenn, Anonymouse, Delee
Nicole Franzel - Kelsey NY, Grove Wiley, Nickelpeed, Sharon C  
Frank Eudy - Dr_Celine, Dennis Comfort, Stephanie in Baltimore, PDX Granny
Da'Vonne Rogers - Donna in Alabama, uncartie, MarthaLight, Donna NY
James Huling - Becky, Donna in Alabama, Sharon S, Willie J

Let's get this show AWN!

Uh-oh. Julie just said that Glenn and tonight's evictee's games are far from over. Gah. And, we're into recap.

Heh, Julie is dissing Jozea in her intro speech.

In the house, Bridgette is worried. Jozea is still smug. His intuition is always right (according to him), so he knows that Paulie is the Road Kill winner. Ha. Victor is naming off people on their side that probably will NOT be voting to keep Jozea. Heehee. Jozea is sure it will be a landslide against Paulie. Jozea even tells Nicole he wants to work with her. She nods a lot but doesn't commit.

The Fatal Five girls alliance is formed - Nicole, Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, Michelle and Tiffany.

James is pranking. He put mayonnaise in the body lotion container.

They're editing the show to look like it could be either Bridgette or Jozea going home.

Victor is getting too controlling of others, Natalie is mad, James is mad.

Finally to the living room to talk to the nominees.
Jozea - Honest, truthful, bold, friendship, loyalty
Paulie - Pleasure to get to know you, hope to continue playing
Bridgette - Hope you keep me, sweet, friendly.

The live votes to evict:
Victor -- Paulie
Zakiyah -- Jozea
Paul -- Paulie
Frank -- Jozea
Onto commercial ...
Da'Vonne -- Jozea
Michelle -- Jozea
Bronte -- Paulie
Natalie -- Paulie
James -- Jozea
Tiffany -- Jozea
Corey -- Jozea

Ding, dong, the witch is dead ... for now.

Despite threats, he made a point of hugging everybody goodbye.

He thinks Natalie turned on him. People were weak-minded and all. He thinks the people just went against him just in the last few days. Heh. In the goodbye messages, Da'Vonne calls him out for the Messiah comment.

Julie tells him he has another chance to get back in the game -- the Battle Back sends one of the first five hamsters back into the house. Similar to the Survivor bit.

HoH comp time! Nicole can't compete, but her team can. Berry Balanced, race across the balance beam relay style, retrieve a berry, get ten to win. Can go longer easier beam or shorter harder one. If one falls, one out, but team keeps playing.

Natalie out.

I'll be setting up a separate live feeds post to cover the overflow of this event and the winners.

