Sunday, October 30, 2016

BBOTT: Some Are Safe, New Alliances? - into Sunday, October 30

Sharing giggles with the LNJ

Shelby winning the America's Care Package of negating the votes of three people has thrust the hamster house in another direction entirely.
  • The Have Nots chosen by America this week are: Kryssie, Whitney and Justin, not necessarily in that order. That's been a bit indicative of the upcoming America vote for eviction.
  • I personally think it will probably be Kryssie nominated by America for eviction this week.
  • Of course, if we were actually IN the house, either getting Whitney or Justin out would be a better idea. Justin is way too popular to make it near the final three -- he would win a popular vote hands down. But he doesn't really PLAY the game so much -- he's just being his quirky self and, by gosh, people LIKE him. I wouldn't want him next to me at the end!
  • As for Whitney, she's not an Alex, but she's playing the game and is working a strategy.
  • In a diary room session, Alex told us that she'd like to work with Danielle.
  • Danielle told Scott and Alex they were safe (from her nominations) this week.
  • Scott told us that he, Danielle and Alex plan to work together.
  • Hmm. I wouldn't mind them as the final three. Then Alex would win it all, as it should be. I'd like to see her win. She's really been trying to work strategy, win comps and play the game of BB. Yet, she's been put in riskier spots more so than others in the house.
  • To be honest, Kryssie would be one I'd be willing to bring to the final three because she wouldn't win.
  • A good player, preferably likeable too, would win against any of those who got into arguments or became overly emotional.
  • Justin and Jason will go far because of fan popularity. But no one else in the house wants to be sitting in a final three with them.
  • Morgan also approached Danielle (or vice versa) about working together. Hmm.
  • In the first Safety Ceremony, Danielle made these hamsters safe: Justin, Jason and Kryssie. No real surprises there.
  • I'm thinking, after the next Safety round, if she keeps her word, she'll save Scott, Morgan and Alex. That would leave Shelby and Whitney as her nominees. America will probably nominate Kryssie. Of that bunch, Kryssie would get the boot.
  • I guess we'll see. 
Sharing giggles with Alex and Shelby

Pacing the yard, talking to us

She's safe ... for the moment

Decisions, decisions

Alone again, naturally


Petals said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Scott picture & caption. HAHAHAHAA

Happy Halloween Eve! 💀

monty924 said...

Happy Birthday and Halloween Eve to my buddy ♥

All 20 votes to Scott and I'll give him 20 more in a little over half an hour.

David said...

Happy Halloween to everyone. =)

Got all 40 votes in for Scott.