Tuesday, November 08, 2016

BBOTT: America's Nomination, Power of Veto - into dawn Tuesday, November 8

Who will be President?

Nah, Justin wasn't thinking that as he daydreamed. But I do wonder about them on Election Day. I heard them talk days ago about not having a clue who is voted in as President until they leave the house. Unless I missed it, I didn't hear them discuss absentee ballots. Hmm. 
  • The morning started off with America's Nomination announcement at about 10am their time, followed by PoV picks.
  • Oh my.
  • Surprise, surprise ... it's Alex, America's Nomination.
  • I had figured it would be between her and Kryssie.
  • When Shelby drew Alex's chip for PoV, Alex got to choose someone.
  • She chose her sister.
  • Well, duh.
  • Of course, these silly hamsters still have no clue that they're sisters!
  • Shelby decided Justin would host.
  • So, the nominees are Whitney, Alex and Danielle. The co-Hoh play -- Jason and Shelby. Justin hosts. And Kryssie just sits there and watches it all go down.
  • That's good. This would be a comp that Kryssie would cry and get frustrated at, I'm sure.
  • My gosh, Justin reads like a school kid with no oomph, emotion or feeling behind it! Sure, he can read just fine. But he'll never be an orator or an actor. He recites rather than emotes.
  • The Veto Comp was a rather tricky one, physical but really more about balance and control than anything else.
  • They had long clear tubes, open at each end with a little pipe in the middle. They had to drop balls in the tube via the pipe, walk a balance beam without the balls escaping on either end, then deposit them in tubes at the end.
  • No matter who wins, with Shelby and Jason, the one with the most balls in place will be the deciding vote in case of a tie vote for eviction.
  • Shelby thinks America doesn't like her. Morgan disagrees.
  • Well, I'm seeing more of what America likes or dislikes. Shelby was on the low end at a time. But right now Alex, Kryssie and, to a lesser extent at the moment, Danielle are the unfavored ones.
  • In the end, Jason won veto.
  • Shelby cried.
  • She waited until she went inside, but she cried.
  • She was very upset with things Danielle was saying during the comp.
  • Plus, she knows that Danielle will be saved and one of her allies is sure to go home this week.
  • On the other side, they're celebrating.
  • No way will Justin vote out Whitney, but she will remain on the block.
  • As HoH, Shelby cannot go on the block.
  • So, once it's time to evict, we can predict the nominees will be Whitney, Alex and Morgan.
  • Hmm. 

Jason looks almost athletic!

That Danielle has balls!

Justin hosts. He will never be an orator.

Hand, eye and balance

This isn't good for us.

Nope, not good at all.


Judi Sweeney said...

Well, it might just be Alex saying bye, bye... Will there be drama?!?! Smiling...

Thanks Jackie!!

BB-Boy said...

Jason made a deal with the BallSmashers that he would replace Danielle and nominate Justin! They made a deal to be final five with those girls...so the girls were celebrating! They are going to be shocked and realize how dumb they are when they find out Jason was lying to them!

Petals said...

wow. Justin is a b*tch, after all. OK - he can go back the cajun deli from whence he crawled like a crawdad.

monty924 said...

What the what, Petals?

I think I'm voting Alex out. What do you all think?

monty924 said...

Good grief... anyone else having problems voting on the America's eviction vote? Can't even get there from the feeds and when I do it though going to CBS and the vote, it hardly lets me click on it at all. I cast a vote and wait, cast another and wait... then it freezes. Twice I went from having four votes left to having six votes left. WTH is up with that? I just closed it out and said forget about it. UGH

Petals said...

The way Justin acted after the veto ceremony - it wasn't his usual "hey, s'all good, y'all" attitude. It was snarky. I expected it from the rest of the LNC, but not him.
Oh well.

David said...

Monty, I voted for Alex a lot earlier today right after the vote opened and did not have a problem.

I do notice that I am having problems going almost anywhere on the net at this time though. My net speed monitor says I am running at about half the speed I normally run at at this time of night. I also am having problems connecting to sites. Lots of refreshing of the page to get it to load.

The plastics were whining about how Danielle celebrated when Jason won the veto yesterday. All I saw was her jumping up and down. But I also remember Alex running and jumping on Scott when he won I think HOH. The hypocrite runs deep in that one grasshopper.

Sharon N said...

The CBS site might be running slow because of so many people online for the election.

monty924 said...

Yeah, I thought the same think David. Sharon, I also thought about that too about the internet, but I've never had that problem before.

See you all tomorrow night, well tonight for Survivor, and then the BBOTT eviction show.

David said...

The kerfuffle yesterday after the Veto ceremony was fun to watch. There have not been that many this season. starts about 1:10 pm.

I am confused about what time the online show will be this week. Got an e-mail from CBS saying the show will run at 8 pm eastern. But I thought they were only going to do that on the double eviction episode which is next week. Anyone know for sure?

monty924 said...

I may not make it the pool tonight. I'm so tired, I may even be in bed by then, LOL.

monty924 said...

I don't know either David. Dingo had that schedule up for tonight???

Petals said...

Ditto Monty! I am exhausted and had a particularly stressful work day.

Will miss you guys, but see you next time!