Saturday, November 05, 2016

BBOTT: America's Co-HoH Care Package and Stuff - into Saturday, November 5

Have Nots can chow down

Once again, things have gone topsy-turvy in the BBOTT and America has thrown a monkey wrench into the best-laid plans of hamsters.
  • Well, we've done it again. We're keeping the house interesting this season! It also helps that recruits are few and far between among the hamsters and we don't have people working to just stay to get in the jury for the full stipend.
  • This week's care package -- Co-HoH -- went to JASON.
  • The note said that, if the vote came to a tie, the best player on veto (Jason or Shelby) would cast the deciding vote.
  • They're actually working together pretty well ... until Shelby broke down later. They think they should nominate one from each side.
  • They're talking about themselves each putting a person up from their own side.
  • Jason is leaning towards putting up Danielle.
  • He's pushing Shelby to put up Alex, telling her than Alex has been working behind her back.
  • Even before that, Shelby told Jason that her "must keep" person is Morgan. She doesn't think Morgan would beat her in the finals. Jason said his is Kryssie.
  • The Have Nots will not be voted on this week due to dwindling numbers. By default, they are Alex, Danielle and Morgan. They will be the last Have Nots of the season.
  • While, when they were talking together, Shelby and Jason really talked down to earth and worked together well. They worked out an every other night deal for the room.
  • That is, until the breakdown. Shelby cried and cried. Her HoH has been stolen! She can't nominate who she wants to nominate! He's never done anything but be on a previous season! He didn't win anything! Her family didn't send her a letter! Wah! Wah!
  • Of course, she didn't do that in front of Jason.
  • Now, I'm not saying that I wouldn't break down if I were in the house. I probably would have on Day Two. I think all the stress just caught up with her.
  • Oh. And Alex had a breakdown, as well. She was irked about Shelby's breakdown and I think she thinks she might be targeted this week. I don't know.
  • And the drama goes on ...
Hey, Nicole ... how a bun is done!

Remember, cameras 24/7

Here it comes!

Sharing the roost with Shelby


Bizaro22 said...

I hope the hamsters are specifically told there was no vote for Have-Nots this week. They seem to think the order of Have-Nots means something (not sure if they did, but they definitely don't this week). Alex will probably be mentioned first alphabetically and that could hurt her. I hope she survives the week. She deserves to be there at the end. She's been a good strategist, strong at comps and with the exception of today, has held it together pretty well. Especially considering she really is everyone's target every week and now appears to even be Whitney's target. I hope the polls are right and Kryssie gets nom'd!

Petals said...

Alex Schmalex, I'm tired of everyone thinking she is some BB Wunderkind. She's just a
blonde A&M chick who has watched a few seasons. She's no Janelle.

I'm glad Shelby & Jason are forced to get to know one another a little better; this can be good for Shelby. Finally Jason (and his bad of misfits) may learn that she is not an idiot. If he gave her a chance, he may even like her! They are very similar personalities.

My eviction vote will be for Pissie and/or Danielle (depending on which is an HOH nom). And either of them can GO. Preferably Danielle.
Hope you are feeling better, Jackie!


Anonymous said...

Petals, I agree with you, Alex Schmalex! Shelby and Jason are a lot alike. Shelbys crying got to me, Morgan tried to console her, the Alex came in and started laughing, she tried to hide her amusement from the camera, but it caught her briefly, and Shelby had her back to Alex, so she didn't see her. Alex is so rude to her sister, and she loves to talk about everyone being deceitful, but not telling that they are sisters is being deceitful! The tides may have turned last night, as Alex and Morgan slept on........

Judi Sweeney said...

Glad Jason got it and that he and Shelby seem to at least be able to work together!

Thanks Jackie... you're the best!

monty924 said...

To my pal up there (lol), I've never been an Alex wonderkind. She came out strong playin the game so people like her. I just think she keeps things interesting in the first weeks of the season. Really... I don't like her or her sister or Shelby, but I'm softening on the Shelby front. I thought Shelby was a LNJ at the beginning but she went over to the dark side, lol. This season is turning out better than I had hoped for and I'm still enjoying it. I wanted the power to shift because if it hadn't, we would have had a house of Morgan, Shelby, Alex and Whitney. Sorry but that would be boring to me.

I think this week is turning out great. :)))

Bizaro22 said...

I agree this season is turning out great. No unanimous house votes every week and most are actually playing the game. I think Monty nailed it on Alex. She came out swinging and even though she's survived, she been everyone's target since she crushed the puzzle comp. and she has definitely watched more than a couple seasons. I like Shelby, and I actually like Jason, and to an extent Justin. But those three are all big personalities and Alex by nature is not, so this has to be a little harder for her. The real question is would we want the summer BB season to incorporate some or all of the OTT twists into their season??