Friday, September 30, 2016

BBOTT: HoH and Stuff - September 30

Julie announces new nomination rules

I watched the little six and a half minute "replay" on the BB:OTT website for yesterday. I was wondering how they'd do with it. Not bad, not bad. If you haven't seen it, go check it out!
  • Sad news ... Jason got infected.
  • The last standing hamster uninfected was Monte, so he's the new HoH.
  • Sigh. We know he, along with Cornbread, Shane and Scott were talking about targeting Jason, Krissie and they're also not too thrilled about Danielle and Justin hitting it off.
  • Monte, in particular, wants Jason gone.
  • Unfortunately for Jason, so do some of the girls. 
Then Julie arrived via a taped message on their living room screen. Boiling things down a bit, this is what she said:
  • There will be no nomination ceremony.
  • Twice during the HoH reign he/she will be instructed by BB to make a certain number of hamsters safe.
  • At the end of that, the two who remain will be nominated.
  • (She did NOT mention that America will vote and nominate a third person.)
  • There will still be a PoV, so the nominated hamsters can save themselves by winning that comp.
  • Those originally deemed safe by the HoH can be put up as replacement nominees if the veto is used.
In other news:
  • Monte couldn't unlock the door to the HoH room. He wondered if he had the right door.
  • He told the others (the DR must have told him) that they couldn't touch the wall of buttons with the houseguests' faces on them -- BB says they will be used later.
  • I would imagine he will have to use those to make people safe.
  • Don't have much more for you other than Jason better watch his butt or he'll be right out the door again! 

Oh noes!

Bunch of infected hamsters!

Who wants to see my HoH room?


Maureen Sweet said...

I'm wondering why there is not a full episode available on cbs all access for bnott?? Just clips... frustrated.

Maureen Sweet said...
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Maureen Sweet said...


Maureen Sweet said...
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monty924 said...

It may be because they don't have a lot of footage yet that they can edit down to an hour. I'm guessing from here out the Live Eviction will be a full hour and some other things. But once again, who knows with this season??? It's completely different than what we're used to in the modern day USA BB show. Just consider the schedule that they've released and it makes sense that this first week will be a little off just because of the 'real time' factor. The traditional begins after they've been in the house for over a week so they have a lot of footage to work with.

Not writing this off yet. I actually think I'll like it because I can watch the episodes when I want to. I'll miss the pool parties though.

Petals said...

Monte had me swooning for the first day or two - he is the Caleb that Caleb wished he was, LOL. (if that makes any sense) But he knows the game and is on a helluva power trip.

I'm going to nominate Danielle. It's like she's in heat or something - every single guy is sniffing around after her. I don't get it!

tbc said...

Petals, I just spit out my morning coffee! LMAO

Chacha said...

Good one Petals.

I have to say as well that this is an interesting experiment with the program.
I like that it is something different and I really don't have to have the feeds streaming at all times.....

I do not like Monte.

monty924 said...

I'm going to vote for Cornbread. Jason has a better chance in the POV against him.

monty924 said...

And probably the house vote if they're both still there Wednesday

Petals said...

UGH, Danielle has both nipples pierced and says they hurt so much that she can't even change them.
Why have them???

Idiot. I do NOT like her.

Petals said...

This crew knows the game! Wish we had them on BB18 and not this "semi" season. Monte, Scott & Whitney seem to know a lot about past seasons, comps, etc.
Makes me wonder: are these young'uns all really FANS of the show, or were they just sequested longer and given more past seasons to watch?

Jackie - do YOU know?

PS - Neeley is cool. Danielle is a bad cross between Natalie & Zakiyah. The funny thing is - Danielle has a KID! She has the biggest kind of baggage, yet all the boys are blibbida-blibbida over her?

Jackie said...

Petals - This season has a lot more fans in it. Scott, for one, has been watching since he was ten and claims he's watched every season three times.

Judi Sweeney said...

Oh my.... Not a fan of Danielle either!