Tuesday, September 27, 2016

BBOTT: The Hamsters, Part One


From her bio on CBS.com explaining why James BB18 is a least favorite: "I can’t stand how he and everyone else this season wants to make a decision as a house vote" Yes! She named Dan Gheesling as a favorite. She's quite athletic, knows the game and has a "layered" strategy. She might be one of (the few?) women to keep an eye on this season.


Well, at least she spells "Danielle" right! Heehee -- it's my middle name and I automatically spell it with a double L. From her bio, she admires Derrick's game from BB17 and Zakiyah's from BB18 was a least favorite. She thinks she'll be strong in competitions and have a good social game, too. Uh-oh. She's seen every episode of Friends, "like, twenty times." At the end of the day, I hope she doesn't say "like" every other word. 


Hmm. From his video and his bio, this dude might just be too laid back to compete! About the only thing other than easy-going that might be in his favor is that he really knows how to cook. We might have to take notes! In his video, he was singing. He mentions singing everything in his bio. Does he know that we get cut feeds every time they sing even if it's a song that doesn't exist?


Ah, just what we need ... another singing hamster. In her bio, she claims to be the right combination of hilarious and manipulative. She'll use that to win friends and influence people. I tend to find most people who think they're hilarious not so much. So my personal jury is on that aspect. In her favor (with me) is that she doesn't think much of Jessie Goddarz. Since she's a horror movie and Simpson's trivia buff, I can predict downtime conversations.


At 41, he's the "old" guy in the cast. @@ In his bio, he says he likes Donny Thompson, didn't like Devin. Now, it doesn't surprise me that "Cornbread" likes Donny, another good ol' boy. He thinks Devin was deceitful. Well, yeah, he was. I'll have to check out his YouTube “Cornbread’s Redneck Mobile News” channel. I don't know. I'm reluctant to see people as characters and that's how he's being presented here.


Grr. In his bio, he said he likes Hayden Moss. That's not the grr. The grr is: He doesn't like Enzo because: "I suppose my Southern influence made me not like a Jersey guy." What? WHAT?

What is your problem, buddy? I can't help but wonder if he decides he doesn't like other people because of where they're from. I wouldn't be upset with first eviction on this one.


Sharon N said...

Alex: Most hopeful about her... if she's true to her word.
Justin: sheesh, on the show to either push his cooking or his music. @@
Danielle: I have a bad feeling...hard to be thrilled about someone who resembles "Z" so much.
Monte: Southern boy might be ok if he can manage to keep his mouth shut about NJ.
.......If not, Jackie might have to hire a hit man (ooops, wasn't that Derrick/Cody?). LMAO

Predict these 2 will have trouble staying alive in the house.
Cornbread: is gonna be corny.
Kryssie: odd girl out, though someone might drag her along. lol

Judi Sweeney said...

An interesting group! Alex needs to be watched... Thanks Jackie