Monday, September 26, 2016

BB:OTT: Cast Reveal Video and Info

Well, it's a rather odd bunch. Hmm. I jotted notes as I watched their videos on the CBS website. I'll post more with individual photos tomorrow evening.

Kryssie Ridolfi -- 31 years old, waitress, in a band Evil Engine, power lifter. Loves Jordan. Like the Brigade alliance. Be a floater/shark. Not looking for a showmance -- platonic cuddle partner. Thinks she has a good sense of humor.

Michael "Cornbread" Ligon -- Age 41, heavy equipment operator, from Augusta, GA. Loves to see people smile, fun guy (just ask him), likes to be with younger people. Hard-worker, will be the strongest, has a fiancee. He thinks he's very funny.

Danielle Lickey -- Age 23, pre-school teacher, from Visalia, CA. Loves the game play. Seems to know the game. Into sports. Not afraid to make big moves. Not ready to jump in bed with anyone on the show.

Neeley Jackson -- 33 years old, sales associate from Fort Worth, TX. She is very into being a diva. We'll see about that. Open to a showmance. She knows girls alliances don't work, but would love to make one work. 

Whitney Hogg -- 21 years old, from Eastern Kentucky. She's a medical assistant. Has watched BB since she was ten years old. Thinks she's a superfan, will use her Southern charm. Will not have a showmance. Very into Eastern Kentucky and won't lose her Southern roots.

Shelby Stockton -- Age 24, a lawyer. Fountain Hills, AZ. Voted Biggest Loudmouth in high school. Won't be telling people she's a lawyer. Boy crazy flirt who doesn't really want a showmance, but ...! Very finicky eater and has a weird laugh.

Morgan Willett -- Age 22. publicist from Austin, TX. Her mother is a huge fan of the show and will watch the live feeds. Cheerleader, over the top energetic, bubbly. Hmm. No showmance for her! She feels it would endanger her game, thinks girls alliances don't work.

Scott Dennis -- Age 24, debt collector from Bangor, ME. Thinks he's a superfan. Has applied five years and finally got in. Looks nerdy but can be aggressive. Will win comps and make deals. If someone is into showmancing him, he'll take it. Very into chess and thinks that will help him.

Alex Willett -- Sister of Morgan (above), age 25, computer animation and videography field, Houston, TX. Another "huge superfan." She wants to align with quirky people. She's thinks her own weirdness will help her social game. Has done Tough Mudder. (I'm impressed with that. It's way rigorous.) She wants to be remembered as a great game player.

Monte Massongill -- Age 25, process engineer, Olive Branch, MS. Claims to be a class act, strong leader, carry people with him to the end. Everybody will like him. Open to showmance -- only pretty girls need apply? Thinks he'll be the strong competition beast.

Justin Duncan -- Age 27, New Orleans, just a cool cat. Owns a seafood restaurant and into Creole cooking. Will bring flavor to the competition. Would like some booty. Says "you know what I'm saying" way too much. Sings a lot. I already see trouble there. 

Shane Chapman -- 24 years old, roofer from Brevard, NC. Wants the experience. Admires Vanessa's gameplay. Wants to be in a showmance. Knows he'll have to lie and backstab but he's a nice guy.

More tomorrow! Your thoughts?


CashCrateAggie said...

Monte is from my area. I don't know him but Go Monte! Hometown!

Chacha said...

Whitney from Kentucky is going to drive me up a wall!!!

Petals said...

No idea what to think! It's easier for me to decide who I DON'T like, lol

Chacha said...

There isn't anyone that stands out in a good way with the exception that for laughs I want Jason in the house.

Sharon N said...

Other than Danielle's bio, she reminds me (in appearance) of "Z" a bit too much.
Ditto on Jason.

Will have to follow this crew on Jackie's blog. Although I wouldn't mind watching, I'm not paying for All Access. Not when it will be an issue getting around to watching all the new season of old fav shows, plus all the new shows that are being recorded! lol

Petals said...

and the punk-rocker chick? Uhm, I'm filing her in the category of "trying too hard"

Sharon N said...

Shane.... I hope he's more than just a better looking version of MacRae. LOL

Petals said...

I'm just REALLY hoping to see Jason come in, not that Jose'.

Petals said...

Question: Will everyone know that the sisters are sisters? Or is that a "twist"?

And Monte is kinda cute. Like Judd - bumpkin "I'll let him bring me a cold beer at this here pig roast" cute.

Sharon N said...

Looks like Monte is going to be your beefcake this time Petals. LMAO

Petals said...

lOl Sharon - yup! You know I need my beefcakes :)

Judi Sweeney said...

Yup.... I agree with Sharon, Monte looks like he will hold your attention Petals! LOL... If Alex lives up to her bio, she may get far!

Thanks Jackie...