BB18: Live Feeds into Thursday - June 30

A subdued Jozea

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loose Lips:
  • They do sink ships, y'know.
  • But first ...
  • Nicole is all upset because Victor was showing an interest in her, but she thinks he's either using her for strategic reasons or just plain mean.
  • Sheesh. She should know not to get hung up on a guy on the show!
  • Especially one working the other side. 
  • What's wrong with that girl?
  • Tiffany is networking the girls a bit. She told Natalie she'll always have her back. Hmm.
  • Nicole is all worried that if Victor or Paul win HoH, she'll be the target.
  • Well, yeah. That could happen. But that's how the game is played.
  • Corey told Nicole that girls always think he's gay because he doesn't take them up on passes. Hmm. Natalie is the latest to tell him she thinks he's gay. Methinks he has some issues going on.
  • Bronte told Natalie that Jozea only wants Tiffany in their alliance for the vote and then they'll backstab her.
  • Tiffany cried.
  • Oh, not at that in particular. It just fit well here in the report and she has spent time crying after saying she wouldn't play an emotional game.
  • Tiffany says that Natalie wants to vote with the majority of the house, but she needs to know how the majority of the house will vote.
  • Oh my. Do they tell her that her buddy Jozea is going home??!?!!
  • Frank thinks Tiffany might need to go next because she can't be trusted.
  • He thinks she's trying to make moves.
  • And he isn't?
  • He's hoping the girls on the other side flip and the vote becomes 9-2.
  • Hmm.
  • Meanwhile, on the Dark Side, Paul is hating on both James and Michelle. He wants them out ... like yesterday!
  • Victor did get a warning from production that he isn't allowed to hit anyone. That apparently was a result of the dust-up with James yesterday. Well, duh.
  • I imagine they'd also not be happy if he put excrement in James's bed, another thought he had.
  • Jozea thinks James is the one holding the other side together.
  • I don't think so. It's more Frank or even Da'Vonne than James, I think.
  • The Three Stooges and Stoogette -- Paul, Jozea, Victor and Bronte -- feel they need to target James first before anyone else.
  • Paul thinks Nicole likes him.
  • I think that Nicole wants to be nice to everybody even if she doesn't like them. But Paul, more so than the other three, can be likable at times. He's playing a better social game than Victor, Bronte or Jozea.
  • Bridgette told Natalie that she trusts Frank for now because he's keeping her safe.
  • He is? He's taking the credit for that? Oh my.
  • Gah! Frank tells Natalie he doesn't want her on the "wrong side" and fills her in on the real house majority.
  • He also advises her to throw HoH and she agrees she won't vote him out if he's nominated.
  • Yiles! They didn't really need her as a number this vote! Why did he do that? I realize she's been saying all along that she wants to vote with the house majority. But, until now, she thought that was Paulie exiting!
  • Now she'll run and break the news to Jozea or tell people who will tell Jozea. I wanted it to be a total blindside.
  • Frank, you just ruined my "Good TV."
  • Natalie told Frank that she's not stupid and realized the vote was going to keep Paulie.
  • But, will she blab?
  • Hmm.
  • On a sidenote: Heehee, BB has had to tell Paul more than once to move his beard away from his mic.
  • Sure enough ... Natalie goes to Victor and Bronte telling them she "has a feeling" that Jozea is going home.
  • Thanks, Frank!
  • Bronte is sure that Da'Vonne and Zakiyah will vote to keep Jozea.
  • I'm sure she's wrong.
  • Natalie says she will vote to keep Jozea.
  • She, of course, will stick like glue with her new BFF Bronte.
  • Bridgette, already with little trust in Frank's group, is getting sucked in even more by Bronte and Natalie. She had been starting to lean away a bit.
  • Bridgette does trust Frank for now because he's keeping them safe.
  • Now Natalie doesn't know if she can trust Bridgette.
  • It's a vicious cycle, I know.
  • Things were interrupted by a birthday party for Nicole in the living room.
  • But that only lasted so long.
  • The HoH group says that Frank told Natalie and then Natalie told Bronte and Bridgette.
  • Yep, that's about how it went down.
  • Thanks, Frank.
  • Jozea says he's going to curse all out, including Julie, if he gets the boot.
  • I guess the censors will be on guard for the live show.
  • Tiffany cried over Frank being a "male chauvinist."
  • Drama, drama and then a side dish of drama.
  • And now Jozea knows that he might be in peril despite how loved he is.
  • But he still thinks he's staying.
  • Ha.

Sippy Paul


Midnight gathering

Channeling Vanessa's tears?

Natalie trying to figure things out

When in doubt, wear a hat in the house

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Evening - June 29

The pixels were there in the morning, gone now

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boastful Boyz:
  • Oh! This is dragging on way too long!
  • There was a lockdown of the HoH room for a while, sending the hamsters into paranoia about being shut out of there. I'm thinking it was either fish maintenance or pest control.
  • I think this is the first year the ants have made it up there.
  • Paul seems to be the only one of the Three Stooges (Jozea, Victor and Paul) who has concerns that the vote might not go Paulie.
  • Both Victor and Jozea shut him down.
  • Why in the world would anyone not want Jozea in the house?
  • Heh.
  • Victor got into it with James about the pranks. James was cool about things, but Victor almost got to the point of physical violence.
  • We've seen that happen before.
  • It's the easy way to get booted from the house. Victor needs to rein that stuff in.
  • Bronte keeps going on rants about how horrible the people on "the other side" are.
  • She keeps that up and she'll paint that next target on her back.
  • Both she and Paul have made comments about James being Asian.
  • I don't go for that. I don't care for comments about where people are from, what they look like, etc. To me, it shows a bigotry. If she didn't like him because of his pranks, that should be what's said. Say he acts like a child, not that he needs to go back to where he came from. @@
  • Rant over.
  • Speaking of heritage and such ... Paul talked at length about his Armenian culture, his trip to the Vatican and discovering the oldest Armenian Christian church in the world. If Paul wasn't so clueless about the game and picked Jozea as an ally and wasn't so intent on being weird ... he's actually a rather interesting and intelligent guy. But he's blown that so far.
  • When Jozea asked her, Tiffany assured him that he had her vote and some others he might not expect ... and they aren't talking about it.
  • Of course, those are votes to LEAVE, not to STAY.
  • Heehee.
  • Jozea and Victor are sure they have Zakiyah and Da'Vonne on their side.
  • Paul is sure that Frank will vote with them.
  • I am sure tomorrow night's eviction is one not to be missed.
  • They're on indoor lockdown as the backyard is prepared for tomorrows HOH comp.  
  • They had to explain Pandora's Box to Paul. He knows the principle of it, but not in respect to BB. @@
  • Frank needs to stop saying "whenever" instead of "when." I don't know where that colloquialism comes from but it bugs me whenever I hear it. When I hear it, too! 

