Sunday, August 14, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - August 14

Ready to serve at any time

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Face It, You Got Got:
  • For the most part, it was in many ways a typical boring Sunday in the house.
  • Sundays have nothing going on except the anticipation of the upcoming PoV meeting tomorrow.
  • That anticipation doesn't really exist this week as the entire house expects Victor not to change his nominations.
  • The recurring theme of the day was Paulie begging.
  • He wants Victor to take Corey down and put him against Natalie.
  • Not gonna happen, Jersey Boy!
  • Everybody, especially Victor, is sick of Paulie's behavior. He went from being quasi-aggressive to sulking to begging.
  • Victor remained very reasonable with him, pointing out that changing Natalie for Corey would reap the same outcome -- Paulie would go home.
  • Paulie claims it would give him hope because he wouldn't be there with his "best friend."
  • Give me (and Victor) a break!
  • You got got, Paulie.
  • Victor reminded Paulie that he was given a chance to play for veto and he lost. Victor didn't have such a chance when Paulie blindsided him.
  • Apparently the stipend is a big thing for Victor. He mentioned it a few times that had he gone home when evicted, the "paychecks" would stop while Paulie continues to get paid through jury.
  • Victor vented a bit to the HoH room camera that he's really getting sick of Paulie's begging.
  • Paulie told James that he'd only stay in jury a few weeks, if that long.
  • After all, he has claustrophobia (that doesn't affect him in the smaller BB house setting) and needs to be free to go wherever he wants.
  • Paulie told him that he came into the house fully expecting to win. 
  • Now, everyone going into the house hopes to win. But most don't really expect it to just happen.
  • I guess he's never lost anything in his life!
  • In other news, Paul's secret agent rounds are a hoot. But I bet he's going to get sick of them long before they're over.
  • Corey found Nicole's lost earring after she told him he's no good at finding things. How's that for excitement?
  • Along with saying that he wouldn't go to jury, Paulie said he wouldn't make pies (part of the veto punishment he received).
  • He's making a pie. Thankfully, in addition to a chef hat and apron, they gave detailed instructions and all the supplies.
  • At least it stops him from whining and begging for a while.
  • Paulie went quickly from Powerful Paulie to Pathetic Paulie. Had he not made such a high pedestal for himself to begin with, he'd have more sympathy.

A kiss from Baldwin

They've given him a number, taken away his name

She wasn't expecting mean people

At least it stops the fussing for a while


Sharon N said...

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Love the Secret Agent Man quote!! I have no idea how you remember enough of these things to post!! LOL

Lili said...

Gotta say I was kind of touched when Natalie stood up to Paulie in the HOH on the show tonight, and in the process said she loved James more than anybody aside from her family and best friend.

Was glad to see Paulie exposed for his gravely poor sportsmanship and his really inappropriate treatment of Natalie. What a tool.

Seeing Corey laughing and then applauding Paulies bad behavior was really galling. Again, what a tool.

Hopefully Paulie doesn't have the RT, and hopefully Michelle wins the next HOH and puts up Victor and Corey. If Paul then wins POV I don't think he would use it because he has said repeatedly that it's stupid to take strong players to the end and he would be relatively OK at that point to bounce either Corey or Victor.

Sharon N said...

Poor Sport Paulie.. still behaving badly. He finally had to make a pie.
Soon after the pie was done, he got dinged to make another and refused, going to exercise instead. He's been called to DR several times, but refusing to go. I wonder if he'll get the penalties he's been begging for... or if he gets bad enough, end up being removed from the game???

monty924 said...

Great RHAP show with Derrick tonight. If you haven't seen it, go look it up on his site or on youtube. I don't even have to say what he did, you can imagine that he isn't pleased with Paulie's treatment of the women/Nat for one and he isn't playing anywhere near what he told him to do in the house. It's long, but worth a watch.

monty924 said...

Sharon, I think Polly will do what every hamster who has threatened to leave the game did. He will in the end suck it up and go to Jury. Of course he will have to put his big boy panties/pants to do it, but he will. I'm sure his his mother is cringing. I'm sure Cody is too but of course they will support him in the moment.

