Thursday, October 13, 2016

BBOTT: New HoH in the House - into Thursday, October 13

The BB Barcode HoH Comp

Well, that comp was very exasperating! Not to mention convoluted and bizarre. But, hey ... it's BB Over the Top. We wouldn't expect less.

The comp had them measuring for the largest bar on the bar code. They were each given a chain to measure, but not told how long the chain was. They could use their feet if they wished.
  • Although one answer (can't remember who exactly ... Danielle?) was in the 700s, most were guessing between 40something and 180something.
  • The correct answer was 72.
  • I think I would have just thrown myself down on the mercy of the bar code and hoped it would be for a tasty snack.
  • And, who won?
  • Scott.
  • You heard me.
  • Scott is the new HoH.
  • For the first time in his life (and probably last time) pretty women swarmed him and jumped on him in joy.
  • Seeing as Shane was going to give Scott what for for voting to keep Monte and that side (Jason and Company) were going to shun him, that doesn't bode well for them this week.
  • I'd imagine Jason will be okay -- Scott has an odd fan man crush on him.
  • I see no one running up there to share his HoH bed with him, though.
  • Kryssie's reaction look at the end of the comp showed that she's expecting a third week on the block (out of three weeks).
  • Scott doesn't want to put Alex on the block -- a move with which I agree. Alex is really into the game and I'd like to see more of how her BB game would play out.
  • I'd personally rather Danielle, Shelby or Morgan. But that's just me, maybe.
  • Alex adds to the game. For me, Danielle detracts. Showmances irk me. I don't watch BB to see soft porn. 
  • Scott told us he plans to nominate Shane and Danielle (for a second week).
  • Remember, Monte can't play for Veto this week!
  • Oh, yeah! Monte got the boot last night.
  • Heehee.
  • If Scott follows through with his nominations, I would guess America might go for Alex. It would be better to put Morgan or Shelby up, though. Or even Whitney -- she's totally clueless.
  • We'll see.

His dreams realized

She got to ditch the golf clubs during the comp


A first for Scott - women jumping all over him


David said...

I think the boards they were measuring were numbered and those were the numbers they were guessing. Scott mentioned something about board 72 being a little longer he thought so he decided to try it. I was confused until I heard him say that since the numbers were so different they were guessing. I guess we just couldn't see the numbers.

The next question is, who do we vote for to get the care package. Not a great care package as all they get to do is pick what type of Veto they will be playing for. I am thinking Neeley for the care package myself.

Still not sure who I want to go up OTB myself. Have to think on that one and we have a few days to think about it.

Chacha said...

I am going to throw my Care Package votes to Scott.
This not only knocks him out of the CP but its a worthless package.
Let him have all that power.

Who do you think for america nominee? I am leaning towards Morgan. I want to see if she outs her sister. My hope is that one of the so called "plastics" don't win, and she tries to get the pov used on her to get her sister out.

David said...

Good idea Chacha about giving this CP to Scott. I hadn't thought about making it so he could not get another one unless everyone left in the house has already got one. And as you said, this is a worthless CP.

Petals said...

My votes:

Care Package: I was thinking Jason for the Diamond...not quite sure how this one works.
Have-Nots: Danielle, Shelby, Neely (just because)
I'm nomming Danielle again for eviction. She can't leave soon enough for me.

Chacha said...


The problem with picking Jason is he isn't 100% playing in veto and better care packages are to come.

If Scott has it he will pick what veto will be played out of the three choices.
Diamond Veto- remove someone from block and name replacement- Double Veto two vetos in play at pov comp, or Boomerang Veto- winner can/will use it twice at ceremony and take up to two people off.

If Scott wins CP he will decide which one to use and if anyone but plastics win this will be good(IMO)

Anonymous said...

I think America's voting for shelby this week.


Petals said...

From Jokers:
Thu 12:09 PM BBT Jason/Scott talking/Smoking in BY. Jason gives a shout out to Jackie (convo is about BB17 and double eviction)

Now, I realize that he meant Jackie who was on his other season, but isn't kinda cool to imagine that he's talking about OUR Jackie?

monty924 said...

I agreee with Chacha. We have to be more aware of what CPs are coming up and who we want out of the running, lol. I'll vote Scott for this one. Not sure about nominee now. Morgan's probably at the top though. Shelby wouldn't be a bad choice, but I think we need to break up the sisters so their heads will spin in the Plastics.

Petals said...

I love Justin.

I despise Danielle. I hope she gets gives Shane a disease.

monty924 said...

But for now while they need the numbers, Shane, Danielle, Justin, Kryssie and Jason are all working together. That's why I want Danielle safe for a little while. :))

I love Justin too

Judi Sweeney said...

Scott must be in seventh heaven being the HOH! Thanks Jackie and everyone! I'm really getting to know the hamsters through you guys!

Petals said...

I love Justin...watching him cook. *sigh*