Bed for four, please

Jus' chillin'

Look! He has clothes again!

Paul did her make-up for her

He totally believes in Jozea ... fool

The Three Stooges

BB18: PoV Comp Episode Blog Party - June 29

Ready for the Power of Veto? As tonight's show airs, I'll be live updating this entry with the major events. Refresh the page to get the latest! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Come watch the show with us!

Recap time! Woot, woot.

Okay, we pick it up at the end of the Road Kill ceremony. Nicole thinks the 8-Pack is secure. (But they need to win PoV.) Jozea thinks Paulie, the next best thing to a game vet because of Cody, must go. Jozea, Paul and Victor are trying to figure out who Road Killed Paul. They think it's Michelle. Jozea is sure he's safe. After all, he's getting veterans in his fold, he'll win the veto and yada-yada-yada.

Heh. Jozea is telling Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and James it was Michelle who won Road Kill. They're most of the select group who know it was Frank.

Paul is worried that Bridgette is putting her team ahead of her group by getting pally with Paulie. He runs to Victor with his Bridgette suspicions.

Bronte reminds us she's a math girl. She wants to be where the numbers are. Maybe we should Go Fund her an abacus. She's way off base.

Veto Pick Time:
Nicole HOH picks two chips. If she pulls a nominee's name, they get to choose.
First name she picks is Da'Vonne. She picked Corey. Paul's not a happy camper.

Frank goes to be all sympathetic with Jozea. Jozea buys the act.

James, Corey and Frank pranked Paul by putting whipped cream on his face as he slept.

PoV comp time!
The players are all in dog costumes. Michelle, the host is a fire hydrant. It's a spinning get dizzy thing with stacking treats. We love to see the hamsters dizzy!

PAUL won the Golden Power of Veto! (And then commenced to wear the veto necklace for the longest time on record on the live feeds.)

Since Paul was the Road Kill nominee, if he takes himself off the block, it's up to Frank to come up with another nominee. And, they still won't know it's Frank doing the nominating.

Bridgette realizes that there are two teams safe from nomination and that she's one of five who can go up. (The rest are in the HOH alliance.)

Tiffany tells Paulie that Vanessa is her sister. Now they can bond.

Jozea makes another Messiah comment, this time to Frank. He thinks he has Frank in his pocket. Heh. He's so wrong!

Jozea calls a meeting. Paulie isn't invited. It's a secret meeting that isn't secret. Little does Jozea know that Da'Vonne and Zakiyah and so many others want HIM out. James is there, too. Jozea is making an idiot out of himself.

Da'Vonne to us, "That boy don't even see his own eviction and it's slapping him in the face every day."

Bridgette goes up (for her girls) to the HoH room. That makes everybody on both sides a bit suspicious.

Paulie confronted Jozea about calling the house meeting. Jozea denies he called one. Then Jozea said that if they want someone out, they're out. After all, "we run this house."

Time for the Veto Meeting. Paul saves himself. Nicole reads a statement about the Road Kill making a secret nominee. On the screen, all the faces go by and stop on Bridgette. She's replacing Paul on the block. She's not pleased.

Tomorrow we'll know who gets the boot. My fingers are crossed for a 7-4.

