Tuesday, November 15, 2016

BBOTT: America's Nom, Veto Comp - into Tuesday, November 15

Jason gets the PoV results

Between the convoluted mirrors and lasers HoH comp and this PoV comp ... it's enough to make a hamster scream and run for the hills!
  • First off, they got the news of America's nomination.
  • Hmm.
  • Morgan? 
  • I'm kind of surprised it wasn't Kryssie.
  • Then PoV was ON.
  • They had to race around, answering questions with dominoes.
  • It was one of those one-at-a-time things with the others sequestered in separate rooms.
  • I personally think that has to be torture -- more torture for those who are last to play.
  • When it was all said and done ... for once, Kryssie actually beat some people.
  • Her time beat Danielle and Morgan's times.
  • Danielle really screwed it up and had to start again. That's what happened to her time.
  • Justin came in second to Shelby with Jason just seconds behind him.
  • Not that his time score was anywhere near hers, mind you.
  • So, Shelby has won the Power of Veto.
  • She can save Morgan!
  • As Morgan is America's nominee, if taken off the block, she won't be replaced.
  • It would be Jason and Danielle.
  • Of those two, I think that Justin and Kryssie would more likely vote for Danielle to go. I'm not as sure about Morgan's vote.
  • Of those two, I'd rather Danielle go. 

He wasn't the worst for once

The pressure!

Very convoluted

Look! Copyrighted tattoos!

The final tally


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie! I hope you are feeling better?

So - the tattoo thing. How is it that the people who claim to be
so poor are the ones with all the ink? Not as a rule, but you know
what I mean? Kryssie is always crying poor, is a bartender (I think?)
and she & her BF are struggling musicians. So how does she afford
hundreds of dollars of tattoos? Just wondering... *smh*

YAY, finally Danielle will be gone. Her 15 minutes seemed to be taking
forever! haha

Last night, the LNJ finally realized that SHELBY was the brains of the
plastics, not Alex. They finally admitted that she is NOT a "waitress wh*ore"
who parties at Bungalow. DING DING DING! And Jason even said, "she ain't heah
for TV time, she ain't heah for the experience or whatevah, she is heah
to win!" I loved that.
I hope Shelby can come back, if she doesn't win this season.
Wonder if there is an America Fave this year? Probably not, since we are
voting the winner, which would kinda be our "fave"?

Happy Tuesday Everyone! *scritcha scritch* to Vincent.

Judi Sweeney said...

I'm ready.... Bye, Bye Danielle!! Then put Kryssie out of her misery!

Thanks Jackie....