Thursday, August 04, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 4

His reign is coming to an end

 Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House Whacked-Out Wombats:
  • The long feeds block was indeed the halfway party.
  • BB gave them alcohol for it.
  • They also apparently had some music, which would be one reason we don't get the live feeds during it.
  • Zakiyah claimed she was tipsy.
  • I guess the alcohol was what made her sporadically molest Paulie on and off throughout the night.
  • Yeah, that was it.
  • What was that movie a few years back?
  • Oh, yeah. "He's Not That Into You."
  • When she walks around saying she's not wearing panties, it just makes her come across as trampy. She needs to stop that or not imbibe if she loses all inhibitions when she does.
  • The guys have serious concerns that it will be a double eviction this week.
  • It won't be. Julie would have told us. They love to hype those things up for ratings.
  • But, let the guys plan and panic about it. No skin off my nose.
  • Da'Vonne was somewhere, but not hanging out with the majority in the house. She's been studying things for the comp.
  • I don't think she needs to bother.
  • She's hoping that, when voted out, she'll be right back in with her envelope.
  • Well, she has a one in eleven chance of that.
  • She's already packed her bag so she won't have to worry about it pre-show.
  • Michelle has caught onto the fact that the girls are being knocked out one by one. But will they get together and work well against the guys? Nope.
  • That's what you get when kids play this game -- petty jealousies, etc.
  • Natalie wants James to throw HoH to either her or Michelle.
  • He said he would.
  • I'm pretty sure James will throw it to someone, not necessarily either of those two.
  • James doesn't want to win one until he needs to win one.
  • Zakiyah kept all but raping Paulie.
  • So not cool. Other people were in the room and all.
  • Da'Vonne took her aside and told her to put some pants on. 
  • Thank you, Da'Vonne.
  • So, she put shorts on and then went back atop Paulie.
  • Natalie and Da'Vonne were telling Michelle (Ms. Low Self-Esteem) how pretty she is and how older women will be jealous of her.
  • Say what?
  • I'm older. I'm not jealous of her. Most older women outside the house have their own lives and aren't into the petty jealousies and such the children in BB have going on.
  • Maybe they need to get an older crowd in there.
  • That would be nice.
  • Natalie thinks older women are jealous because they didn't get the relationship they wanted, they feel more insecure and they take things out on younger, cuter girls such as herself.
  • @@
  • I guess she's talking five years older or something along those lines.
  • They seriously need to stop having children in the house!
  • Oh, wait. I must be jealous, huh?
  • Oh geez. Now Nicole is molesting Corey.
  • At least she has clothes on.
  • Michelle is still thinking Bridgette is leaving this week.
  • Natalie knows better, but isn't letting on that James told her otherwise.
  • We started getting weird flashes and a few extended a few minutes Jeff Highlights. Someone is hitting the wrong switch and meant to give us fish, methinks.
  • Paulie is mad because Zakiyah gave him a hickey.
  • Again, children in the house!
  • There you go for now ... the plan is still Backdoor Da'Vonne. She pretty much knows it, so it won't be a blindside. The only one who might be shocked would be Michelle.

That spoon needs to be taken away

Sneak attack

Pretty, we're so pretty


Petals said...

1. Hope you are feeling better today, Ms J (do you have a summer flu? I do, and it sucks. Day/NyQuil helps)
2. A hickey? That would SO piss me off! Paulie SHOULD be mad, but also at himself. I mean, can't you tell when someone is Hoovering your neck?
3. I'm not jealous of younger girls in good relationships; I AM angry at myself for certain dumb decisions I made as a younger, cuter self. But that's all part of the life experience, etc
4. Happy Thursday! Hope to see you all later. XOXOXO

chrob61 said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie and hope you feel better soon!

Cheryl in NC said...

Hope you are feeling better Jackie.Missedyou last night Petals .Hope you feel better too and make the party tonight.

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Jackie!! You too, Petals! Summer colds/flu suck! My husband is sick, too.


