Friday, October 28, 2016

BBOTT: Thursday Hamster Happenings - Into Friday, October 28

I'm not napping!

The BBOTT rule about no napping doesn't seem to make a difference in many staying up late. They must be running on fumes. It's no wonder they're edgy.
  • There have been no more brouhahas, not even a kerfuffle.
  • Julie showed up on the living room screen to talk to the hamsters and had trouble getting them there.
  • In her questioning, we found out that Danielle still feels strong dislike of Scott and he's all like "whatever."
  • I'm not thrilled with either one.
  • The bright spot of Julie's "visit" was the footage of Justin's pizza song/dance set to music as we saw on the show the other night. It broke the tension in the room.
  • The Late Night Jamboree folks are really taking the possibility that their trashtalking might have turned America off. They're worried about America's nomination.
  • Of course, it will be a wait and see to find out who America nominated as Have Nots. They've been an indicator of what direction America might go with the nomination.
  • Scott keeps acting like he's a dead man walking.
  • We can only hope he is.
  • The targets seem to be either Alex or Scott. 
  • I like Alex. I want her to stay around.
  • But, unless the LNJ bunch can take out one of the "Plastics," this house is going to be all kinds of boring. Right now, the Plastics have the numbers and, if they keep taking one LNJ hamster after another ... yawnsers! 

He thinks he will go this week. I hope so.

Houseguests? Anyone home? Bueller?

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David said...

LOL Jackie, I have been trying to tell people that it will get boring if they take out the LNJ, but people just don't seem to care. They seem more intent on punishing people for their mouth than continuing entertainment in my opinion.

I predict Shelby will get the ACP and Kryssie will be America's nominee. Jason, Kryssie, and Justin will be the have nots.

Unless one of the LNJ or Kryssie win the power of Veto, Kryssie is gone this week.

I am personally going to vote against this, but I don't think there are enough votes to stop it.

Petals said...

David - I guess I just don't find the potty-mouthed misfits "entertaining". They remind me of Evil Dick: unattractive, inside & out, lashing-out & belittling the others. It skeeves me. And hey - at the beginning of the season, I was all about Jason & his band of misfits, but they lost me. *smh*
Agree to disagree? You know I love our pool friendship!

On a lighter note - Someone set Justin's pizza dance to music! Here is the cute video:

Happy Halloween Friday!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX

David said...

LOL Petals, that Justin bit was on the Wed. BBOTT full episode. BB is the one who put it to music.

I know because I am up all night that I am biased towards the LNC, but I feel the plastics are boring to me. They don't talk about anything I can relate to. The only one that I can stand is Alex because she likes to talk game. I also wanted the war of the two sides to continue for entertainment purposes. So we will just have to agree to disagree. =)

monty924 said...

Same thing here. If the Plastics steamroll though this it will be yawnsers. I just see the level of trash talking as anything more than we always see in every season. Everyone knows that I was an Evel Dick fan and I don't see anything out of any of this crew that comes remotely close to his antics in the house. just me though :)))

monty924 said...

*don't see

Judi Sweeney said...

I'm still hoping for Scott to go!!!

David said...

Shelby got the ACP. I am voting all plastics for have not's. lol

Hopefully Danielle puts up 2 of the girls so Scott is an option for America to put on the block or it will be Kryssie.

Looks like it will come down to the Veto if America puts up one of the LNC.

monty924 said...

Shelby gets to eliminate three votes so one of the LNJ is going home if they are on the block come Wednesday night. :(((

monty924 said...

Lol and yep!! Same here David. First three of them on the list and all twenty votes. I'll give them another 20 after midnight. ;=))

Nick said...

Well today's Care Package pretty much seals that one of Shelby/Whitney/Alex/Morgan will be the winner this season. Whitney and Morgan are still eligible for later Care Packages, and with America's nom almost guaranteed to by Kryssie, it looks like another LNJ member will be going home unless they win veto and pull her down. At first I thought the viewers just wanted to see power and numbers shift back and forth, but it's become clear that the majority can not stand the LNJ, so they are just out of luck. We know viewers don't like Danielle or Kryssie, while everyone in the house is looking to get rid of Justin and Jason sooner rather than later. Not much left to watch in my opinion, but I'll finish out the season because it has been an enjoyable experiment overall.

monty924 said...

True Nick, until we see who America nominates. I know that the plan is to take down the America's nominee IF someone out the LNJ wins the veto. Fingers crossed here that it happens. I like drama and back and forth in the house. It makes the season interesting and that is why I loved S6 and S8. Other seasons were kind of predictable then and now looking back. BORING!!!

Petals said...