Friday, October 21, 2016

BBOTT: Into Friday, October 21

This is how we roll

Good morning! How are the hamsters? Well, no one has had fisticuffs. And, alas, I doubt there will be fisticuffs. Women aren't so much into them, y'see. And, if you've noticed, the number of males in the house is getting near nil -- Jason, Justin and Scott. True, they started at one less male, but they're a vanishing gender on BBOTT.
  • Kryssie made a big deal of how Scott made a personal decision when he backdoored Shane. She cried more than Danielle cried.
  • She also cried because she felt Scott made a personal attack in his nomination speech to her.
  • So, is she going to go all personal and target Scott now that she has the power?
  • Well, she says her target is Alex (probably a stronger competitor in the long run than is Scott).
  • Meanwhile, Scott feels that Alex saved his life in the game on Week Two and she deserves to stay over him.
  • After all, he would earn four grand for his four weeks and that's not chump change (according to him).
  • Of course, that would dwindle a lot once taxes are taken out!
  • Scott feels he's blown his chance.
  • He says it would be nice to have Halloween in the house, but he should go home before Alex.
  • Hmm.
  • And Morgan is willing to throw Shelby under the bus to save Alex.
  • Hmm.
  • I personally would rather Alex stay in the house over Morgan. But Alex definitely has more of a target on her back.
  • Justin has been working as a double agent. He hangs out with the girls, then reports back to the Late Night Jamboree crew.
  • Surprisingly, Danielle hasn't wept a tear over her love Shane getting evicted.
  • Justin told Jason he doesn't trust either Danielle or Neeley.
  • Jason told him that as long as they're with him (Jason), they're with him (Justin), too.
  • Neeley wants to protect Morgan. Or, at least, she's telling her that.
  • Kryssie is hoping that America puts Scott on the block. 
  • But she wants Alex out even more.
  • And the beat goes on. 

Now he can be smug with reason.

Fun in the sun

Huh, Scott said no way could Kryssie win HoH!

I need to go instead of Alex. I've screwed up.


Neeley's new fascinator ... er, hat.


David said...

That still of Scott should have been a few minutes earlier, when he fell and busted his butt. lol

It is at 10/20 3:07:10 pm if anyone wants to see it. Camera 3.

Petals said...

Not only has Nastielle NOT shed a tear over Shane, she shouted-out to her babby-daddy, Steven Nelson in her eviction speech, how she "loves & misses Steve sooooo much!"
Shane didn't bat an eye? What was THAT about, you know? Money-grubber.

I like Shelby now. She makes bad faces, but she was real about questioning Justin's hiding-in-the-bathtub thing. That was pretty bad; with all his Creole charm, he still looked pretty bad, hiding in the bathroom then lying when they asked him about it. *smh*

Officially - I am no longer a fan of the LNC/LNJ whatever the Heck they are calling themselves. They've been nastier than the "plastics", IMO. So what if there is a "big girl", an "older girl", a gay guy? Who cares? They are mean people...eff the LNC.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie.... should be interesting to see Americas next move and what Kryssie's is!

monty924 said...

Petals, you know I luv ya girl, but I disagree, lol. I like to think of the LNJ as I did with my favorites of S6. They're the misfits of the house. I see more of what I felt like with the Friendship with the Plastics and Scott, but he isn't really a Plastic, he was just in power so they got him to do their plan. Remember Howie getting James out??? I do. Not necessarily what they (the girls/Plastics) are saying, but the way they've loved running things the past two weeks. Difference of opinion is always a great thing, especially with Big Brother, lol.

Love that Kryssie gets the say so this week and I'm really looking forward to this week's America's nom. Love BB even online BBOTT.

monty924 said...

Seriously, is this not the best thing ever for BB fans or like many of us Jeff and Jordan fans. Love, love, love her honesty and just being a plain simple person like all of us. Lawson Keith is such a cute name! Congratulations Jordan and Jeff! ♥

Judi Sweeney said...

Thank you Monty for posting Jordan's video! I've always loved her!