Chacha said...

I watched the exchange today with Victor and Paulie.
Victor totally stood his ground and Paulie is just a sore loser.

Does anyone have any idea what Friday nights episode will be?

I was counting down the days for the rest of the season and they don't need a jury buy back. The technically wouldn't need another double eviction is the didn't want it. We always have the Wed and Thurs eviction the week before finale.

Paulie refused to make his second pie, wear his outfit. he then refused to go to DR. Apparently He got scolded but no penalty vote. Then I watched the exchange between Corey and Paulie. Basically Corey told him to grow up and stop acting like a baby,

David said...

I think that if he racks up enough penalties, they should remove him from his RTT, and maybe not tell him. I would love for Julie to say after he hands her the ticket, "because of your behavior this week, this ticket has been canceled. But, just for the record, lets see if you had the round trip ticket........And YES you did. But because you are such a poor sport you are now off to the jury." lol

Of course I do not want him to have it, unless it is under that one special circumstance. Am I just being cruel now or just giving myself a smile at his expense.

monty924 said...

See what I mean? Polly is making pies like a good wittle boy. js

monty924 said...

Oh, I would always eat the raw pie dough when my Mom was making pie dough. It's the bomb!!

Anonymous said...

At least Victor and Paul were man enough to do this yayyyyyyyyyyyy I can't stand that none of the other guys let him talk to Natalie like he did

monty924 said...

Anon 12:16, not only that... they didn't show things in sequence on the show tonight. Nicole was the first one to tell James about the "fake things on your chest" AND she actually laughed when she told him about it. You can imagine how James took that. I have no idea why Nicole found that so funny and especially when she relayed it to James. Can you say BACKFIRE?

Sharon N said...

Of all people, Vacant Cody seems to be the more calming influence on Paulie, trying to talk sense to him. For the moment, Corey seems to be succeeding, but I'm not sure Paulie can control himself very long when he's not in complete control of events.

Listened to some of the Derrick video. You're right, he's not pleased with Paulie's behavior, but as a close friend to the family, he's careful with his words...walks a thin line. I'm betting Derrick will have a private 'chat' with Paulie if it appears that he isn't inclined to explain/apologize for some of his behavior.

David said...

I don't know about eating raw dough, unless it was flavored with some cinnamon or something. He should be taking any extra dough, flavoring it with garlic, and making bread sticks.

LOL, Paulie having to wave his little flag while cooking. At least the came up with some new punishments this year.

I bet before BBAD is over they will make Paul do his routine for the cameras.

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

Oh no, David. When my mom would trim the pie dough off the pan, it was the best treat ever. It's a little bit salt, a little bit gooey goodness and well, it's the best. My grandma would do the same thing. All of us kids got the trimmings from the pie dough. It never hurt me so I say go for it!!! :)))

Of course I still eat cookie dough with raw eggs in it. It's basically living in the 60's and 70's when none of the worst fears out there today even made a difference. I grew up doing so many things that would put most parents in social media jail today. I drank water straight out of the garden hose and my first playground at school was an asphalt playground with 'metal' monkey bars. I survived, lol.

Sharon N said...

Agree Monty, so yummy to snack on pie dough... and cookie dough too!
Now they say it's bad for you and so is drinking from the hose too.
Think of all that lead-based paint in the house and on playground equipment.
I'm still alive and so are my kids! LMAO

Paulie hasn't accepted that they really want him gone... still talking about winning the next HOH. @@ None so blind as those who will not see.

monty924 said...

Definitely Sharon. I grew up in a house that was built before the turn of the last century, so I'm sure we all were exposed to lead based paint as well as a lot of chemical sprays in the summertime to get rid of the pests in the garden, and of course the fleas in the yard and house from all of our outdoor animals. It's just what our parents did to take care of things..

Paulie will walk out the door on Thursday and I so hope he doesn't have the RTT. He needs to go to jury and learn a big BB lesson.

David said...

