Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BBOTT: The Hamsters, Part Two


Hmm ... sister of Alex, but not much being said about it. Unfortunately, she's a fan of Frankie Grande. Ew. She also likes Nicole, not as much of a problem. In her bio, she said Victoria was a least favorite because she didn't do anything. She doesn't like the "Princess" image, yet would like a teasing comb so she won't have flat hair. She seems like she might have what it takes. But I think her sister might just outdo her.


In her bio, she says she will play up her "fun and sexy" side rather than her athleticism. Okaaay. Now, she says Janelle was a favorite of hers, which is laudable. But then she knocks Ian Terry for being "whiny" and "a big baby all season." Say what? Y'know, I gotta wonder if she's a mean girl. Maybe I'm wrong. She did well in school, winning a full scholarship and all. But her hula-hooping ways might not be a strength in BB.


From his bio, it sounds like he will be the "nerdy superfan" character of the season. He's been a huge fan since the age of ten and has tried five times to get on the show. He's a virgin and his mother has hopes he'll meet a nice girl in the house. Ha! A favorite he mentions is Danielle Reyes (who should have won BB3 had they not shown Diary Room stuff to the other hamsters). He has a strategy. But, he's a debt collector, not a typical nerdy superfan kind of occupation. We'll see.


He keeps saying "trust" in his bio on the CBS website. Does he KNOW he can't trust anyone in the House of Hamsters?!? He also mentions an addiction to picking his nose. Yeah, I'll get some screencaps of that. As a roofer, he should be in decent physical shape despite his sports passion of X-Box. It's sounding to me like he might be a pretty face out of his league.


Ah, an attorney, eh? Of course, she won't be announcing that fact. Attorney hasn't always worked out in Survivor. I guess we'll see if she wins her case! (Bwaha!) In her bio, she claims to like Hayden Moss because "he's hot and went to ASU." Welp, there goes the game strategy law student prospect! She didn't like Britney and Monet because "they sat around talking smack." Oh, geez. Britney is BB comedy gold. Perhaps this girl needs to stick to academics.


I bet she got teased as a child. I know that a strange last name gives bullies an opening! In her bio, she thinks she's "bubbly and passionate.' Now, I don't know how much bubbly I can take. She's a Janelle fan, which is good (of course). She didn't like Amanda. Now, that's a very admirable dislike for me. She's planning on playing a sweet innocent strategy. (Hey, it got Victoria to the final three!) I'm on the fence about her. I'll have to see her in action.

So, there you go. Have you any early favorites this season pre-show? I don't think I'll be having a blog pool as I'm not sure how many folks would be interested, nor am I sure about what I'll be doing to cover it. Since they're doing something drastically different this season with airing it only on CBS All Access, I think I might be doing something drastically different in my show coverage as well.

Just don't ask me what. I'm not sure yet. 


Chacha said...

Believe it or not my two that stand out now are Alex and Morgan, the sisters. I never fall for this "gimick" but they are the only ones that seem interesting to me besides Jason.. He better be the returnee....

I found this article on Yahoo this morning that gives a little more insight, although not that much.

ILoveAGoodTrainWreck said...

WAIT, Wait, wait ..... I had commented, eons ago, about hamsters being shown diary sessions and/or other footage, which of course, poisoned them against the person who coulda/shoulda/woulda won.

I was emphatically told, BY/ON THIS BLOG, that never happened. Apparently I DO know what I was talking about after all.

Chacha said...


not really sure what you are talking about but HG never see others DR sessions while in the house.
This online version will have live DR sessions that we as viewers will see but not the other HG.

Judi Sweeney said...

Interesting group of hamsters! This group may be more interesting than the BB18 group! I hope... Thanks Jackie!

Sharon N said...

ILoveAGoodTrainWreck is probably talking about what Jackie wrote next to Scott's picture:
"A favorite he mentions is Danielle Reyes (who should have won BB3 had they not shown Diary Room stuff to the other hamsters)."

I'm sure Jackie will clarify what she meant by that... things "could have been" a little different in the first 2 or 3 BB seasons. Otherwise, I agree with Chacha that the only time HGs see any of the other DRs is after eviction. That's not to say that the HGs don't constantly quiz each other on what their DRs... which brings on the loudspeaker announcement, "HGs are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions," but I will allow that some might occasionally get a few words in now and then before the loudspeaker busts their convos.

Oh, and I have seen where one HG might be passing the DR just as another has entered and we can hear a couple of words (which means the passing HG can too). But that only happens when the door hasn't completely closed and you really only hear the "handler" giving a Hi/welcome.

The other exception would be when HGs are evicted and talking to Julie... and get to see a couple of DR goodbye messages. But that doesn't affect the game unless that HG manages to reenter the game somehow. Otherwise, they have to wait till the season is over and then go back and watch their recorded shows to see the what DRs the show has decided to put on the air.

Chacha said...


I completely agree with everything you said......

monty924 said...

BB2 and BB3, the evicted houseguests all went home after they were evicted and came back at finale to vote on the winner. They got to watch the show including the DRs and BB showed Daniele a lot in the DR that season. BB4 was the first to have a sequestered jury.

I haven't made my mind up about this group yet. I like the sisters.

Chacha said...


I like the sisters also. that seems to be the only ones so far besides Jason, who wasn't a favorite of mine. I do follow him on social media and he seems very funny.

Jackie said...

What Monty said is correct. Since they started sequestering the jury and after the Danielle Reyes fiasco, that stopped the DR sessions being shown and they only see comp footage.

David said...

Anyone else get the e-mail from CBS that says there are NO scheduled black-outs for the live feeds? I wonder if that will be true. It would be nice to see all the behind the scene's stuff that goes on. Comp mess-ups, eviction set ups, etc.

Judi Sweeney said...

I kind of like what I have read about the sisters too Monty!

No scheduled blackouts would be a great sell....

Jackie said...

The live feeds screen itself is promising zero blackouts. (And it's fish with the BB theme going.)