Tuesday, August 16, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Evening, PoV Meeting - August 15

Can you bake an apple pie, Charming Paulie?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Pitiful Paulie:
  • Despite his initial refusal threats with the pie baking punishment, Paulie's has been reluctantly baking pies.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't thought of spitting in them.
  • He is so not a happy camper.
  • Before the veto meeting, Paulie went on to Paul how, if saved, he would play his game to help him, lay down on the grenade if need be, sick aunt, and blah-blah-blah.
  • Pretty much the same talk he kept going for with Victor, except he wanted Victor to remove Corey from the block and put up Natalie.
  • Paul got his swimming Secret Agent Man costume -- it looks like they just cut the sleeves and the legs off the suit.
  • The Veto Meeting was held early.
  • Guess what?
  • Victor didn't use the veto and Paulie and Corey remain on the block!
  • How's that for a surprise?
  • Paulie thinks by approaching everyone begging for one more week and telling them it will be good for their games will work.
  • Um.
  • No.
  • Nicole went and told Paulie that she thinks Victor should have taken his deal.
  • Please don't encourage him!
  • Victor doesn't want to hear it anymore. His patience is wearing thin.
  • Paulie is still saying he won't stay in the jury house.
  • Paulie approached James and Natalie, making the same offers of working for them, will lay on the grenade when they tell him to, sick aunt, etc.
  • Victor got a notice from the Diary Room, gathered everyone together for an announcement.
  • The feeds were blocked for it, but we find these things out from later conversations anyway.
  • There's going to be a Ziggy Marley backyard concert for them!
  • (There's your Friday night show fodder.)
  • Uh-oh. Natalie hurt her neck or back in the shower somehow.
  • The feeds were blocked for the concert.
  • When they came back, Paulie's still begging.
  • Corey is ticked that Paulie is playing the sick aunt card.
  • And on it goes ...

Waving his flag while the pie bakes

The tailor must have made alterations

The Candy Corn Safety Witch

If he asks me one more time ...!

It's a game, Paulie, a GAME.


Sharon N said...

So far, nobody talking about the Concert/Carnival held tonight.
Maybe BB told them not to discuss it so everything will be a surprise Friday night?

David said...

When has BB telling them to not talk about something ever stopped them. lol It must not have been very memorable. I was thinking some kind of get together to announce something like the Jeff and Jordan engagement thing they had.

They don't seem to be hung over or even buzzed so they probably didn't get any alcohol either. If I was in the house I might have been mad that they took 2 days of yard time away from us for this BS. And I don't know how much these young'uns would appreciate Ziggy Marley.

Sharon N said...

For some reason, Paulie thought Frank would be there.
He's so BB knowledgeable ya'know.

One said the [infamous] Mr. Pectoral-guy was there, but I'm not finding the reference now.
What the heck, are they going to keep having him as the 'big name' guest when he's using a walker? @@

Sharon N said...

yep, on Ziggy Marley. It did sound like maybe Michelle wondered who he was.
Doesn't seem to me that would be their style of music anyway.
More like it would be rap, heavy metal, and country.

Sharon N said...

Everyone in bed EARLY, probably to avoid Paulie. Only Corey with him in the kitchen... mercy visit because their relationship is strained now too. Pauli says Cody's movie was due to be released in August. whaaa? I can't fathom.

Since there's such a lull in the house.... here's an off-topic subject for you David.
I notice you like Sci-Fi books. Have you ever read the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher? The series is very different from anything I've read before and thought it might be something you'd enjoy. I also liked his Dresden Files series, but it's more Fantasy (great humor).

David said...

No, I have not done much reading lately. I will have to check them out.

Just got done voting again. Since Those are the only two up he went into detail about Cody's movie and what hen plans on doing to promote it on BBAD. At least Paulie isn't begging now because as you said, only his best bud's are up.

David said...

LOL, As soon as Paulies pie is done they plan on going to bed also. With an hour still left to go on BBAD I got a feeling they will make Paulie make another and Paul do at least one more round of secret agent man.

Sharon N said...

I can't recall a summer where everyone was in bed so early. It was like they were required to stay up to entertain us. As soon as the BBAD time was over, they'd start to fade away.

If you do decide to try the Codex Alera series series, be sure to read them in the proper order or you'll get lost.

David said...

Nichole was trying to get Cory to tell her about something that happened at the whatever it was, and BB shut her down fast. Still have no idea what it was but Cory did say we can't talk about it before BB shut her down also.

Sharon N said...

See, I know it's almost impossible for any of the HGs to keep their mouths shut about anything, so BB must have slapped them with serious words of punishment if they spill. They don't want their secret Friday show surprise wrecked! lol

David said...

That's the same way with most multi volume novels/series. I read I think volume 7 of Mission Earth first because it was all that was available to read at the time and no access to anything else but TV with a bunch of people that didn't like the type of shows I liked. I was lost and had to go get all the others and read them in order to find out what was going on. I hated not knowing. lol

I bet cruises today are a lot better with internet and cell phone access but I have never had a desire to go on another.

David said...

Well, that was probably about the most boring BBAD I have seen since watching the final 3 play Jenga for 3 hours. lol Have a good night. =)

Sharon N said...

Small talk about possible number advantage from tonights event.

I've been on several big ship cruises, but after a while found them a tad boring, and never took advantage of the internet on board...always figured the outside world could wait.

I did enjoy the big ships, but not nearly as much as the Danube River Cruise in Europe. A once in a lifetime trip! No days of endless ocean vistas...always beautiful views on each side of the river. Plus, the small river ships only have about 130 people on board (incl staff)...instead of thousands. Much more personal.

Petals said...
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Jackie said...

Petals - Let's suffice it to say that Paulie has bragged about all kinds of sex with Zakiyah and not really get that graphic here, please!

Petals said...

Sorry Jackie! Yeah, he is a cro-mog d-bag!

~~Silk said...
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