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday - June 29

Somebunny needs to go home

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Lumpalots:
  • As I mentioned in my last report, Tiffany is getting paranoid, shades of Vanessa.
  • Frank and Da'Vonne are already a bit tired of that. As Frank said, "We're not here to be babysitters for a 32 year-old."
  • I'm just concerned that she's going to lose it emotionally like her sister. That emotion is what did Vanessa in.
  • The fans versus the recruits is a little mentioned aspect of the game. For example, Michelle (superfan) thinks that people like Paul (who knows little of the show) should be gone before jury. I'm pretty sure that, as the season goes on, we'll see less patience from the fans as they try to school recruits.
  • Zakiyah thinks Bronte is giving her the stink-eye because Paulie likes her.
  • Frank doesn't like the team set-up for HoH. He doesn't think we (the show fans) like it either.
  • He's right. I actually like the Road Kill comp, but that can't last when the numbers dwindle. But I'm not keen on the teams for HoH.
  • Gah! Da'Vonne told James that Michelle told Jozea the vote would be 7-4. What the ...?!?! She should know better! It just gives the returnees more reason to stick together. They know loose lips sink ships!
  • BB gave them alcohol again and they played "Never Have I Ever."
  • Geez, Zakiyah is homesick and started crying.
  • Give me a break.
  • She needs to get over it.
  • That's what happens when you have a houseful of adolescents playing the game!
  • That must be a rumor Da'Vonne spread about Michelle (why?) because, after that conversation, Paul/Victor/Jozea still think Paulie will be voted out.
  • Hmm.
  • Paul is sick of women undermining his game, in particular ... Bronte.
  • While Paul thinks James is the "mastermind" of the game, he yells at Bronte.
  • And Bronte yells back.
  • And Jozea decides they need a house meeting!
  • And a shot rang out. The maid screamed. 
  • Although I like James, he's more the Mastermind of Pranks than the Mastermind of the House. If anyone, I think it's more Frank masterminding things, albeit fairly unobtrusively.
  • Heh. Natalie likened BB to "high school on steroids." It certainly is with this bunch!
  • Now Paul is all bent out of shape about James. Natalie thinks James told lies to hurt her.
  • Wah. Wah. Wah. Save your drama for your mama, kiddies.
  • It shows a lot when both Paul and Bronte started referring to James being Asian as they derided him. When folks stoop to stuff like that, they knock themselves down a level with me.
  • They're all asleep now. Maybe the Sugarplum Fairy will come along and knock some sense into some of them.
"I'm a delicate flower."
Paulie will lose his pixels soon
James needs a Meg
They got alcohol again

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - June 28

Losing Internet favor, if he ever had it

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wanton Wombats:
  • Oh my gosh ... Thursday's eviction can't come soon enough. These doldrums are among the boringest (I'm sure that's a word) ever!
  • One of the problems is is that everybody on the whole kind of gets along. There aren't any real clashes in the house.
  • Because they're letting Jozea think he's indeed the Messiah of the house, all is going fairly smoothly.
  • Sure, there's a bit of tension here and there.
  • The only violence has been against the ants.
  • And they deserved it.
  • They talked movies.
  • Paul gave Nicole a chess lesson.
  • Paul is actually meshing with both sides of the house better than Victor, Natalie or Bronte. The diary room segments on the aired show don't show that. 
  • Bridgette is a bit iffy. She's allied with the newbie bunch, but the returnees think she MIGHT have promise.
  • Frank told the others that he heard the producers say there will never be another All-Stars version.
  • Natalie and Bronte are still all giggly in their BFF mode.
  • Jozea offered to help Michelle with her social game. Bwahaha! She's in with the returnees and most of the girls in a separate alliance.
  • The HoH digital camera came out. Lots of mugging for the camera. Thrilling.
  • Frank is pretty sure the vote will be 7-4 to evict Jozea. I think that's probably just about right.
  • Tiffany made strides to get closer to James because she heard tell that he didn't trust her.
  • Tiffany is starting to get a bit paranoid. Hopefully she won't go all Vanessa on the place.
  • There's really not much going on. Lots of talk, no action. The plan remains the same.
  • I won't miss those tight undies Jozea wears all the time.

Applying lip gloss ... anyone remember BB1?

She fusses with her hair and it's this

HoHing, maybe next?