LOL, drinking water out of the hose was normal for me. You always let it run until the water turned cool anyway so what was the big deal. =)

I guess of the more questionable water I have drank from is pools of water on rock outcrops with shall we say bird mess around them. Lots of streams and rivers without boiling or filtering. People today would be horrified.

Of foods, probably standing in a river picking up oysters from the bottom, shucking them and eating them raw right there was probably the most dangerous. But somehow I survived these evils guaranteed to kill me by today's standards.

The dough I would only have hesitated because of the flavor, not because it was raw. lol

monty924 said...

Exactly David. Great memories. We had a lake in our county that was drained and another one in the next county that was tainted. Back then, we just did what we did and if something came up it changed. Pie dough is actually good if you like a little salty treat. It's a taste and texture thing. :)))

Sharon N said...

LMAO... 'bird mess' did a number on my gag reflex!
The only time I was able to eat raw oysters was after getting numb'd up with martinis, and having those puppies buried in a TON of Tabasco sauce.

monty924 said...

Lol, I've done some things I'd never do after a margarita or two. I've neve ate an oyster, raw or cooked. Yuck. I have a selective bucket list and oysters are not on my list even though I grew up with one pan of oyster dressing and one pan without at Thanksgiving. My dad loved oysters anyway they were prepared but he loved fried oysters the best. Yuck, yuck, yuck, LOL!!

David said...

LMAO, Paul is just having too much fun with his secret agent thing. =)

David said...

I would guess you wouldn't be the one to take to the annual oyster festival in Urbanna Virginia then Monty. LOL

Sharon N said...

I know David!!! I've been cracking up reading about it.
I'm so green with envy... no BBAD this summer!!!!!!!

monty924 said...

Oh HELL no. I don't even know what the annual oyster festival is, but I would absolutey NOT!!

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David said...

LOL, It is a celebration of the beginning of the oyster harvest monty. You can only harvest them during certain months of the year. Oysters cooked, fried, raw, or any other way you can think of to make them along with the other normal festival things of course.

I can't believe Paulie actually thinks that line of BS is fooling everyone. He is definitely not able to think things through before opening his mouth. He definitely does not have the gift of gab like some previous players have had.

monty924 said...

Yeah, me... no. :))

My dad loved oysters, but me never. They remind me of snot, lol. Polly is still feeding all of them that he can. I'll give him credit for not rolling over and dying, but it is a wasted effort. He's toast. I hope he gets to pick out a really nice BR in the jury house. Of course he'll be sharing it with his girl, but I hope he gets the really nice BR. I mean, he deserves only the best, you know?!!??!

Sharon N said...

Pouting Polly has gotten on everyone's last nerve, even his BFF Corey is getting ticked.
Good, couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Bizaro22 said...

I believe the special FRIDAY SHOW, will be an introduction to the fall, all-access only season of Big Brother. Maybe an intro of the cast or something like that....or maybe not.

Chacha said...

Sharon N-
The only reason Cody is upset is because Paulie let victor and Paul know codybisnon board.

They haven't cast the online yet. I do hope though we get more info about the new show though.

Oysters, yuck!! I am from south Louisiana and can't stand them.
Never eat an oyster in a month without an "R"

Ready for the POV ceremony today...
Michelle/victor correctly stated what thes ACP will be this week! I am throwing my votes to victor since he can't play in HOH. Any which way he will be good!

DKNYNC said...

Production must know who has the RT ticket since they know where it was placed and who picked it up. I'm really afraid Paulie has it and that is what the extra Friday show is for. He's such a horrible person I don't want him back so I hope I'm wrong!

DKNYNC said...

Of course worst case scenario Paulie has the RTT and comes back and wins head of household. But if America gives the co-HOH to anyone but Corey, Corey goes up on the block and gets voted out (unless he wins veto). Then the following week (unless he wins veto) Paulie goes home again.
I totally agree with David, if Paulie has the RTT they should use his penalties for not making pies to invalidate his return if he has the RTT. That would be an amazing lesson on being such a poor sport! And watching his face would be priceless!