Sunday, October 23, 2016

BBOTT: Have Nots and Saturday Safety Stuff - into Sunday, October 23

At your service, Madam HoH

Yesterday's big news of the day was the beginning of the Safety Ceremony and the Have Nots (chosen by America) announcement. Not necessarily in that order, mind you.
  • The Have Nots "we" chose are: Jason, Neeley and Scott.
  • Hmm. Scott was a given in the minds of most. Neeley? Her personality and way of just sitting around trashtalking others instead of winning anything or actually doing anything is affecting how the public looks at her. 
  • Then there's Jason. HE thinks America chose him because he's been playing both sides of the house to an extent. He thinks Justin does that much more and is more deserving of being a Have Not.
  • Nope, that's not it, Jason.
  • Y'see, we DO like you. But you've grown too smug and need to tone down the nastiness a bit. This is the equivalent of an NCIS Gibbs cuff across the top of the head. A wake-up call, if you want to call it.
  • Kryssie, on the other hand, has upped her image a bit in my mind. She's really taking the HoH seriously and weighing all her options while trying to work with almost everyone in the house a bit.
  • Well, everyone but Scott, that is.
  • Since they found out that three will go to the finals instead of the usual two, Justin and Jason are the ones NO ONE wants to be with at the end. All think that either of those two would beat anyone else in a popular vote by America.
  • Friends, allies, whatever -- most just feel those two need to go before the final three.
  • Meanwhile, Kryssie wants to get out someone who "doesn't deserve to be there" this week rather than a power player. She's about the only one who says that if she makes it to the finals she doesn't care if she's up against popular players.
  • She means Scott as far as one who "doesn't deserve to be there."
  • We all know that.
  • Sure, he won HoH last week and made the "big" and "personal" move of getting Shane out.
  • But, for the most part, Scott is just sort of trying to be in with the in crowd and just not making the grade.
  • For all we know, that might just be the story of his life. I don't mean to be cruel. I certainly spent enough early years of my own life doing the same thing. For all his expertise about BB, he just lacks the social skills to actually fit in well with others at all -- either the in crowd or the Misfit Toys. The Misfit Toys of life would accept him if he didn't come across as he feels he's so much better than they are.
  • I still want him gone this week. He annoys me.
  • In the first Safety Ceremony round, Kryssie made these allies of her safe: Neeley, Justin and Danielle. 

Shelby is pretty when she's not making faces

Give him slop for his constant trashtalking!

Stuck inside due to nearby concert

I've grown weary of him. Dismiss him!

Some are safe, some are not


Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie! Yah, Jason needs to get off the smug/trash talking train... that's what got him in trouble with me his last visit to BB!

David said...

Morgan and Scott are the nominee's. With the HG rankings currently it could be Jason or Neeley nominated by America, I hope not.

I threw my first 20 at Shelby and will again in about an hour.

monty924 said...

It's Shelby for me

Judi Sweeney said...

I hope it's Shelby guys!