Saturday, October 15, 2016

BBOTT: Care Package and Changed Plans - into Saturday, October 15

I want to punch Scott in the throat

The big news of the day Friday was that Scott, as discussed in comments here beforehand, was chosen to receive America's latest care package. It's one which won't really give him a big advantage in the game -- those are being saved for hamsters more to America's liking.
  • So, Scott won the Pick-a-Veto choice. He had three different types to choose from. He's planning on going with the Double Veto.
  • Scott told Justin that he was probably going to go with the Diamond Veto choice.
  • But minds can change.
  • Either way, Scott doesn't necessarily want Justin (or Jason) out. He really wants Shane out, but would settle for Danielle.
  • Danielle, Kryssie and Neeley think America gave him this care package because he's not liked.
  • Well, um.
  • Exactly what Jason and Kryssie were discussing -- Scott nominating people from his side (or just ones he's not targeting), then putting up a target with the double veto, is what Scott is thinking. They really aren't giving him much credit for strategy.
  • Of course, in the strategy arena, it's not just Scott thinking. He has Alex and Shelby helping him think.
  • Instead of nominating his real targets -- Shane and Danielle -- he's thinking of nominating Neeley and Kryssie, assuming he will win veto over them.
  • I'd say it would depend on the comp itself.
  • Meanwhile, the Jason and Company side of the house is hoping that America once again puts up someone from the other side and their vote will oust that one, too.
  • Scott told Neeley of his plan, telling her it was a backdoor plan.
  • Danielle and Shane are unhappy campers.
  • Whatever goes on, barring America nominating Alex, I'm down with it.
  • I want Alex to stay in the game. I don't care what side she's on. I'd also prefer Justin and Jason to stay in, too. But they don't seem to be in trouble this week.
  • Even Danielle's buddies -- Neeley and Kryssie -- are getting a bit tired of Danielle. Other than her being a number for that side, I wouldn't mind if she gets gone this week.
  • I'd like to keep Shane around for his eyes and facial expressions reminding me of a young Bill Murray, though.
  • Now, if Bill Murray and Justin were in the house, that would be perfect entertainment! 
  • Heh. 
Paler than me! Yes!

Morgan looking so much like Alex

The ever-changing looks of Neeley

I've gotta be me

This is a new plan, a better one.

Shelby furrows her brows often


Petals said...

OMG - YES! Shelby is an aesthetician's worst nightmare! I know she is young and not even thinking about 10yrs from now, but those lines she creates with her furrowed brow WILL STAY! It's a terrible habit. She'll be Botoxing before she's 30! Grrrr (I just want to thump her forehead when I see her make that face)

Danielle is a disgusting hose beast. When we met her on Day 1, I said, "Danielle is in heat", and absolutely she is. She looks like she smells like a used tube sock. Gross, just plain gross.

My Have-Not votes are Danielle, Shelby & Whitney.

Chacha said...

My have nots are Alex, Shelby Whitney

T-Town Chick said...

My have nots this week are Shelby and Danielle (because they get on my nerves) and Alex (just because). I'm also going to vote for Danielle for America 's Nom. I don't like her attitude the last few days. She's being very petty, makes everything about her, and thinks the fans love her. I was thinking last night that after Danielle, Shelby, Scott and Morgan are gone I'm not sure who I'll want out because as a whole I really like this cast.

Petals said...

HA! Danielle IS a Have-Not, but she says that she & Shane will continue to bone on in the Have Not room. I hope that Production puts the kibosh on that...

monty924 said...

Okay, I've been off the BBOTT radar for a couple of days and completely forgot to vote on the have nots. Who are the three have nots?

monty924 said...

Lol, nevermind. I went and looked it up. Alex, Danielle and Shelby are fine by me. America certainly sending signals in there and I love it!!

Petals said...

bwhahaha! Me too, friend.

Petals said...

I'm really against this candy/soda war they have going in the house. It's gone too far.