Friday, October 07, 2016

BBOTT: Into Friday, October 7

Jus' gliding along


I needed to get that out of my system.
  • There's been a lot of buzz about Alex cheating in the HoH comp by resting her sword hand in her pocket to steady it.
  • I wouldn't know because the comp was held so late and the flashback function doesn't work.
  • She is still HoH, so BB people aren't seeing an issue.
  • Or, is Monte HoH once again?
  • It almost seems like it.
  • Alex, Morgan and Monte huddled and each one had someone they wanted safe. Alex says she won't put Shelby up. Monte wants Danielle to go to get his bro Shane's head back in the game. Alex doesn't really want to put Jason up, probably more thinking about the America's hand in things.
  • None of them really want Justin in the house. Alex thinks he's too good at everything.
  • Now, last season, Paul kept saying "Never cared" -- but you could tell he did. Justin is more of a true "never cared" kind of guy. He's laidback and easy going, but says what's on his mind because he really never cared what others think of him.
  • It's getting all complicated in the house of hamsters. Neeley hangs out with Jason and company, yet tells Alex she's loyal to Monte.
  • Monte and Justin are getting more acrimonious by the day. 
  • Will there be fisticuffs?
  • The latest is that Justin disrobed to take a shower in front of the girls.
  • Now, it's all fine and dandy that Monte thinks he's a gentleman and I even like that he wears a shirt around the house.
  • BUT ... Monte does seem to think that he's some sort of knight in shining armor going around saving damsels in distress.
  • These damsels can take care of themselves.
  • "Don't disrespect my friend Morgan!"
  • Sheesh.
  • Shane is now more subdued, more taken by Danielle thus alienating himself to others.
  • Scott is leaning more towards the Jason/Kryssie, etc. side of the house.
  • Boy, that early alliance of four guys certainly fell apart quickly!
  • America can start voting on the first care package.
  • Good. Give some of them more paranoia.
  • Alex told Morgan she was the hinky vote, but didn't tell Monte that. He keeps thinking it was us.
  • It looks like Morgan and Alex are going to really work together. Both say that they'll go along with Monte as he thinks he's a leader, but ...!
  • Hmm.
  • Now that they know America has such powers in the game, Alex is reluctant to put Jason on the block because she thinks America wants him to remain.
  • I think we want him to stay, too.
  • It's looking like possibly a Justin/Danielle nomination. Perhaps a Shane thrown in there, but I doubt it.  Scott is a possible, as well.
  • Hmm.
  • Monte's sights have changed from getting Danielle out to getting Justin out.
  • Heck, I want Justin to stay for the entertainment factor. I want to see steam actually come out of Monte's ears.
  • Heehee.

More of a superfan than Michelle BB18

Girls in shades, throwing shade

A subdued Shane

What does America think?


David said...

Jackie, did the flashback used to work different than it does now? Not having the feeds in over a year and slow internet connection I never used it much. I just clicked on flashback, changed it from September to October, clicked on 5th, and set the time to 11:00 pm and it put me right in the middle of the HOH competition.

I don't know what I am missing other than you have to know what and the time of something to find it. Educate me o' masters of the feeds what I am doing wrong or missing. =)

BB-Boy said...

Who should we(America) vote for the next nominee? Monte? Scott?

Petals said...

WHOOOOOO!!! Kryssie wins the ACP. That will send a message to the Minions.

David said...

Good choice for ACP considering who Alex was considering putting up OTB. I hope this doesn't make her change her mind and put Kryssie up now.

Voting for Have Not's is now open. I voted for Monte, Morgan, and split my votes for Shane and Shelby.

Care package and have not's together will send a very clear message. lol

Petals said...

Boy - everyone is working on poor Kryssie.

Next nom? I'm saying Danielle or MOnte for sure.

Petals said...

This is perfect - Kryssie wins and will save Jason. Good. Homophobic Monte can go to hell.

Judi Sweeney said...

Nominating Monte will really send a message of what America thinks of the so called leader! LOL...

Jackie said...

David - I knew how to get to flashback, but it kept just going to midnight of the current day. It still is. At least, when I use Firebox as a browser. The flashback works in Chrome for me, still won't work in Firefox (which I tend to use).

David said...

OK, I wasn't questioning if you knew how to use it, I am actually the one who was not sure if there was something different or I was using it wrong or there was something different than it used to be. No offence intended.

I was using chrome so I guess that's why it was working for me then. And I guess it works correctly then.