Friday, June 24, 2016

Big Brother 18: Blog Pool Update

Since we didn't know the returning players until after the pool cut-off and didn't include them ... plus, we had all these folks climbing over the fence trying to get into the pool -- the blog pool has been updated.

Also, with Glenn being the first boot when he barely had a chance to play, his pool people have been reassigned. No one already in the pool for hamsters other than Glenn has been changed. Yes, Petals, you still have Jozea and love him.

Tiffany Rousso - meb, SueGee, David, Jessica UNderwood
Natalie Negrotti - Sharon N, Jackie P, QuixoticElf, Orkmommy
Jozea Flores - Sasha, Merrilee, Tammy, Petals, JonMD1267
Bridgette Dunning - Brian, Indiana Jane, Caela, Chauncey, Paula Bell
Paulie Calafiore - Joel, Chacha, Sally, Ed In Ohio, Buzzmaam
Bronte D'Acquisto - Jean in Tampa, elee86, Russ, Cheryl, Donna in FL
Zakiyah Everette - Tilde, Jo C, Jenng326, Ayana, jennifer
Corey Brooks - Fred aka TwoBlackAces, Barbara B. W., Dierdre, Cheryl in NC
Paul Abrahamian - Jackie, Arf Barf, WolfpackRed, chrob61
Victor Arroyo - Helenann2K, RBennie, Janice, Monty924
Michelle Meyer - Rich, Chase, Glenn, Anonymouse, Delee
Nicole Franzel - Kelsey NY, Grove Wiley, Nickelpeed, Sharon C  
Frank Eudy - Dr_Celine, Dennis Comfort, Stephanie in Baltimore, PDX Granny
Da'Vonne Rogers - Donna in Alabama, uncartie, MarthaLight, Donna NY
James Huling - Becky, Donna in Alabama, Sharon S, Willie J


Jean in Tampa said...

I say shuffle all the names and re-pick. I'm not happy with my hamster, Bronte!

Sharon N said...

I'm just glad I didn't have the truly yukky Josea or Paul. LOL

Grove Wiley said...

Yayyy! I love Nicole! It was fun to watch her squirm around and try to pretend she didn't want the first HoH-- I thought she nailed it.

Jackie said...

Jean -- I ended up with Paul. Not Paulie, Paul ... Oh Bearded Annoying One.

Dennis Comfort said...

Time to break out the speedo again
I'm back in. Sorry Glenn

Sharon C said...

Yay, Nicole!

Sharon C said...

Yay, Nicole!

Jo C said...

I feel for ya jackie i CANT STAND paul

PDX Granny said...

Thanks, Jackie! I'm happy with Frank. :)

JonMD1267 said...

I am just glad to be in the pool and what not, even though I have Jozea or what ever his name is, more likely to be the second one voted out the BB house lol

Dr_Celine said...

Thank you Jackie! I'm so grateful to be added and I get the added bonus of liking my hamster! Frank rocks! I'm with PDX Granny! hahahaha Thanks again!

Donna in Alabama said...

Yay!! I love James!!!