Thursday, October 27, 2016

BBOTT: Brouhahas Afoot and a New Hoh - into Thursday, October 27

Justin tells us he loves us

Oh my. It was more than a kerfuffle. It was just about to the point of a brouhaha. Here's what happened:
  • In her save me speech, Neeley said that Scott is a disgusting person because he applauded Kryssie's injuries during the veto comp.
  • Scott denied doing so after the America's tie-breaker vote sent Neeley out the door.
  • But, mind you, he has this wacko loud superior kind of clap he does do. He did it when Neeley got the boot. It's almost a violent clap rather than applause of any kind.
  • He claims he did that to Kryssie not realizing she had already done the comp or got hurt. He thought it would throw her off her game.
  • It all turned into a mess quickly before the HoH comp.
  • Danielle went off on Scott about bullying people.
  • The girls on the "Plastics" side were all abuzz about being bullied by the Late Night Jamboree crew.
  • And, vice versa. 
  • Mostly Scott was targeted.
  • But the bullying of Shelby was also brought up.
  • Even Jason had pause to think -- perhaps all of Neeley's trashtalking of others was responsible for America's vote.
  • Do ya think ...?
  • Now, I've mentioned Scott creeps me out. He can be very abrasive and really doesn't take into consideration the feelings of others. He'd probably be a good bill collector! (heehee)
  • But I also don't think he's that aware of how he comes across.
  • The brouhaha went on without much resolve other than people thinking they need to be nicer to people. But people have to be nicer to them, too!
  • Gah.
  • The Memory Wall was adorned with BB baseball cards and the comp was questions based on the cards.
  • Danielle won.
  • Everyone went to the HoH room reveal and acted all nicey-nice. 
  • I'm sure it won't last.

Studying BB bb cards

Testing their memories

Kryssie sits alone to one side, rather sad

Going off on Scott

Fences mended for HoH room? Nah.


Nick said...

Well, even though Danielle is HOH, if America is still against the LNJ then this week could very easily be a disaster for them. Whitney could get the care package, Kryssie could be nominated by American, and if Kryssie doesn't come down after veto then Whitney would just cancel out the votes of Jason and Justin to send Kryssie home. I don't blame them for being emotional wrecks this season...they have very little control of their own games!

Judi Sweeney said...

It will be interesting to see if Danielle or America puts up Scott... especially after the kerfuffle/brouhaha... America, on the norm doesn't like bullies or mean, taunting or cocky individuals! Let's get going! Neeley's mouth was her down fall with America!

Thanks Jackie!!!

Nick said...

Oh I am fully assuming/counting on both Scott and Alex going up with the potential for Shelby to be heavily considered as well. Morgan and Whitney should just stay in bed all week and stay out of sight. There is an element to this where you could strategically not nominate Scott and hope he is put up by America, but considering he was just saved I don't think you can take that risk. Just put Scott and Alex up and hope Justin or Jason gets the care package. Otherwise this week could pretty much guarantee one of the Ballsmashers winning this season.

Petals said...

I'm voting for Shelby to get the ACP...

monty924 said...

I voted for Jason