Jozea is not a good cheerleader

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Tuesday - June 28

Hot tub Bridgette

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lackluster Loonies:
  • When asked, Tiffany told Jozea that he should be staying.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Jozea told Tiffany that by Day 70 or so, he'll know everyone and everything about the house.
  • I agree with him. Watching the live feeds from home will give him more information than he's getting inside the house as a hamster.
  • Heehee
  • Frank doesn't like ketchup. Good. Someone other than me doesn't like it.
  • Jozea's side thinks that Paulie will be going home. Unfortunately, they think they have more on their side than they actually do.
  • The Fatal Five is still meeting daily. Let's see how long this female alliance lasts. It's Da'Vonne, Michelle, Zakiyah, Tiffany and Nicole.
  • Nicole said that she and Hayden broke up because she wants a family and children, he doesn't. She said their goals are very different, but maybe someday ...
  • You can tell it's a sad thing for her.
  • Sniffle.
  • Jozea doesn't know what ZingBot is. Too bad he'll be out too early to get some zings.
  • Paul was going on about how it's ridiculous to be a Michelle or Tiffany and memorize so much about the game. After all, he only watched season 16 and he's confident in his game and his natural instincts.
  • While he is right that you can't develop a set strategy as situations and people differ, really KNOWING BB gives you the knowledge of approaches which worked and ones that went bust. 
  • Plus, you don't look stupid by not knowing who ZingBot is.
  • Jozea thinks he's the male version of Joan Rivers. She indeed must be rolling in her grave if she heard that one!
  • Then he compared himself to Prince.
  • I have no words for that one.
  • Meanwhile, Da'Vonne is leading Jozea along by telling him he probably shouldn't even bother packing his clothes. Ha! I do like it when her devilish side comes out!
  • Michelle is still getting the blame for first putting Paul on the block, then Bridgette. We know Frank did it.
  • Jozea thinks he connected with Da'Vonne on Day One. Um, well, in a way, he did -- not in a good way, though.
  • Natalie thinks there's a big alliance and Da'Vonne might be reporting to them. Uh-oh.
  • Paul is upset with the mess in the kitchen. He wants to find out who's leaving messes and call them out. After all, they don't need more ants! 
  • I can't blame the dude for that.
  • Paul and Jozea acted like jerks trying for the camera's attention.
  • And on it goes.
This is just weird

How exciting is this?!?

Paulie certainly gets around

Prank well done

Zakiyah is rather low on the radar

Idiots acting like such for the camera

Monday, June 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Night - June 27

Frankly, he doesn't ...

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Hapless Hamsters:
  • Paulie is all antsy about Bronte, some comments she made and that he thinks she's hiding how smart she is.
  • Frank told him that she can't be too smart ... she's working with Jozea.
  • I say, if you want to get antsy, there are enough all over the house this season!
  • Meanwhile, Bronte wants to apologize to Paulie. She says she was just kidding.
  • Jozea thinks that Da'Vonne was evicted so early last year because the cast wasn't diverse.
  • I wonder what reasoning he'll use for his own demise?
  • Oh gosh. Paulie and Bronte had a talk and he actually ... caressed her arm! My eyes! My eyes!
  • Both Paulie and Cody are touchy-feely kind of guys.
  • Lots of weight lifting and working out today. Yawn.
  • Oh ... and chess, too. YAWN.
  • And napping. SUPER YAWN.
  • Frank told Nicole and Corey that everyone is boring today. I agree.
  • Frank and Da'Vone (and James) really can't figure out Bridgette. Frank thinks she's on Jozea's side only because she thinks he has the majority vote. 
  • Bronte doesn't want James to get HoH because she thinks he'll work with the other side instead of their team.
  • James started prank calling on the phones in the house. Yeah, there are phones, but they can't make calls to the outside.
  • Jozea is still confident he's staying.
  • Frank says that Jozea poisons the others -- they're fine when he's not around.
  • That's about it for the doldrums today.

Why oh why did he ally with Jozea?

Showmance? Bwahaha! No.

Is it the Girl From Ipanema?

A whole lotta hair goin' on.