Bizaro22 said...

DAY HAS ROUNDTRIP TICKET!! It's pretty obvious she has it. She has envelope #8. Poster in house says Ocho is the Perfect Destination. Ocho is 8 in Spanish. Perfect destination = Roundtrip ticket. Duh.....

Sharon N said...

Get Well wishes for Jackie and Petals.

Petals, I so agree with you about not being jealous of younger women... whether they are in or out of good relationships. I'm much too old for that petty stuff. However, I also wish I made wiser choices in my younger/cuter self years. Funny how hindsight gives that kind of clarity!

It does seem like today's life is more difficult for young people, and I often ponder whether what we see "now" is a combination of events over the last 40-plus years. Beginning with both parents needing to work to support the family... which directly leads to less supervision and often not having the time/energy to teach simple manners and courtesy. All the kinds of technology available that is so good for education, but not so good in other ways (harassment, bullying, etc.). Women got much of the "Freedom" we sought, which has worked well in many ways, but not in others... not that any of us would want to go back to the 'keep'em barefoot & pregnant' days. But I can't help feel that all of these things have helped lead to the rampant vulgarity, disrespect, and open promiscuity that is often displayed on BB. It's all become so common-place in every day life that the tendency is to turn a blind eye (and ear).

Chacha said...

It is possible Davonne has the round trip but I don't want her to have it.

Petals said...

Sharon - Yes, young girls now have it worse, in a way. I mean, back in MY day, there wasn't a camera on us at all times. And we could stalk boys without having caller ID give us away. Someone could bully you ONLY to your face, so when you were home, you were safe. And clothes were less expensive (tho my mom would argue).

Though, the kids today have MUCH better television options than we had.

What is the same is hickeys - they were gross then and they are gross now. Shame on Zakiyah, tagging Paulie like a dog peeing on a tree.

Petals said...

that damned SPOON again!

Fine - I'll play along.

monty924 said...

Haha, love the new avi. I have to find something new for my avi... BB related :)))

monty924 said...

PS... Paulie is still a douche

Petals said...

And I still like Paulie.
It's Paul *pissed* *Friendship!* that grates on my nerves. And he wants to "slap peoples' food out of their hands" to see how mad they get? His first reaction to everything is violence. I know it's prolly all talk, because he's all of 5'5", but still...

Jackie Hardin from NC said...

I'm beginning to think Natalie might need to go. She is starting to get on my last nerve. That voice of hers is like a 3 year old. I don't like the way she does James. Like freezing his shoes. That was stupid. Has he found them? It's time to get her and Miss "Z" out of the House.

monty924 said...

Yeah, well even good pals disagree once in a while, lol. I started out liking Paulie, but he's turned into an even worse version of Cody and he's just a d-bag to me now. They only guy I even remotely like in there is James.

Petals said...

We agree on James! I hope James wins the whole shebang!!!

monty924 said...

True dat ^^ :))

monty924 said...

PP are out for James...

Sharon N said...

Jackie Hardin,
No worries about James, he likes pulling pranks on people, so he wouldn't be upset over getting 'pranked' by Natalie. In fact, when James found out about his shoes, he got hold of her makeup bag and wrapped it up solid... using almost all the foil and saran wrap in the house! Took her a long time to get it unwrapped, but it sounded like she was a good sport (after all, she started it). Oh, and he also did something with her shoes as well.

James hasn't done a lot of pranks this season, not like he did last time, but he's said that's because he's trying to lay low and out of everyone's radar.

Chacha said...

I want James or actually Bridgette for HOH tonight!
I am ready for a shake up.
Nicole would put Natalie up because Natalie thinks Corey is Sexy.
Come on, that is ridiculous!!

Chacha said...

I can only hope none of this cast comes in on BB19

Judi Sweeney said...

Wow.... No more booze for these girls! Parents and grandparents eyes must be rolling! Jealousy has nothing to do with this observation! LOL.... Thanks Jackie!