Friday, October 14, 2016

BBOTT: Julie (video) Visit, Not Much Else - Into Friday, October 14

Birthday girl Whitney

They don't seem to have as much downtime in BBOTT as in regular seasons. But Thursday's big event is a video Julie visit and not a heck of a lot more than that going on.
  • Nobody is flocking to Scott's HoH room and hanging out there.
  • While the house is still divided, the one side is not hanging out with him.
  • He needs to bear that in mind, methinks.
  • Alex tried to mend fences with Kryssie over the nomination after she said she wouldn't nominate her last week.
  • Kryssie didn't really take the apology well. She doesn't like being on the block each week even if she's not the target. She says she's not even going to bother unpacking this week.
  • It looks like Scott still plans to nominate Shane and Danielle and considers that a big move.
  • Yeah, like no one's tried that one before!
  • In other news, today is Whitney's birthday and we got fish while they sang to her.
  • Jason and Company think that Alex will be America's vote for nomination and they can get her out this week.
  • I'd prefer Morgan.
  • I don't like her lipstick.
  • That's as good a reason as any. 


Not the same kind of snuggles

Only her husband can call her "baby."


Petals said...

Weird that LMC think we would target Alex. Oh, and you can sooo tell that production
keeps reminding Morgan & Alex to dress differently - Morgan is always dolled/girlied-up, lipsticked & curled while Alex has a backward baseball cap, seats, no makeup at all.
What's funny is that no one can see how much they resemble one another, despite the
Barbie v Tomboy routine!

Likewise is Shelby still convincing in her "poor, unschooled waitress" act. LOL


As I type this, LNC are just heading to beds, so I suspect BB Skinemax is about to commence. @@

Haypay Burfday, Whitnay, you Honey BooBoo Hobbit!

And Happy Friday, all of us, Everyone! ♥

Nick said...

Once again, America's nom will be huge. If the nom is someone from Scott's side, then that person is gone unless they are saved by the veto. If it's someone from the other side...let the chaos ensue! This could really set up for a backdoor Jason plan, especially with the Care Package, not that I want that to happen at all.

monty924 said...

It's so crazy that they still cut the feeds when the hamsters sing Happy Birthday, lol. It's public domain now. @@

Agree Nick. It needs to be Morgan or Shelby! Even Neeley who isn't solidly in any alliance would vote out either one of them. I think...