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - June 27

Late night Cheerio munching

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Excitable Egos:
  • Victor claims that he's mostly mad about James's pranks because James has been wasting food. His own mother would whip his butt for that.
  • Referring to the mayo in the lotion container, Natalie brought up that mayo is actually good for your skin.
  • Bronte says she can't even stand the smell of mayonnaise.
  • That just might be the only common ground between Bronte and myself. Ever.
  • Bronte has been declining in the approval of the returnees and their followers. They think that she's Frankie or Christine-like and will say nice things in front of you, mean things behind your back.
  • Nicole, though I like her, just has to grow thicker skin in the game. She's too easily hurt when she hears something bad was said about herself.
  • Hopefully Da'Vonne will convince her that she shouldn't care.
  • After all, I think back to season one with Eddie shouting "Hater!" Haters are gonna hate. No sense getting all hung up on it.
  • Jozea still retains all of his delusions of grandeur.
  • Paulie said that he knows Jozea was at an event his (Paulie's) company put on and that he is no celebrity.
  • Now, he was at the event ... so he must be somebody, right? But, think about it. There's a New Jersey connection at hand playing into it. Despite all of his talk, Jozea is from Bridgeton, NJ.
  • Ah, unseen by us, before the feeds went live, BB told Jozea and Victor to stop speaking in Spanish to each other. I have to admit, with so many hamsters fluent in Spanish, I was worried that some conversations would be in that language. Heck, I get get lost enough when they whisper in English!
  • Bronte wants all the returnees gone before jury.
  • I want them all to make it far. Who will win the want? Only time will tell.
  • There was movies talk, aliens talk, tattoos talk, shout-outs (not to me, wah) and such.
  • Their dinner looked good -- chicken and biscuits with gravy. It almost sent me cooking for a bit.
  • It was thanks to the new nominee, Bridgette.
  • Paul and Bronte showmancing? It's a scary thing.
  • James told the camera he feels he needs to throw comps because he's on a team who wants his alliance out.
  • Poor guy.
  • Jozea thinks that maybe one person will vote to evict him.
  • Ha.
  • Maybe one will vote to KEEP him (by voting someone else) ... Victor.
  • Bronte thinks on Thursday, everybody will be voting for Paulie to go.
  • Or, should be ... according to the World of Bronte.
  • She thinks James and Frank are with them now.
  • Little does she know ...
  • When Tiffany put on a beanie and got all kinds of comments about how much she looked like Vanessa in it, Corey had no clue who Vanessa is.
  • @@
  • Zakiyah does a killer impression of Bronte's voice!
  • Paulie is ticked because the other side of the house, believing he's going home and it's his final week in the house, are treating him poorly. He says he wasn't raised to treat people badly when they're down.
  • He does know he's (most likely) staying, but he's worried a bit nonetheless.
  • All are still asleep as I post this.

Jozea Doggie and his best bud

Meeting of the mindless?

Zakiyah stretching out that sweater

In with the In Crowd?

Whazzat tattoo on Jozea's back?

Whatever that tattoo is, it reminds me of the harnesses put on kids by the aliens in Falling Skies.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening, PoV Re-Nom - June 26

Pool boys

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Rascally Rodents:
  • Today was SO boring for SO long.
  • Thankfully, the PoV meeting with the secret re-nom livened the evening up a bit.
  • But, first ...
  • Paul told the others he accidentally broke something during the Road Kill Comp. Yep, we saw that and his "I didn't do that." He actually made me chuckle watching it on the show.
  • Bronte doesn't feel well and blames it on drinking coffee in the morning. Um. Okay. If you drink coffee at night you'll be even more animated. Trust me, I don't want that.
  • Several people gave Paul the advice to take himself off the block with the veto. He was thinking it might be a nice gesture to use it to save someone else. @@
  • Frank told Tiffany his re-nom will be Bridgette.
  • Nah, she's not a target. She's not with them like Paulie, but it keeps the focus on voting out Josea.
  • James might be going a bit too far with some of his pranks. Frank had a hissy fit in the kitchen claiming that James booby-trapped some things which will draw even more ants. He said that Victor's upset with the pranks, too.
  • Frank and Da'Vonne are worried that Paulie is starting to get a bit squirrely even though they've promised he's safe.
  • Jozea is sure he's going to be a big movie star, host the Grammy Awards and more.
  • That boy is going to have a rude awakening.
  • There might be some hope for my blog pool boy, Paul. He went to Nicole, telling her how he knows that Jozea is irrational and he's been easing off because he doesn't want people to think he's like Jozea.
  • He told her that both he and Victor have been trying to convince Jozea that she (Nicole) isn't a huge threat.
  • Tiffany told Frank she didn't try out for BB. CBS told us otherwise. Hmm. It doesn't surprise me, though.
  • The feeds got blocked for the PoV ceremony.
  • No surprise to us ... Bridgette was nominated by the secret (Frank) Road Kill winner.
  • She's very upset and seriously thinks she will go home.
  • Jozea tried to console her while pumping his own self up. He's not going home. She's not going home. So, I guess he's saying Paulie will go home.
  • Bronte is squarely in Bridgette's corner. I'd guess she's planning on voting Paulie.
  • And the beat goes on ...

Just an excitable girl

Beard napping

New nominee in town

Playing a bit low key so far