Tuesday, October 11, 2016

BBOTT: America's Nom, Veto Comp - into Tuesday, October 11

The Southern Belles

Y'know ... this season is worthy of television. Probably more so than last season! The America involvement is definitely adding drama to the house as they scurry about like the little rodents they are!
  • America's nomination was revealed.
  • Not surprising, it was Monte.
  • Heh.
  • Of course, with what happened to Cornbread (America's nom last week), Monte is all kinds of freaking out.
  • He thinks everybody hates him. Well, except for his little inner circle of Southern Belles, that is.
  • I don't hate the guy. But he's a bit too controlling and perhaps a tad too old school in some ways for my liking.
  • The veto comp was hosted by Jeff -- he has to earn his pay somehow because there are no Jeffish for the most part this season and Julie Chen has taken over the exit interviews.
  • The veto comp had to do with the huge golf/croquet type mallets and large balls with the yard set up in a mini-golf kind of fashion.
  • There was piped in ooohs and aaahs and applause as the hamsters competed.
  • It's been a long time since we've seen any comps except endurance ones in BB series. It's good to see them play out live with mishaps and all! I do miss the old food comps in which they'd have to win food items for the week.
  • The veto players were Alex, Shane, Danielle, Monte along with Shelby and Scott.
  • Holes were made for points, with 60 points winning the veto. All the others ended up with um ... prizes.
  • Shane won the PoV (and will definitely save himself).
  • Shelby traded her points to wear a caddy costume -- the lesser of the bad prizes.
  • Danielle has to fish golf balls out of the pool at BB command for a week.
  • Monte can't play in the next veto (if he's even still there).
  • Alex will have a disadvantage in the next HoH comp.
  • Scott will have to live in sand for 24 hours. (That seems fitting for his occupation.)
  • Then the hamster scurrying began.
  • Jason and all are determined to get Monte out this week. They think that if Shane saves himself and they can convince the others that Scott will be voted out, Alex will put Scott in his place. Then they vote out Monte.
  • Monte thinks he'll probably get America's vote to go and his bunch thinks they might be able to get Danielle out.
  • Scurry little critters, scurry.
  • The scheming is epic.
  • The HoH bunch is tossing around putting Kryssie up, telling her they know Monte is going home. Monte wants to convince Neeley to give him a sympathy vote because he's going home.
  • About time some real scheming and not house sheeple inside a BB house! 

Trying to figure scenarios

Not napping


I'm not digging the Mickey Mouse man-buns

Jeff hosted the veto comp

The veto winner, Shane, can relax.


Chacha said...

Shane took himself off as expected.
Krissy is nominated. She let Alex know she has to reexamine how she moves forward.
Neely is pissed

Judi Sweeney said...

Wow! A lot of action going on! Love it! Thanks Jackie! And Chacha!

Chacha said...

AMerica Nominee vote is open.

I placed my 20 votes on Monte.. I haven't liked him since day one.

T-Town Chick said...

I loved Shelby's comment when Jeff walked in "I didn't watch your season." ( the girl drives me crazy). If BB had royalty, Jeff would be it.

Petals said...

Let's not forget that Shane & Danielle kissed for the first time last night (and immediately progressed to the patented BB "Under-the-Blanket Boogie".
Hence, all my votes to evict are going to Danielle. Can't watch another umpteen weeks of showmance scrogging.
Justin is growing on me! I think I love him.

I don't "hate" Monte, either. I think he is WAY misunderstood (probs intentionally) by the LNC. They are exploiting his "oops".

Thanks Ms J. I totally agree that this crew is far more entertaining than the snooze-fest of BB18.

Petals said...

Justin needs his own cooking show - where he gets totally high and cooks amazing sh*t.

T-Town Chick said...

Petals, I'm not a cooking show fan but that would be a show that I would watch.

monty924 said...

Monte here too. Petals, he could be the new Justin Wilson. I really like Justin and his just geniune attitude. I've missed a lot this past weekeend and up to today, but I'll be watching tonight to see who goes home. Still rooting for Jason. :))

Petals said...

Monty, me too. About Jason. :)

Petals said...

Ayund Whitnay steeyal drahves may crayzay! What a bumpkin! She's like a Honey BooBoo Muppet.

Chacha said...

My two favorites are Justin and Jason.

Justin is true to who he is. Justin being from where I am is an added bonus.

Got my 20 more votes for Monte this morning. Ready for tonight to watch the show.

Petals said...

me too Cha! my faves!