Friday, November 25, 2016

BBOTT: A BB Thanksgiving - into Friday, November 25

Drumsticks are better eaten than worn

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving with family, fun and food! I didn't write up a report yesterday because I was busy having a mellow day myself. But I'm here now and here's what's been going on!
  • As I mentioned in my last post, Jason easily won the last HoH of the season. He will nominate two people for eviction and save one. Those two will have the opportunity to play for the Power of Veto.
  • After the comp, secrets came bursting out of nowhere -- Morgan told them that Alex is her sister and their whole story (not getting along well over the years, Alex was the superfan, didn't know each other would be in the house, etc.)
  • Jason told them that he didn't just reenter the house this season -- America voted him in over Jozea. 
  • Of course, if they knew Jozea, they should figure nobody wanted to endure Jozea in there again!
  • In between getting told by BB to stop talking about production, they all talked how they got on the show this season.
  • Justin admitted he was a recruit and had tried for a cooking show.
  • Jason indicated to Justin that he would be taking Kryssie with him to the final three, leaving Justin and Morgan to battle it out in Veto.
  • Oh my.
  • There is a side of Justin which certainly isn't entertaining! Not AT ALL!
  • Justin started saying how he played the game this year the best of all. After all, he didn't know the game at all and has sailed right through to the end!
  • He played better than Jason or any of the others! 
  • Give me a break!
  • Jason ranted (not in front of Justin) with Kryssie about Justin not doing much all season, yet thinking he was entitled to be chosen rather than Kryssie.
  • Now, I totally understand the Kryssie choice, as does Kryssie herself. She knows she has no chance to win against Jason. But she has been WITH Jason since the get-go.
  • On the other hand, Morgan is mixing and mingling with Jason and Kryssie quite nicely.
  • Obviously, she wasn't expecting Jason to save her in this scenario.
  • But things get worse with Justin.
  • In the daytime, BB gave them letters from home, expecting them to read them together as a group.
  • Justin just up and left the other three and his unopened letter.
  • As they said, if he didn't want to read it aloud, fine. But stay with them and listen to theirs as BB did it for them.
  • Instead, Justin stayed in bed almost all day.
  • BB also gave them all the ingredients and recipes for a holiday feast. The recipes were ones from their families and some from previous houseguests.
  • Morgan, Kryssie and Jason worked preparing and cooking.
  • Justin slept.
  • Remember, Justin is the one with the "chef" background.
  • Justin woke up in time to eat, then went to read his letter and return to sleeping.
  • Morgan, Kryssie and Jason cleaned up the kitchen.
  • In this 24-hour period, Justin has managed to totally alienate the other three in the house.
  • Both Jason and Kryssie want Morgan to be with them in the final three.
  • They think Justin has been acting entitled to the win, disrespecting BB and the show itself.
  • Y'know, I kind of agree with them.
  • All along I've said he's not really playing the game; he's just being himself. And, while he can be entertaining, he's not playing BB.
  • He wasn't even entertaining yesterday. 

In the spirit of the day

Look who decided to show up


Petals said...

Thanks Jackie! Hope you & Vincent enjoyed your Thanksgiving :)

I read about how Justin was behaving, so disappointing. Wonder which cooking show
he was trying for? I love Gordon Ramsey's Master Chef, bet Justin would be great
on there. Wish Big Brother hadn't hi-jacked him.

I guess I want Jason to win, of the remaining HGs. I'll vote Jason, then Morgan.

Bizaro22 said...

I'm voting for Kryssie to win! She so deserves it! Hahaha! I'm totally joking! I'm torn between Jason and Morgan if both are in finals. It's Jason's whole life, but Morgan really was the underdog and another comp win would put her in the deserving category. We'll have to see. I think Justin probably just lost a lot of votes if he makes it to the final. He has not played the game at all and really has had an easy ride. Now he's upset he might have to earn a spot?

Judi Sweeney said...

Hi Jackie! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Justin just turned stupid! Hopefully he doesn't win POV... though it would be a giant stirring of the pot... LOL

BB-Boy said...

I read Justin applied to be on Masterchef. He was fun to watch in the beginning of the season, but now that there are so few left in the house...he has basically given up. And I'm over him!

BB-Boy said...

I'm really rooting for a Jason, Kryssie, Morgan top 3. And I wouldn't be surprised if I find myself voting for Morgan to win at the end of the week! She has been an underdog the whole time in my opinion....and really stayed true to herself the whole season....never making false alliances or being unreasonably spiteful to her other houseguests. She has been an honest player and I appreciate that

monty924 said...

I watched a lot of the feeds last night, and most of the daytime happenings on Flashback and have to say that I was really disappointed in Justin for the way he was acting. Couldn't agree more with your assessment of it Jackie.

I think most folks here know who I'll be voting for. For one, he's been my pick all along, and two, he fought hard to stay in the game when his back was against the wall. GO JASON!!

Petals said...

Bizarro - LOL!

Petals said...

I have to say, after listening to Justin & Kryssie's argument (2:30ish pm, Fri), I agree with Justin that he really doesn't owe them anything.
He tells them to stop the crying & whining - he's right!

Lemonjello said...

I hope Jason will win, and Kryssie is second, why is everyone so against her? She helped Jason get to the end. Morgan third! Justin who? His behavior the last couple of days has proved that he is not as loving as he likes to think he is! Go Jason & Kryssie!

monty924 said...

Petals, he was right about that... but his actions yesterday spoke volumes and when you are stuck in a house together, he was the one who didn't participate at all. He's not a BB fan so he doesn't understand the real social aspects of the game, just like others have when they know that their number might be up. They always come around and in that form, Justin tried to today. I don't doubt that Jason and Kryssie were miffed about how he behaved when the other three were doing their part to make a Thanksgiving feast for them. Justin was a true cry baby yesterday and I really don't feel sorry for him.

David said...

I am sorry, but Justin acting like Audrey and thinking he deserves to be handed a final three spot without doing anything just really irked me. He has been given a chance to earn his way to the final three but he instead decided to throw a tantrum instead if asking for help to study days and events to possibly help him get there.

If I was to guess, I would say they may get something like the harness on the wall thing to do where they will need to know what happened during the game to get to the final three. Justin would have a big advantage in that case physically, but since he refuses to want to learn what happened when, he will end up just staring at the wall until he times out.

So no, he doesn't owe them anything, but they also don't owe him anything either. Especially if he is not even going to try to help himself.

I am going to have to vote Jason for the win over any of the four left in there no matter who the final three ends up being.

monty924 said...

CHEERS, David! I agree!!

Lemonjello said...

Me Three!