Saturday, October 22, 2016

BBOTT: America's Care Package, into Saturday - October 22

Your Safety Servant on duty

Yesterday's big action of the day was America's Care Package. America did the right thing in my mind. Of the house hamsters, I think Alex was the most likely to be targeted and out (unless America shook up the vote) this week. I'm not ready for her to go yet. She's a smart player and willing to take chances. I want to see what she can do.
  • The America's Care Package was Safety Servant -- she has to wait on the HoH (Kryssie) and cannot be nominated for eviction this week.
  • Kryssie picked up on the fact that this is twice that America has connected her and Alex. What could that mean? Does America want them to work together?
  • Hmm.
  • I don't think that's necessarily the case. I personally think America would like someone else who's more annoying or just not playing the game well out.
  • Not that I can speak for America, but I think we probably target one of these more: Scott, Danielle, Morgan. While Shelby is strong on the hit list for the Late Night Jamboree hamsters, I don't think America feels quite as strongly against her.
  • There was a bit of a rift between Neeley and Kryssie. Y'see, Jason and Neeley were giving Kryssie all of their ideas of what she should do with her HoH. 
  • Kryssie balked after Jason left the room and said it was like they didn't even recognize she was in the room. She wants to wait to see the Have Nots to see where America stands with the hamsters before making any decisions.
  • I can't blame her.
  • Neeley got miffed. But she got over it.
  • In other news, this is shallow of me, but I feel I must say it. Why in the world do Whitney's eyebrows look so fake and almost to the point of being Spock-like?!?! Why do women do that to their eyebrows? I'm a woman and I just don't get it! She either comes across as perpetually surprised or Vulcanish. Gah.
  • Morgan approached Kryssie, telling her that Scott is trying for reverse psychology. And, if she or Whitney go up as a pawn, the girls will vote Scott out.
  • We know that Kryssie's real target is Scott.
  • But after her hissy fit breakdown about Shane being backdoored and an emotional move by Scott, she doesn't want her nominations to be taken as an emotional move against Scott.
  • Follow that?
  • She told Morgan that Scott is the target with Shelby being Plan B.
  • Hmm.
  • I'd just as soon Scott go. He adds nothing to my personal entertainment value of the show. While it's kind of scary to see the men diminishing from the house so rapidly this season, he can go away. Far away.
  • Danielle is bugging me, too. She was all over Shane in her showmance and went so quickly to acting like he was never in the house. That's cold. 
  • What do you think? 

You guys know it's MY HoH.

Still annoying, but now feels safe

Morgan isn't an Alex

Whitney in thought


David said...

Since Danielle is safe from America's vote this week, it will probably be one of Scott, Morgan, or Shelby that America nominates depending on which of those three Kryssie puts up.

I personally went with Morgan, Whitney, and Scott for the have not's. Thought about throwing Justin some votes since he has such an aversion to slop, but need some entertainment for next week and that should be good for some laughs.

Petals said...

Thanks Ms Jackie!
Well, I loved your Whitney eyebrow comment - yes! She needs a good makeover; I'm surprised Alex & Morgan haven't taken the time to help her. But even with decent make-upping, there is still the problem of her ayack-sayent.

HA! What do I think of Danielle & her rapid recovery from Shane's departure? HAHAHAH! Shane is nothing but a plan C or D for her. Always was. She would have done the blanket boogie with Monte or Justin too, but Shane got their first (within the house, of course)

Anonymous said...

Mark my words, Newley gets nominated. And if she or someone from her side doesn't win veto, she's out. She's lowest on the online polls in terms of popularity of those eligible to be nominated.

jeffp29 said...

Sorry, that should have read 'Neeley'. Darn autocorrect.

Judi Sweeney said...

I understand what you're saying Jackie... I don't understand why girls paint on those type of eyebrows at all... so distracting!

At least Kryssie is thinking and paying attention to America before she makes any big moves! Smart thing to do!

Should be an interesting week for Alex!

monty924 said...

I thought the eyebrow comment was funny and spot on. Lol, Scott is the first two time Have Not. THANKS AMERICA!!

David said...

Wow, what happened about a week ago to totally flip who America was rooting for? Just checked out the HG rankings and they are opposite of what I thought. Since I am one who is up all night I probably miss everything the Plastics do since they sleep most of the time I am watching and really only see the one side of the story for the most part.

I would have thought that trying to vote out Danielle over Shane was a good thing. Going by the rankings, America could be putting up Neeley or Jason this week. I have no use for Neeley as she is not entertaining to me, but I would have thought getting rid of Scott or one of the plastics would be more beneficial to the game. Keep the numbers about even so we have a real fight going on.

I guess we will see.

monty924 said...

David, I see a lot of Twitter comments that says vote Scott America's nominee.