Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Night - September 19

Sadly thinking he's third place

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Torture:
  • Before I get going on this report, I want to thank the commenters in the last update who were concerned for my safety. Yes, the New Jersey aspect of the NYC/NJ bomber is nearby. Elizabeth is my county seat where I serve jury duty (gah!) and Linden is just two towns over from me. We're talking small towns in square miles -- about maybe 15 minutes on back roads away. Plus, I do take NJ Transit trains for my work commute. But all is well and the good guys won! 
  • Onto the BB schtuff ...
  • As James would say, one more day and a wake up.
  • I'm actually getting tired of the countdown being said that way.
  • The yard is still open.
  • Nicole and Paul spent most of their alone time together badmouthing James.
  • Nicole is tired of him bringing up his daughter (family card!).
  • Paul is tired of James bragging about how good he is at wall comps .. and comps in general.
  • Paul tried to get James to admit to throwing comps to no avail.
  • Nicole told Paul about James telling her how great it would be if the two vets made the final two.
  • James told Nicole that he thinks he would only have two votes if he were in the final two.
  • He just might be right with that.
  • If James is in the final two with either Paul or Nicole, the best he could do is second place.
  • BB decided to thrill them with a big surprise! They showed them a commercial for BBOTT (the fall online only season).
  • "But what are they going to do with us?" wondered Nicole.
  • They also gave them a blackboard.
  • Now they can give the new hamsters tips!
  • All alone, James gave a big talk to us/family/friends about how he'll be out in third place, should have kept Corey not Nicole, but no regrets.
  • Aw, how sad. 
  • But he should have played the game not the showmance!
  • That's it for now. 

Badmouthing James at every chance

Will the jury be bitter?


Sharon N said...

Thanks for letting us know you're ok Jackie. It's so upsetting and scary to have things like this happen (wherever), but to have it so close to you has to be a nightmare.

My hope is the Jury will come to terms with the way the game progressed and vote realistic rather than bitter.

Paul/Nicole > Toss-up (but winner should be Paul)
Paul/James > Paul Wins
Nicole/James > Nicole Wins

David said...

If Nichole wins the 3rd part and takes Paul to the final 2, I think she would deserve to come in second. It may be a toss-up (we are not sure what has been going on in jury) but even Corey told her she better not take Paul and explained to her why.

Judi Sweeney said...

Glad to know you are OK Jackie... Too close for comfort!

I remember a couple of jury houseguests who were leaning towards voting for James because he was talking about his daughter (it worked for last season AFP) and that may get on Nicole and Paul's nerves after hearing it over and over again. I know I hate it when someone is trying to manipulate me and thats what he is doing in a passive aggressive way! LOL...

Please be safe Jackie....

Sharon N said...

I wonder if Nicole remembers Corey told her all that? Surely she does, but she's got Paul hammering her. In any case, James hasn't done himself any favors (in her eyes) by playing the kid-card so often. Maybe he could have said it once, but it wasn't smart to repeat several times. Eh, none of it will matter in 2 days...after Paul wins Part 3. lol

monty924 said...

She remembers... she just doesn't trust it. She's said "MULTIPLE TIMES" in her pre-jury planning speech(es) that she was the brains in the duo. Again, it's a toss up!

Petals said...

The Hollywood Reporter had an interesting round-table discussion about this BB final:

Judy said...

Glad to hear you're okay, Jackie! So scary. My son's girlfriend took a train into Penn Station this morning and she said there were police and military everywhere.

As much as I like James, he was too passive for most of the season. I don't think he deserves second place (and certainly not first place)! For someone who worked in a correctional institution, he is also way too trusting.

I'm rooting for Nicole - it would be nice to have a woman win!