Monday, October 31, 2016

BBOTT: America's Nom, PoV and Halloween - Monday, October 31

OMG! It RAINED outside!

They're the first hamsters in the BB house for Halloween. The least BB could have done is give one of them a hamster costume! Sheesh.
  • America's nomination came through. Surprise, surprise ... it's Scott.
  • (Not a surprise, not at all.)
  • The real horror story of the day is that it rained overnight and all the stuff in the yard got WET.
  • Horrors!
  • The veto comp had them going through the house one by one looking for dead Clementine's belongings (or something like that). Thrills and chills abound.
  • Danielle won the Power of Veto.
  • It's kind of doubtful she'll use it. Shelby can negate three votes. It's more likely than not that Scott will leave.
  • What a shame.
  • Ha.
  • In other news, Jason is out of cigarettes. BB gave him nicotine patches.
  • But it's not the same.

Spooky veto comp

Body language

Studies package for 20 minutes

Then does this


Judi Sweeney said...

Again..... I'm hoping we are saying goodbye to Scott!!!!

Thanks Jackie!

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Same here, but Danielle might have other plans up her sleeve and take Scott down. I think that would be a bad thing and backfire on her in the coming weeks. If Scott is still there, I think the house and America will vote him out. If she wants to backdoor Alex, it won't work. Alex is a fan favorite out here. Problem is, Danielle doesn't know that. hmmmm

Betty Saunders said...

A lot more happened last night.

Lawon and liz dropped by.

The hgs held a seance

There were voices over the speakers and more.

These upd!ates have been very lean!

monty924 said...

Whitney down and Morgan up. I'm still voting Scott!!

Petals said...

OK, am I the only one who was like, Lawon who?? LOL What a dull Halloween guest list, Big Brother! "Oh, brother!" is more like it... @@

I am with Justin re the Ouija board. My mom dabbled in witchcraft and scarred me for life; I don't mess with portals to the occult, even in fun. Bad juju.

AND! Am I the only one who thought Scott looked great? He did his costume properly, UNlike most of the chicks, who - like most young girls - were more interested in being cute and not the integrity of the costume. If you are "dead", look DEAD! *smh*
And Justin - lol, bless his heart. His "scars/burns" tattoos looked more like the leeches that were stuck to the boys in Stand By Me. bwhahha.
But oh well, everyone got along, and that's what matters? Ahem.

Thanks Jackie - can't be easy staying abreast of this yawn-fest. (hey, I made a rhyme!)

Petals said...

This from Jokers: 11:54 Danielle: Shelby just wants a rich guy to take care of her because she is lazy and doesn't wanna pursue anything in life - Spygirls Report Update
Kryssie: She has nothing to offer to the world

Really Danielle? Wasn't it YOU who has a child with a pro sports player who is dubious about his paternity? And refused to sign any releases b/c he calls you a money-grubbing NFL groupie? LOL

I cannot WAIT until they find out that Shelby is a lawyer.

Judi Sweeney said...

Wow.... trash talk run amuck!

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Monty.... get Scott. Smiling...

Petals said...

OT: is anyone else crazy about Ezekial?

Sharon N said...

LMAO Petals,
You don't remember Lawon as the preacher for that Brenchal Trash Bag wedding?
It will be burned into my brain forever....

monty924 said...

Oh, you have to remember Lawon. He told them to evict him because he was sure he was going to get a special power out of it, lol. Dumbest thing ever... Marcellas got his BB card back after that one.

Don't like the Ouija board either. We played with it as kids in my neighborhood, but not it's just as you said Petals. Bad juju. YUCK

monty924 said...

*but now it's just...

Petals said...

Hey - is there anything to THREE seasons of Texas A&M students? I smell a conspiracy...

*ducking* from tomato that Jackie threw at me, LOL

Chacha said...

Lawon, super fabulous evict me and I will have that special power to come back to the house.

How can anyone forget him.

What a flashy dresser he is!

Jackie said...

Betty - If you're not pleased with the updates, you can always check out Joker's Updates. I work full time, I've been sick and I, unlike the people running Joker's, don't get paid to do this for BBBOTT.